Sunday, November 26

~hard to get~

juz 1 Q----does any1 know how to minimize urpressure untill d'bottom level of its limit????--------
im s a sane woman sumtyme facing dis kind of prob and kind of sick to manage everything correctly....
whutt is silent means myfriend????does silence means concurrs?????i dunno---im trappped in d'middle which is sooo damn hectic to think..i wishd i better give up,but myheart said "nO"---damn---its over d'limitation dat i cud done wif dis blog for today......i have to think and think wosely bfore i cud make any correct decision.....but seriously,i cant give up easily.....i want "IT"...i'll work for "IT".....its better u give up iezawani if u noe dat,"IT's really hard-to-get....damn!!!!

Saturday, November 25

dats my fren tunku intan wajihah wif her bf si faruQ at miami beach and was being snapped by sum paparazzi kot then masuk paper...that's soooo freaking hot dewh~~i envy u mY kuin,she's now continuing her master in aberdeen,scotland..bring me sum scottish u sicko..hehehe...k,wel2x today i wont spend for dis blog tooo much as i was spent d'whole morning doing dis survey.check it ya'

1.Are u photogenic?~ err--whutt do u think ppl???

2. What time do you go to bed?~ last nite?almost 3o'clock ind'morning after jamming session

3. What was the last thing you didbefore this?~ learning how to do radon processwhich was took an hr to understandd'job*sigh*

4. Who's the one you always meet themost?~ mYofficemates and then myhousemates--weIrdo=p

5. Who's the person you'll call if youneed help?~ i fixed it to 1 short list *shrug*

6. What's on your mind right now ?~ how to handle dis psycho guy??

7. What do you prefer?americanidol/malaysian idol?~ huge no-n for both--reality tv showsare suX

8. With whom do you wanna be with tohave fun?~ mY family&mYchums

9. What movie do u wanna watch now?~ double O7 agent without daniel craigboley tak???

10. When was the last time you wentout?~ last nite--jamming n ended up makan2--ngehehss

11. What do you hate the most for now?~ myfeeling for sumthing dat reallyhard to get--aston martin--damn!!!

12. What do you do everyday besideseat & sleep?~ working of couse--hahaha--myjob isonly my obligation for now*sigh*

13. Colors that make you happy ?~ pink as well =p

14. Most fav thing in your room ?~ mYbling2x xcessories *grin*

15. Miss someone?~ i choose to say yes even i dunno datparticular person *shrug*

16. Plan to buy something?~ yeah,cellica on d'way--nextyearperhaps-hahaha

17. Are you satisfied with your lifenow?~ partlY yes,thank GOD but not at alluntil i found mY mr.rite *hoping*

18.Do you like seafood?~ more than everything..

19.Breakfast or dinner?~ breakfast wif mycereals n oats ofcoz...

20. like chocolates?~ irresistable lewhh~~~

21. Do you have a laptop?~ yerp,2--

22. What's your favorite food fromfast food?~ i dun really like fast food,butchilli's triple play ok kot

23. Cats or dogs?~ cats--sumtyme *wee*

24. Salty or sweet?~ both isnt good for myhealth--i docare bout dis..hhehehe--so-so kot

25. City or country?~ well--country itself

26. Is kissing normal for your age?~ in my 21st???suppose no--depends on uppl

27. Are you athletic?~ yeah--still..but not for 400mnmore,more to squash n swimming now

28. Favourite bands for now?~ d'man who sold D'WORLD please---

29. Do you have your own cell phone?~ yerp--PDA any1 =p???

30. What do you wear to bed?~ mYpyjama of coz--particular plak gue--hoho

31.Ever had a crush on a teacher inhigh school?~ seriouslY--nope

32. Coke or pepsi?~ huge no-no to carbonateD drinks--thank u

33. sugar or spice?~ i choose spice for dis tyme

34. Can you use chopsticks?~ yeah--*wee*

35. Do you care about getting goodgrades?~ no kot n dats y i only got secondclass upper jerk---kesian kat PETRONAS*guiltYhead*

36.Have you ever fallen asleep inclass?~ who didnt??

37. Get a job or ask your parents formoney?~ woii--b'independent laa--get a job!

38. Is your mom strict?~ no at all--supportive n sporting ade-thanks mama

39. Do your parents give you enoughprivacy?~ well,yess 4 certain things

40. Do your parents trust you?~ yess

41. Would you ever wanna lose yourbestfriend?~ i wish no

42. Do you make friends quickly?~ yeah,if u can get along wif me

43. Do you tell your mom everything?~ yess,i do--she's d'greatest companionof mine

44. What do you & your parents fightabout most?~ mY attire--they wish for my vieltyme

45. If u love someone & she/herejected u. What will u do to her/him?~ i dunno,never give up kot--i wantwhutt i wanted to---

