Thursday, January 25

+good gurl keep a diary,but i prefer to sum it alltogether for dis month+

*whoot*whoot*---im striking back in here =) s per requests,so many requestor who r missing to read myblog(we hav d'proof in d'taggie k =p),so i need to free myself from those pending works which is need to be finished suppose on tuesday but i juz finishD it yesterday evening(too bad la kan =( )and im logging in here at least to add up 1 more posting so dat d'number will increase up to two posting 4 dis month *sigh*
so ppl,such a lotz of interesting part dat had happenD in in dis month and got i terrible moment in my life tho..ll list it up 1 by 1 k--

1)got fight wif 1 of mYgf but settled it down eventuallY--thanks sayaang...ignorant is a bliss sumtyme,dudette =)

2)wanie&sushi??? what happened?okie,finally dido,munira n dayot dragged me to d'sushi king which i hated it soooo much bfore (i cannot imagine u guys put dat raw fish into urmouth--yuuuuyyyyy)--but finally i can adapt myself wif dat food slowly..but still i juz ate tempura,unagi and please not dat rawss!!i got picsss =)

~what d'gurl did best =)~

+right after dat not-too-freakin'-sushi-4 me..hehe+

+but w r rreallY frekin'hot!! =)+


3)lemme tell dis 1--we were doing paintball!yippy-kay-yeayy(bruce willi's quote)
we did it,we dared to lose n finally we got d'bruises galore--aiyoooo

+d'paintball is coming back again*whoot*whoot*+

~we r infield,we dare to lose--hehehhe~

=we extremelY love d'xtreme sport--yeayy--=

4)mYmom got sick n been hospitalized 4 five days--how terrible mylife at dat mo---she got clot in her brain,so d'doc xpected dat she will get stroke soon.i got shocked but juz pray to GOD,praying for everyting gonna b fine n Alhamdulillah,she juz need to b concentrate on her medication and need to avoid foods&things dat she should avoid--n now im thinking of not to live off myparents once again,so im in d'process to get 'em b wif me no matter what happen(move to kl is d'rite word shud b),but mYdad seems like to reject dat opinion n i think i understand d'reason goes bhind it but ppl,what do u think bout living wif urparents after u get married???is it a very good idea???i duno dewh....yeah2,im not into d' "marry" thingy itself soon but im juz asking if it might happen in 5-6 years is sooo unpredictable rite???? *sigh*

5)squash-swimming---it bcome s mYdaily routine now (ouh,i dun hav soo many things to do lately n im quit happy wif it and i think being single make me talk&act more sensable than bfore =) is it??yeah,,probably...

6)OMG--i LOIKE sumthing unique--n dats Y i loike Ryuzaki in d'deathnote(both 1&11),i like d'way he picking up his fon and he's cud i describe it--ermm...yeah,he GOT style!!..any1 want to follow me to watch dat movie 1ce again??? =p

Monday, January 8

~Dudettes--enjoYing d'freaking warming house partY~

D'sudden plan wif mYna while YM-ing last friday,really turnd to such a freaking hot event and yerp i mean it was like small reunion wif mY xhighskoolmates&xcollegemates (*nodding*)---finallY--opps we did iT!
we enjoyed cooking d'mushy2yummy salmon cheese(urghhhd,real delicious shredded cheese on it (*drooling*),black pepperbeef switchd to salty ketchup beef (but wif a smirky face)--eventho it wasnt going s d'pland but still we did mess around wif dat beef untill we drawn it into d'ketchup and it tasted delly in dat black liquid----hohoho---but it seemd like everything went wrong when myhouse really2 not a better place to do d'cooking stuffs especially when i dun hav a blender, sharp knifes to chop d'meats, any cubes such as chicken or ikanbilis, and d;most embarrassing part was when i didnt have any mieral water left for us to drink...hahaha...wth--im really sorry dudettes for such incomplete things...i was shirking on dat necessary stuffs which are sort of d'necessary+compulsary stuff in each house especially in d'house wif 3young ladies in it..*sigh* and myna had to go back to her house for seeing any chickenstock to make soup, black pepper, more plates (for 8dudettes), belacan(*wee*) and even d'mineral water.---haishhh---too bad la kan,sorry myna for giving u a hard tyme,but luckily myhouse and myna's not really far and uhhh,munira also needed to bring along d'blender to myhouse and after dat she had to turn it back to her mama bcoz of cozla her mama needed dat blenderkan (dis event occured during lunch hr k---*gosh*---haihsss--cowee munira sayang...*zonked*
but,but,but----we still managed to serve alltogether 5dishes plus dat kacang botol for us eventually.. yeayyyyyy!!!!and d'menus were:

~~cheesy salmon cheese (u can guess how cheesy it was when we added d'balance uncooked shredded
cheese on it)
~~ketchup beef (we pland d'blackpapper beef at first =( )
~~sambal ikan bilis
~~fishball soup
~~ulam ku si kacang botol--hoho

and urgghhhh.....fried mushrooms (better than yankies heart tau)--hehehhe

ouh---d'icecream wif chocolate topping on it s our dessert(home made ok,sorry for prOudly mentioning it--huhu)

-kathryn messing round d'kithcen--she was our talented chef on dat daY=)-

-me,half of mYna and d'raws-

-those raw salmons were really tempting kan???-

-they were do-ing d'PS2 ke? :P-

-from raws to delicious-finally!

