Sunday, December 30

+ and today is D'last day =)
doing rightous deeds rejoices D'heart- a special post after gave charity at praise home wif d'club members.ouh d'location??? ipoh mali....... =)

whutt happend today???early in d'morning,while i was counting every breath taken before checking mysalary for dis month and thinking of wanna go tru d'final day of 2007 boisterously,suddenly a msg popped up on d' htc screen "kakak, popo mati =( "...

i straight away calld 'd' little mimi' and asked her few Q's untill She burst out of tears..
"Mimi takmo ade kucing lagi, semuanya asyik mati jerk"
haha..dat sounds funny,c's!!...haha...eiii,jahat giler gelakkan adek sendiri,...
but seriously,d'kittens in house i think bout 4-5 kittens already died n we r still investigating d'reason bhind d' scene "ouh,im sooo into CSI,do i?--wuuwuu...
ok,today is d'last day n i wish every1 "Prosit Neujahr"

Saturday, December 29

+ D'year 2007 +

first n foremost,thank GOD for what i've been tru dis year...
for good things i feel gratefull,for bad things i feel lucky, bcoz at least i can learn sumthing in life..
lots of experiences i gained in a year.year 2007 ,i wont forget every single thing dat had happened and i wont wipe off every single line of stories dat cud be gathered to create a new me in year 2008.and above all, i feel content wif what GOD has decreed for me.

living d'life to d'fullest~~

thank GOD,Alhamdulillah, i managed to own few things using my own money,i own d'ultimate 711(wif encik ghaz's helps-will never forget), bought a townhouse and few small gadgets--all i bought by myself..Alhamdulillah..may GOD bless me..always..amen. and sumtimes i think those good things came in a bundle... but luckily i managed to feel it one by one. and as for my family,mydad especially,he may gain sumthing dat he never expected in his life. i think dis is d'time he shud sit down n relax and enjoying his life. but dad,u r my idol,no matter where i go. and mom u r d'greatest companion ever in mylife,u always there for me when im down,and u never fail to cheer me up when im in despair.may GOD bless our family n we'll reunite soon.amen.

friendship never end~~

to be honest dis year,i really focus in myworks,and i workd hard to achieve my dreams, so i feel bad bcoz in d'other hand,sumtimes i put my frens behind. and me myself clearly being s a bad fren when i didnt attend to my close fren's engagement (honey--pardon me of my stupidity mydear,i really cant manage mytime well at dat time,i love u n u know it. and for r'mc--im sooo sorry didnt reply urmsg as frequent as bfore,i dunno y,but u know when im in trouble i feel like i wanted to b alone. and as u know dis year,even i feel glad of my achievements,but still i feel sad bout 1 thing.only 1 thing dat can troubled me lots. i promise u dat ill be stronger and always put my frens first no matter what happen. for myhsemates--love u all so much!!!to sity--i love u-eventho sum ppl said we cant sit down at d'same table and talk bout our life,but i think, all ppl in the world have their own fate.feel gratefull for who we r today.and for frens who make me as their enemy,i dun think dis is d'best way to settle down things.for me,i will never do sumthing out of my capabilities such as breaking down sum1's friendster(swear to GOD), or tellng other ppl dat u r not good enuff to be s a friend or even saying bad things bout all of u.all dis while,i juz keep mymouth shut bcoz i juz want to withdraw peacefully from places where idle arguements are going on. and for me,i have nothing to say as me myself see dat in d'other way,all i need to do is juz sit down and stop seeking out ppl's defects and mistakes.


it teachd me how wonderfull life was when u have sum1 who really cares bout u,stand by u no matter what happen,be wif u all d'time,tght u how to feel loved n to convey urlove to sum1... but it also teachd me how miserable my life is when d'love isnt there anymore,when i always need to put soo much effort to win other party's heart back, when i know,dat d'partner tend to choose to throw d'love feeling away, but sumhow i know how empty dis life being wif sum1 dat i dont really love n care nmore.. on top of dat,i realize when it comes to d'love topic,pls dun make decision impetously...take ur time to turn on d'lights....

