Thursday, November 27


after struggling for about 2 days (more or less) for 1 stupid thing which i wasnt supposed to care about pon, 2days with sooo damne full of emotions - misunderstood - misinterpreted n mcm2 lagila which was such a burdensome distress.a so-called Troubledness (adeke word ni??ngee)sungguh. huh, by d'way i managed to get over it wif all d' strength dat i gathered from tyme to tyme + supportive gfs (they did big part too). thanks to all.

n urghhh.big relief in d'end! big applause to me . seriously i managed to overcome dis stupid prob which was soo painful to endured successfully + calmly and errr by being as a good pretender. pure2 happy, lame2 happy betol2..kakkaka...n siap tolong settlekan prob org skali at d'same tyme..oooOOhhhh...but i felt glad for it.

ergh, am longing for someone who is not present - mR boyfren-, but i know he wont be able to be wif me all d'tyme - yerp, i need him d'most -these days. but nvm laaa, ill pass!
it juz got tyme when i feel so damne mengade2 n desperate for a piece of his attention, *taking a deep breath* n exhale peacefully.... he loves me. i know...dat is y, i juz bear wif distance n wait until d'next 2weeks to come n im gonna see him again...insya-ALLAH. yeah miles and miles may keep us apart, but no distance can divide the bond of our hearts. *hoping* - aint dis post bcome too mushy now??tett!!!! hahhahah

haaaa... love you baby... and all my gfs.

Saturday, November 22


Remember bout my intention to do liposuction on my thighs??
i'm getting fed up
ngeee--mr boyfren totally disagree wif dat brilliant idea
minor surgery je pon tau, grrrrrr..
but then, he told me " if u want to work on ur thighs, please go for any other thing than lipo, such as spa ke,massage, osim or anything, n the charge will be on me"
who want my boyfren? put ur hands up!!! hehehehe..
sangatla bertaktik kotor untuk memujukku supaye not doing dat lipo. grrrrrr

so, come "osim uzap mini n herbalife shapeworks".

This osim thing is an oscillating massage that relieves and tones various parts of your body such as arm, calf and thigh.
and (maybe)- bold and highlited occay- it gonna work to smallen my thighs. *hoping*

and herbalife idea came from kak lyn, so juz try it harm pon kan??
its pretty hard to prepare it for first tyme. mcm like it'll spill out from d'shaker everytyme u shake it and it still into small cubes eventho u shaked it quite harsh and sgt bersungguh2..(errrr-or my shaker is not d'1 wif high quality-tettttt!!haha)
first tyme i did it, d'taste was juz plain. plain dutch choc + soy + whey powder - erghh,..feel like vomitting out, i know. but then i tried to mix it wif frut juice and it taste very yummy. i think when u mix it wif sumthing sweet,it'll get rid of those rase2 ketepungan, yesterdy i bought 2 low fat yogurt drinks n dis morning, i mix it wif herbalife , shake it n now i get d'WOW taste!!! hurray!!!
but then, got ppl told me, dat herbalife will work to make ur body slimmer, but i only have prob wif thighs, so it definitely 2 different things here. nvmlaa,,try both n see d'outcome later.

eh, osim tyme... daa~~ =)

Friday, November 21

+ randomness~~ +

i think myself bcome as sum1 yg very pelupe nowadays -sigh!!!!
hafto take more calcium n ferum n all irons2 n d'zat2 in d'world -haihhhh
ade tk org yg withdraw duet kt ATM machine tp lupe nak ambil d'duit?
ni tadi pasal fon call yg distract my focus on d'money la ni..cittt

i need to socialize myself more from now on..
other than working sooo "hard" in d'offce and lepaking wif gfs',
i do nothing for my own achievement.
grRRrr- hafto be active n energetic again ni.
so,tomorrow, yeah! treasure hunt =)
and then??? jeng2x... nak rebel cket!!kekkeke...
guess whut??? hanye saye dan cik hamidah yg tau.. =P

tido2.... weee....

+ On patience and emotion +

first n foremost- im not stating dat im outrageously smart + succeed in handling Long Distance Relationship. got tyme i fail to show my patience n fail to be more tolerant in few things while me n my partner are miles away from each other( but it rarely happen), but we respect each other sooo much n we manage to discuss every failures dat we face (sumtyme)in a very good manner without screaming and cursing at each other. The most important thing is we have faith and trust towards each other, but trust me keeping a relationship alive across the miles is not an easy task.