-threesome--wif gurlfrens dat i missed for these 3years-

and whutt a surprised when dido suddenly volunteered herself to join dis party after having a small (ermm..considered as -wee-) fight wif her youngr bro&sist n r'mc also managed to drive to myhouse eventho a bit late at nite (sayang,b cool ya,u hav lotz of ppl who loves&cares for u all this while n it will bcontinuous chum),amy also came rite after she finishd her work n whoaaa--she juz cut off iguana's knail n dat's sound sooooo tempting dudette--I WANT TO DO DAT!!!---im sure..really sure--ouh she's an aquarist btw,i think im going to apply dat job s my part time job sumday---hehe...its tempting--REALLY!!!

-okie,dis photo has been cropd bcoz i was wearing juz a super shorty short--+P-

and here is d'list of dudettes who were spending dat rejoiceness moment wif me:
**mYself (WEE)

urghhhh...and mY kooKoo doinks~~~(ia adalah sejenis burung)---hahahaha

and definitely after cooking and makaning session of coz we need to do an xcercise (without waiting all d'foods in d'tummy completelY digested)and swimming in d'pool at mYcondo seemd s 'd'best therapy for us by dat tyme,hoho--

-freestyle,doggiestyle or frogstyle--juz name it!hohoho-

-"we'r doing d'boyband's pose S in mangga"--mYna--pheewittt =P-

ouhh---im off foe sushi wif didO,munira n daYoth--yeah i hate sushi to b'honest but i hav to..since they forced me to join d'sushi session bfore d'cutie dido fly off to UK dis wednesday---ouh,didO--muahxx!!XOXO

Tuesday, January 2

~on present&past tense~

New year of 2007 is coming...happy new year everybody and dis was myfirst tyme celebrating it in front of TV at home instead of concert-ing or zouk-ing s a teenagers like i used to b bfore---i even used to b in front of KLCC counting every seconds to meet d'new year eve. that tyme i felt like--"omigoshh---dis is a real life of a teenager,how could i resist it"....i never imagined myself being s a "home alone" during d'day of "merdeka celebration" or "new year celebration" ... but now i realized that it was a so-calld teenagers life as im growing up n d' xcited feeling upon d'day of celebration is gone by time..for now i think "what a wasted dude lettng urself been in a very crowded places,been trapped in a damn sluggish traffic jam and urgghhh---whatt a peacefull being at home=====yeah,d'tyme mature me..d'tyme teach me how to grow up,showed me how to think&act synchronize wif mymind&myheart. and yeah,tyme also envy me to stay young,strong n beautiful everlasting (choong's qoute for me =) )......but honestly,i think i juz cannot let go d'year 2006 easily as i wishd for it to stay wif me forever n ever....but,how cud i say like dat,uhh~~

2006---- d'year when i met mylife,i met a piece of bliss moment in me,i met d'money dat i earn by my own, i met myself s i mmeet d'REAL me, i met d'happiness dat i always wishd for,i met what they call a satisfaction, i met things dat i never met bfore,i met various nature of people dat i never met bfore, i met a streak of strength in me, i met d'real fren who never left me bhind so far,i met dis blog(and keep on blogging),i met everything except i lose 1 thing dat i shud call it s KARMA (what goes around,comes around iezawani) and i met d'limitation of giving a hope.....s i said----i met LIFE...... in short----I LEARNT A LOT BY TYME.

And i think, for d year of 2007,i need to identify an attribute of d'in-blood resentment so dat i could seperates it from myself forever&ever.....amin----ouh, n i need to list down d'cashflow so dat i cud save d'money more then i usually spend it doin' D'financial tracking &ill post it by d'tyme its being updated k =)
ouh, bfore i forgot for d' paradigms who perform haj by dis year,congratulations bcoz of d' Akhbar Haj dat entitled to em..dis is what we call "REZEKI" kan...its like we perform 100times Haj...n for those who never performed it (like me =P),d'Akhbar Haj will comes in d'next 10 years when d'WUKUF DI ARAFAH falls on d'BLESSINGS FRIDAY----- so peeps,wish&pray for dat glorious day(drooling =) )--amin----off *whoot*whoot*

hehe--feel like want to catch ur eyes on me by uploading dis photo..huhuhu--Aidiladha photo btw *grin*