Thursday, December 27

+seeking for a solace +

another 4days to bid a farewell to year 2007...
and in d'next 4 days we realize dat we've been tru another year dat we gonna leave behind
we treasured d'life as much as we can and learnt lots of things about life.
at dis moment i think i cant even smile in every line dat i wrote,
yeah,lots of things happened in a year... realizing dat u achieved lots of ur target in a year,
u owned things wif ur own money-without depending on urparents(err...maybe for certain things, but already paid my dad lorrr *winking*), but still got 1 thing in life dat u r longing for which is d'most important thing and dat thing could make urvictories meaningfull by sharing it to d'person who really care about u.huh, nevermind.... this topic ,ill PASS...

ok,but dmost important thing dat ive learnt within a year is "please dont give other people too much of compliments, otherwise dat habit will give u bad impact eventually..."but somehow i cudnt manage myself from keep giving ppl compliments which i think it might be good for other party but actually i juz made them think im not as good as 'em or they put me low under their feet.i tell u 1 thing such u say "ouh,ur house is big and nice".. cool bangat!,dat person will think dat i never lived in dat kind of house or myhse must be damn narrow,small like im staying at kawasan setinggan.. *well,i dun really care pon if they want to think dat way* and in d'other stories is when u juz want to make ppl satisfy wif emself by saying,"no laa,u r good, u r smart,i dont know bout dis,i dun know bout dat if u ask me,but u know, it means dat u r smart in certain way",dat ppl will think dat i memang know nothing bout dat thing or "she isnt really smart like i expected"...uh,yeah,im not perfect btw,but at dat moment i just want to make him/her feel happy,feel appreciated,fee l like sum1 notice his/her good side..but ergghhh...... y la dis kind of pll cant take my point...actually,i feel cormfy to make myfrens,my sisters and every1 in dis world feel like they r much more better than me *i dunno y i have dis kind of attitude but seriously,i cant bear when a fren of mine says "u r different maa,u can have dis,u can have dat...." and then ill say "no la,i cant buy everything,mydebts everywhere and blablalbla..then he/she will reply "ouh,yeah?its better be me,rite?no debts at all.." hahaha...deep inside me,i feel relief dat he/she will think dat their financial is much more better than me and they dun think dat im really good, but actually d'other feeling dat bewildering me is do they really think dat i cant manage my money well?ergghh...seee, i want them to realize dat they arent too bad,but at d'same time i made them feel like im really bad..damne!

haaaa..enough of talking bout sumthing which is not really interesting.i shud feel grateful for who im today,rite?

"hope for d'best and prepare for d'worst"

"we wont get everything dat we want in dis life"

face it n live wif it.


Tuesday, December 18

D'blast 1

+D'blast 1=) +

venue:: ritz carlton
formal time:: 2200-2130hrs
partY time:: 2130 onwards

yeah,d'party is on we r now waiting for a brightful new year,we may need to celebrate d'victories dat hav been achieved for this, for's d'celebration..may d'upcoming new year will give us more victories! n as well d'salary increment will be boomD like -eiyoooooo- hehhehe...

wif revior~~

Sunday, December 16

+ about D' so-so and so called even life +

i feel tired.

overslept could be d' reason Y i feel like losing all D'energies and spirits to wax mybaby.

seriously ppl will claim dat i dont care bout mybaby,dun even care to wash it when they saw d'black baby has a-bit-brownish-polkadot clearly mixing wif d'black colour..*sigh*

in dother hand..i was thingking bout yesterday.A trip to ipoh wif few frens doing some noble thing-i can say-;P -we give back to d'world...what we did?let we keep it as a secret as d'left hand shudnt know what d'right hand did afterall. =)

ouh,i've been thingking bout my dreams.a year to go. 2years actually if its been calculated starting from my date of birth.but since this world isnt be fair to everybody,so,whut to do--wuwuuwuw...

ermm...but i believe i can achieve d'target.nextyear will be as d'busiest year ever in mylife.apart from working hard to achieve d'dreams,i also hav to improve myself in geophysical knowledge, i need to learn more about omega, be more active,productive and aggressive wif all government organizations especially puteri UMNO and above all,my achievement shud be telly wif my dad's. i never lookd him down,i know he manage to get things dat he wants in his life. nobody knows about him, what he really does,what he really has and whatever things related to him. but sooner he will get paid of everything he did. Alhamdulillah. more victories will come to him after dis. enuff. im not a spoilt brat who loves to talk about mydad all d'time, who depends on him and i dun even care to know bout his frens from whole over d'world or be proud wif everything dat he owns rite now.his victories is his. n my victories is mine!. juz wrote bout him here to make me worry if i cant be like him 1 day,juz to impress me a bit to move on without having any fear,and d'most important thing dat shud be learned is be patient to be victorious... and now i know glory is not granted except to those who always dreamed of it....

SO,fren..wake up...go organize urthing today,work hard to achieve everything dat u want and if there's a will,wif d'blessing from GOD,u may achieve anything dat u want-insya-ALLAH =) .....