But lucky mr boyfren - im not d'type yg suke merajok tak tentu pasal -credit to me! haha, n eventho i feel a bit terase towards him, ill talk to him nicely without enlarging that specific topic (which made me terase tadi).

i think few long distance couples, still bit luckier than myself. They can still texting their partners when he/she isnt sround, can talk for hours on d'fon while d'boyfren or girlfren is shopping alone or wandering around mall-alone!
email,ym,msn can do it all in 1 go wif mr boyfren or girlfren everyday or almost everyday. ME? dun ask! pathetic occay =(

but Y still feel ungrateful??? still looking for other "potential prospective" -macamla saye baek sangat! yess i know - u blab it a second ago!!!but yeah, now u can see "saye telah berubah"..first tyme being in long distance relationship n seems like i n him can handle it pretty well n may it continuously happen to us *praying & hopping*
n got people asked me "camane boleh tahan??" , "hey,maybe u gonna face dis 5weeks rotation for d'whole of ur entire life", "tak bosan ke, bercinta mcm tak bercinta?"
" boley loyal ke?"

ouh, zip d'mouth n see what gonna happen in d'future. dun have to commnet much bout dis, me n him know what are we going through, how much we appreciate each other n for me, as long as he's being loyal to me from tyme to tyme and treat me nicely ( u define how nice it should be-;), ill just let mr boyfren think d'best way to do it =) -i have no reason to ruin dis relationship by looking for other guy.

i think in anything pon, again it depends on us. how are we manage ourselves to be loyal, d'way to treasure our relationship wif d'love 1, juz dun simply give up on him/her.i think its better to take advantage of d'benefits of a long distance relationship offers =) , such as more time to hang out wif fam n frens (big thanks to my gurls, my member2 selepak, n every1 yg selalu melepak2 dgn diri ini) and of course, d'main part is the pleasure of seeing your sweetheart again after a long absence - (dis 1 love d'most), ill go pick him up at d'airport whenever i have chance to do dat.OMG-cant wait!!! another 27days to go-errrrr =( .okie, its d'tyme for u to mull ur options, juz bear wif d'distance or juz let him/her go .. bfore dis, i mean bfore i met mr boyfren, i always wondering how miss sabrina can handle distance wisely + patiently ? now i know, we both are tougher than the others!!!! kaakkkaaaa....instead of manje2 everyday wif mr boyfrens, we handle our emotions independently. we do most of d'things by ourselves (biasela, bile dekat2 dgn boyfren, sure mintak tolong boyfren do dis n it)-but i think d'best examples are -makan sorang2 n shopping sorang2-hahaahah..

summary from dis entry - long distance relationship aint suxx occay!- dun give up too soon ya!

dah2, piffling saje.. later..daaa~~

Sunday, November 16

small appreciation for mR bofriend =)

private partY at duta vista poolside =)
birthday celebration wif d'theme "masquerade nite"

and it was a surprise party for mr boyfren =) (okie, he may know there will be a celebration for him -as me n my gurls usually do- but it was unexpected when he saw bundles of his frens joining d'party =) (over 20 paxs) he told me " you are the best ". whutt to do?? 1 of my forte = P *im now flying high up to d'sky* bluekkk!!!

actually a month bfore his birthday, i've started thinkin' bout what im gonna do, what shud i do n what's d'best thing i shud give to him to make his 25th birthday is d'most memorable celebration he ever had. mr boyfren is a very simple guy, dun care much bout birthday celebration or dreaming of funky2 things will happen in his life but once it happens, he appreciate it soo much..OMG, i got sumthing unbelievable in return =) *okie, im not trying to buy mr boyfren wif sum crazy ideas to make him happy n hoping dat im gonna get sumthing in return* pple might misjudge my words above-but erghhh... he knows me well. He knows.....

and d'idea is came from mr aswad actually. when we were lepaking at my house, discussing bout his birthday, he suddenly came up " ape kate buat masquerade nite?"
sekali i buat, encik aswad siap tk percaye kot "gilerrrr mu" - he screeched at me ..hohohoho..sape suruh bg idea giler ni kn? but nvm, d'party went well n every1 was happy (i hope =) ) and thanks for every1 diatas kerjasama yg sangat besh!
and a bit sad cket dat nite when sabby was oncall, haihsss.. but i missed out aswad's besday d'next day, bcoz mr boyfren brought me to langkawi wif few frens. anyway,im satisfied wif my effort to make every1 happy on dat nite, sure got imperfectness, but juz swallow it n gonna improve it in d'future .dats all. weee... as long as i know mr boyfren was happy n enjoying d'party, i felt glad enuff =) n i take dis opportunity to thank every1 for their support especially his frens.

foods i served :

1) spaghetti wif 2 sources (beef bolognese n chicken bolognese)
2) salad
3) maredo's pizza

his birthday cake (pasal dah 25, so tk muat candles tu kat 1 cake -hehe)

been thrown into d'pool -ciann =P

camwhored - while mr patrick sedang menahan kesejukan

-comotnyee -

wif my gurls =)

baby's frens + my frens

mY sayang : hamidah

better i stop now.. ngatuks sudaaa