Monday, October 30

~crediT minus Debit~

Message from Andrew Gould: Performed by Schlumberger Chairman's Award and Third Quarter Results Announced
On Saturday evening I had the pleasure of presenting the 2006 Performed by Schlumberger Chairman's Award to the WesternGeco E-Dog project team at the JFK Museum in Boston. Performed by Schlumberger is a program that recognizes excellence in terms of teamwork, innovation and positive business impact for our customers and for Schlumberger. The E-Dog Project demonstrated each of these qualities superbly.
I am delighted that this particular project has achieved the highest award in Schlumberger for two reasons. First, because E-Dog began as something of a maverick project - a small reprocessing effort for a single client. But it quite quickly grew into the largest seismic depth-imaging program ever undertaken by the seismic industry, as well as a profitable multiclient success. This project demonstrates one of our core philosophies - a commitment to R&D in spite of the industry cycles.
The second reason is that this represents a wonderful achievement for WesternGeco. Combined with ever improving results to which the E-Dog survey has greatly contributed this quarter, I think most of us would agree that WesternGeco has been a star performer this year. I would like to congratulate all WesternGeco employees for their contribution to this performance.
The occasion of the Chairman's Award marks the culmination of an excellent week for Schlumberger with the exceptional third quarter results announced on Friday.
Third Quarter ResultsOur total revenue was $4.95 billion versus $4.69 billion in the second quarter of 2006 and $3.70 billion in the third quarter of 2005. Income from continuing operations, before charges and credits, reached $1.00 billion—-an increase of 11% sequedi Arabia and Caspian GeoMarkets, and from a Segment standpoint there was strong demand for Drilling & Measurements, Well Services, Completion Systems and Data & Consulting Services technologies. Pretax operating income increased 8% sequentially and 68% year-on-year, reaching $1.21 billion.
As I mentioned previously, WesternGeco continued to blaze a trail through this period. Third-quarter revenue of $659 million was 17% higher sequentially and 51% higher compared to the same period last year. Pretax operating income of $242 million improved 35% sequentially and 183% year-on-year. Strong marine revenue, high vessel utilization, additional land crews and further growth in Q-Technology sales all contributed to this performance.
Whilst there was a decrease in the number of fatalities sequentially, the number of Industry Recognized fatalities and those directly related to processes on the job have increased compared to 2005. I must reiterate that adherence to our standards on the job is imperative. I would like to take this opportunity to reflect back a year ago, when the ADC bus accident in Saudi Arabia caused the deaths of 12 employees. Following an investigation of the accident, an aggressive action plan was implemented to replace unfit buses, and face=Arial>Congratulations to the recruiting organization for staying on track to meet the aggressive recruiting targets that were set at the start of the year. As of September 30, we had reached 94% of our field engineer target, 87% of the field specialist target, and 87% of our Research/Development/ Manufacturing personnel recruiting plan.
In my opinion, the training of new people is now our biggest priority, as this is the only long-term solution to lifestyle improvements in the field. This year we made significant progress on our training capacity that enabled us to move our new recruits through the system more efficiently and get them to the field faster. With the opening of the training centers in Abu Dhabi and Tyumen in the first part of 2007, we will further expand our capacity by an additional 150,000 training days. To fully benefit from our recruiting and training efforts, we must all help our trainees get up to speed and do our best to make them feel welcome.
Overall, attrition rates declined in Oilfield Services and WesternGeco. While this is encouraging, percentage rates and numbers do not convey the quality and experience of the people we are losing. In addition, while our field engineer and trainee attrition rates have declined significantly, certain populations remain vulnerable. I know that many of you are concerned. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely, and to introduce new measures. Retention will continue to be a high priority for management.
OutlookWe are beginning to see the impact of high levels of natural gas storage in North America, with consequent price weakness in the areas of higher-cost coal bed methane and shallow gas production.
Outside North America, growth for oil and gas will remain strong as our customers continue to fight decline curves and bring in new fields. Beyond the fourth quarter we see continued growth through 2007, albeit at a slower pace than the explosion we have experienced this year. It remains an excellent time to be part of the industry and Schlumberger.
We have had yet another wonderful quarter and are in an exceptionally strong position as we enter the final stage of 2006. Reaching the top is easier than staying on top. The latter will be our challenge in 2007. Thank you once again for your hard work and please accept my personal congratulations on another outstanding quarter.
Andrew Gould
To read our third quarter results visit:

hOhOhO...tempting huh???giv us ur hands ;D..juz coming back from being HIATUS for d'whole last week. How cud i update dis blog when i wasnt in a HARI RAYA mood when my papa wasnt 'round..d'WORST part was we didnt take even a single day to go to our own house at JOHOR other than spent our tyme at d'boring citY of malacca...i dun understand y n y mymom reluctant to live off her parents at malacca...*big sigh*...and my sist made a big surprise when she suddenly askd me to fecth her at SKUDAI airport...OMG...she rather spend her EID events spirit in mesia instead of spending it in Mesir.....straight to d'point,i think i hav to buy a new card reader for my new memorycards(both digicam and handset),so for now i cant transfer even a single pic to upload it in here*deep sigh* ...for dis raya i had a beautiful&unforgettable memories dat im gonna share it wif u guys...ill make d'longest blog for those past hari raya...uhuh,whutt d heck plak pasal news above ni??? was spoken by our CEO(of Schlumberger) bout our achievements and our targets along dis year (which will reach dec soon) from WESTERNGECO btw...cheers

Thursday, October 19

~ofF to homEtown~

i'm Going home ppl,whutt a boring Hari Raya without mYdad's "around.....

*Deep Sigh*

Y dun United Nation allow d'medicall staffs leaving for Hari Raya?????????????????????????
im trying to not be on HIATUS FOR SOOOOOO LONG.......i'll update myblog from tyme to tyme....
cheers....happY HARI RAYA in advance.......................dewhhhh...................MAAF ZAHIR&BATIN
i need to service mycar in case of avoiding sumthing bad happen or im gonna stuck on d'road(in a traffic jam of coz:()...............UWAAAAA......

~gatHerin' sessiOn~

~breakfasting wif marine guys yesterday at GINGER*been supported by BOY whose own 5K pound sterling-d'limitation-of-creditcard....fuiyooooo*..actually all marine guys will have dat credit card as,boY&feroz having fun while eating and they never fail to put d'smile(even burst off d'laughes)on myface...and i was really enjoy dat moment while struggling stuff our stomach until d'last pieces of kuih sagu(whuttever,i dunno)...and urghh..they did pass all the foods to b finishd to me,and yes,its' completed ME...hOhOhO..d memories when we were together in norway remain playing in mymind.d'days we were boating along d'Asker beach,lingering around d'citY of Asker in nOrway,having our shipping lunch together..OMG..eventho it was juz bout a few weeks,those things happend will always stick in mymind....dewh~~~tiring of hardcoding....but seems like it wasnt turn to d'best gathering session for us,aleX(d'chinese guy) wasnt around bcoz of his inner prob dat might be hav to b settled down urgently or have sumthing in order to b handed up.thOse two pics above were taken bfore we done sailing at Asker's beach while d'other 1 is d'pic wif me&Alex IN NORWAy..d'jurney of life goes on,chums come and gO...but d'GREATEST companion will always hard to finD,it's eventually stuckD in URSELF........*sigh*

Wednesday, October 18

~d'GOOD lesson~

Actually i've tried sooo hard to upload d'hari raya iklan by PETRONAS in myblog but unfortunately d'mission is seems impossible...btw,im very sure dat all of mychums here already watchd dat meaningfull slot which is always standing on d'top amongst all d'hari raya slots.PETRONAS always create d'BEST HARI RAYA IKLAN AND NOBODY COULD DENY IT in a sense of giving us a lesson and advice for us to always stick to our culture as orang rimur....d'bad disposition like dun appreciate our parents when they r getting old is d'thing dat we shud stick off..we also cant do sumthing dat could drag our family in d'mud like u noe(d'nowadays adult doing===im not accepted, also saying dis to myself,so far, big sins goes around in d'terms of dat FIVE sins dat could make us.....okie2,its better 4 me to not digging it deep down,everybody knows,for updating myblog from being HIATUS for soooo long,i wish u all people SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI&MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN...HAPPY DEEPAVALI too.....

Monday, October 16

i miss 'em all....all juniors schlumbergerian who r now busy wif their school,only me,chOong,soOn already done our DP engineering start school in norway...khairun who r a very funny,jovial,easygoing,decent(is it??? :P)is now doing her field engineering school in UK wif iraQi guy(who'r mycrush ...SHHHHH)..for three months.she posted they both pics at my eudora(slb official's mail),huh,i envy u little rascal (:P)..and ubai now in france doing his engineering school and clinging 'round wif french for three months(whutt a boring eiffel, me),ong swang theng and chong yeow lom are now in houston for their 1month geologist school,d'best moment for wan nor afli(afli)now is when he strikes back in USA doing his field engineering school..actually he graduated from there and seems like there's no such "rindu-rinduan" probs wif his wife bcoz they used to b farther from each other bfore when he was working wif his previous company in US while his wife is a doctor in malaysia.haryati is now also in US or UK for field engineering school also(she's d'1 who r very lazy to b in touchd wif each other:()...and for mYdear hezne (mmuuaahhxxxx) in UK doing her field engineering school and also will celebrating her birthday,fasting month and Hari Raya month there,i wish u a very sweetmoment there dear,treasure it while u can dear...and for all myfrens...bile nak buat gathering ni???untill after breakout ke????winduuuuuuu....dewh~~~gud luck to all of us in SCHLUMBERGER~~~selamat berhari raya dan berpuasa di perantauan..hOhOhO..