~keyboard off..~daa~

Monday, December 10

+anticipatiOn of iezawani =) +

and today..what's d'date today?ahHa...may GOD blessd!
btw,i turn to 23 unwillingly...yerp...but.. still alive..yet,still i can build another dreams to treasure d'days ahead.

personally,i think i achieved so much things dat i wish for in dis life when i was 22 yrs old..was..ermm..thank GOD..Alhamduliilah...

but realisticallY,i realize dat this world is not perfect for any1, there is no one in the face of earth who gets all that he/she wants or is free from all kind off distress, yet im still searching for happiness dat i always longing for.

practially,it doesnt mean dat im not happy wif mylife after i got few things dat i can say brought me close to d''extreme-happiness-level' so far,but still its not yet complete untill 1 day i can smile and say--'im happy wif everything now,my life is blessed!1day -perhaps!

yeah2,u can not always think dat life must be 100%in ur favour rite?we will never get everything dat we want in dis life::there will always be some problems, sickness,adversity and trials--so,ppl we shud be gratefull at times of ease and patient at times of hardship--i always tell myself dis..but so far i managed to accept few trials but still got few which i cudnt handle it,i just make it worse instead...walllaaa---people make mistakes n so do i =( ..

but what ive learnt so far---dO appreciate people around us!seriously,now i think im dealing wif karma...i mean i had ppl who appreciated me much bfore,d'person who put myself bfore 'em...d'pure love dat i can feel it everyday 'd'give n take session'--but now d'hardest thing dat i shud face in life which is d'hardest thing dat i could people,pls take a lesson...good thing only come once in a appreciate it while its around.

anD the person who never faild to cheer me up,who always there for me when im down,thanks a bunch! thanks for d'small celebration---i do care bout u n u know friends who texted me,wished me tru any medium *fon,testimony,email,meet me in person*---love u all...muahxxx

Wednesday, December 5

+ about D'babY 1 series--i believe in Ultimate Driving machine =) +

d'stories herein.s per request =)

BMW 1 Series

BMW Compact
Small-luxury car / small family car
Body style(s)
5-door "Hatch",3-door "SportsHatch" hatchback or2-door "Coupé"
FR E81 (3-door hatchback)E87 (5 door hatchback)
1.6 L I42.0 L I42.0 L diesel I43.0 L I6
5-speed manual6-speed manual6-speed semi-automatic
2660 mm (104.7 in)
4227 mm (166.4 in)
1751 mm (68.9 in)
1430 mm (56.3 in)
Curb weight
1320–1450 kg (2904-3190 lbs)

The 1 Series was first offered to the market in 2004 as a 5-door hatchback and is the only rear wheel drive in its class. It replaced the BMW 3-series Compact range and is currently the smallest and most 'affordable' vehicle (depending on the engine model) in the BMW range. Unlike its predecessor, the new vehicle is built on its own platform (E87), however, it shares many components with the E90 3 Series. These include MacPherson struts in the front of the car, and a trapezoidal-link rear axle. BMW has stated that it shares over 60% of components with the current BMW 3-series E90.[1]

The 1 Series is built in Regensburg and Leipzig, Germany, with some of the engines coming from the Hams Hall plant in Birmingham, England.

During its first full year on the market in 2005, it became one of BMW's most successful products. 149,493 units were sold, coming in third place: only the 3- and 5 Series sold better.[1]

For the 2008 model year, the coupe (code named E82) and coupe convertible (code named E88) variant have been introduced by BMW. U.S. introduction is scheduled for 2nd quarter of 2008.

2007 update
BMW upgraded the 1-Series for 2007 and introduced a 3-door sports hatch variant (code named E81). Changes to the model were minor headlight and tail-light revisions, new front & rear bumpers and minor revisions to the interior. The dashboard has been updated, and a recommended gear indicator is now present on models with manual transmissions.[2]

New technologies include an Auto Start-Stop function, Brake Energy Regeneration, Electric Power Steering, an electric water pump, and a host of drivetrain modifications designed for fuel economy, increased performance, and lower emissions.[3] BMW marketing has named this combination of technologies "EfficientDynamics",[4] which will also be implemented in other BMW models.

The 1-Series is effectively the first in the world to have mild hybrid technology as standard equipment, although BMW is careful in its marketing not to label it as a hybrid vehicle.

mOdel:: R'mc dearie
info::BMW webbie

Alhamdulillah--MAY GOD BLESSED!

keyboard off