Thursday, October 12

~deJavu.....miSsin' those sweetmOments..tremEndouslY~

They r my worlD,myrejoIceness,mYlife..1 thing dat i cant resist in mylife is when it comes about FRIENDS..pengyou..SAHABAT...freundin..all come wif 1 meaning "KAWAN".after been very bz for those 3years,we eventually catching up wif each other and d'most intersting part here is it was a sudden plan..thank GOD,we still hav chance to meet each other..omay,ainO,mImi,faRa...we r mean gurl..talkin'crappY n doing gurltalks along d'nite..i love 'em,i love 'em much..but d'worst part here is hani wasnt wif us..but whutt shud i say here is"omay,please chuck ur fon away frOm mysight bcoz this innocent gurl already trappd in dother worlD which it's calld as "d'loves r in d'air",her chubbfinggers remain texting&callin' her bf moSt of d'tyme..but hOnestly,im happy wif it,at least she had 1 moment of bliss..but hey dUde"dis is d tyme for freN,u might never grab d'2nd chance"...and for d'rest of us,we hav no probs bcOz we were free from those "romantic-in-d-beginnin-of-love-life"...and we r still...AVAILABLE.....hohoho...and for mYdear mimi saifUra,if u hav zest&energy to go on wif ur own worlD rite now dat make u live in peacefull,be strong mydear,we will always be wif u(ohoh,now i sound such a very suppportive fren,do i?)(big grins),u judge me sweetheart..i guess yes i'm...for hani,u r such a darling dat i cant resist,u'll forever remain as my"saYang"..mmuaahhhxxx..lOve u guys...

Wednesday, October 11

it's sounds cornY or might b catChy!

yerp...he's might b not so special in mYheart but he keeps remain as mYbestest fren ever!wif him,i was being such a babYgul who will get anYthin' dat i wanted to n everything dat i wishd for..he never giving up wif my resentment,my judgemental(for sumtyme n some reasons),in short,he never give up of ME..he's extremely being patient for d'whole two months when we were 2gether in norwaY.he even comforted me when i was down,he'll alwaYs b by myside whenever my morale is down...shud i say "he was being overproteCtive"..... during our lastdaY in norway when all staff in DP start ruining their perfect summer suits wif tears n for me,i had d'worst xperience there,he never show his back to me...i never been so touchd being wif those opposite gender bfore,but when im wif him i really feel appreciated,feel like im d'lasT gurl who xsist in dis world... i shud say "IM FOREVER INDEBTED TO HIS KINDNESS&GENEROSITY...eventho we'r not close anymore after back to malaYsia 4 gooD,but he's still....remains as d bestest fren on mYlist....and d'list goes on....

Tuesday, October 10

On d'waY 2 win sumboDy's hEart

Dis is mY 1st day publishing mydailY jurnal to everY1(not juz as mymain secreT which it was open up only 4 d'closest fren of mine..big thanks (wif roll eyes)to mR EL louqe for helping me lotz (in dis case i shud say,he's d'designer of myweb) usual when doing blogging'i prefer to keep it s usual way which its come wif d'most current issue or d'issues happen around our vacinities.ouh ppl,lasTnite i was breakfastin' wif faiz,ijOi,dilla at chillI's n guess whutt?i got stomachache after eating canjun chic sandwich which it taste was damn yummy n delightfull.i was wishin' for triple plaY s usual btw,but i shud stop all those heavy food keep going to bigger-ing mybutT..(slY smile ;)) buzy dating wif my frens foe dis whOle weekend during our "buka puasa" n im lookin' forward to meet samurian girls 2morro..samura(science muar 2ndrY school :P)????it reminDs me of both sweet n bad moments when i was there(shud i say,d bad was dominating n ruining mylife there)...erghhhh....btw (mimi,ainO,sainira,didO,sUria)--let we keep d'seCret...we did nOthin wrong by d way....juz "asrama putera were under attack)---hohoho [el loque wuz ere]