46. Can u sing or rap?~ haha-dats whutt mycolleagues wishedfor---sorry ppl

47. If u have one wish , who would umake ur wife/husband for life?~ i'm still searching--hoho

48. What do u think bout this survey?~saje jerk buat,then biarkan si ellouqe kutuk gue--sicko!!!

Thursday, November 23


those are part of myaccessories...which are comes in a beads style,white gold,silver thangs,but d'most important thing is they are not typically jewelleries..i hate to b'in a public wif those high class performnce,(this quote is absolutely not for those who r amongst spoil brat of a wealthy papa,damn u r d' lucky 1 tho)pretending such a daughter of "somebody" or whuttsoever (feeling fake ppl ) but im really into an accessory thingy to b'part of young ladies who r dare to wear or to put sumthing around my neck,myears,myhair or other part of mybody which is i also dare to take other ppl's respond 'bout my appearnce (i dun care its a compliment or d'other way either) long as im(me,mYself) satisfied wif my apppearnce dat tyme in d'1st place...juz adding up mypic wif my mama(been taking actualy juz after kenduri tahlil done in mygrandpa's(my maklong was passed away last friday)-==she was suffering from breast cancer which was sooo painfull but i thank GOD she's probably escape from her "seksaan kubur" bcause she was died on d'big day of muslims(so far i know d'fact about dat) and i was feel sangat insaf dat tyme when i was bathing her,i kafankan die,solat jenazah and(im from sekolah S.M.K.A untill form 3so dun feel 'surprise how i noe bout it ya =) )until d'final session i pergi sampai her grave....GOD,i feel sangat waiting for myviel really work for make it pray for me ya"....

Wednesday, November 15

~we were doing women thingy lastweek,we had sum of chitchatting which was including gurly talks...we s "kanak2 ribena" did hav a reuniOn last saturday...yippie~~ex samurian _pujangga 4..really enjoy dat sweetmoments wif mybuddies eventho it was for a while..but honestly,felt sumthing weird which is we've been farther from each other for sooo long,and were strumbling for each topics dat we missed for every1.Such as,hazel knows bout me and so do i,but i didnt know whutt azimah was doing for these years and so every1 far i know salmi(known as casper) has 1 cute little kid and juz married bout 3-4 years.yeah, we missed those our enjoyable moment together back in our "SAMURA" moment minus those senioritY thingy which was driving us crazy like HELL...for this tyme(which was our 1st reunion seems like every1 attended xcept for teenB(registered name ok),azimah,mike,casper,hazel,jo'a,chichi were having lotz of funz at berjaya time square anD we spent much tyme in bowling....chichi maen tipu...ngehehs...dats y she won dis game....(lol)...k laa...word's worth..enjoY!!!

mike,me,chichi(3ree cuties =P)

mYhazel doinkss ;)

hazEl,me&foXy mama(casper) *ngehehss*

i wanna b' as a mama like u casper--for 1 day which is long way to go =P

mike&me--young ladieS in black (grin)

~me&mYpamper c's--chIchi~

Tuesday, November 14


i wasnt in a good mood for d'last week which made mylife horrible+miserable..i cant bear wif mylife now.i think sumtyme i shud being s a grateful person but sumtyme i hate d'way mylife goes...ppl always say "juz go wif d'flow or..juz live it 2d'fullest no matter how bad it turnd to..i think i need sum motivations in order to synchronized mylife wif myfeelings...well..actuallly 1good thing also happend on last week which made myadrenaline jumped higher than normal while myhair stand straight to d'end when myboss quit happy wif mypresentation in order to get a comfirmation letter by nextmonth...whutt a big fear in mydreams everyday if i kickd out from dis company...go to PETRONAS???huge no-no for that,im such a grateful person sumtyme,thank GOD...amin..i do pray for it everyday...btw ppl,m not happy wif d'jurney of mylife today,so i need such a harmony thing for myears...lets enjoY d'song from Nirvana-----as u wish---d'Man whO sold d'world..i think a guitar cud b s a great companion for myself....

Saturday, November 4


ok,ive been ver bz for dis weekenD
but insist to update dis blog,do keep on blogging till im getting bored wif dis stuff
actually maxis urges me to show myresentment in front of em tomorrow bcoz i already made a pyment for d'last month's bill but my line is still not activated and have been interrupteD which is i cant sms-ing & calling anybody...eiiiiii...stUpidO..i hate dis shiTty stuff,i need to call mymom regarding of myc's request bout she wants to go to d'school by bus instead of my hardworking mama send&fetch her from school everyday.aiyyoooo----dis little gurl always trying to be independant but seems like mymom didnt dare to allow her to stand by her own feet.she cant bear if any bad things happen to her youngest daughter...whuttever...jealousy a bit bcoz i hav to do many things by my own since i was young,and my c's pulak,everytyme she's in trouble she will call me and im d'1 who can "pujuk" mymom and convey her request to mymom so dat my mom will ask for my opinion and after a little bit of negotiation
&arguement,my mom will agree wif my opnion..dat always happen btw...ok,stop here,i got lotz of works to be done bfore tomorrow &and i promised daya(exsamurian who's juz coming back from US and now working wif TEXAS instrument)to accompany her shopping for new stuffs as she's now move in to my house..oki,got to go....~daa

Thursday, November 2

i've pOsted 2blogs for today..whO cares 3>dis is mYblog which is under mYobligation..ngehehs..hav u ever seen d'guY who always b instyle--we can say him s an-up-to-date guY who'll always change his hair or put sumthing on his head as his xcessories other than David beckHam?..i wont go for any further explanation,ill let u judge it tru d'pics below----enjOy ya"

he put himself frOm nicK carter hairstyle,Turned tO spikEy hair,came wif auburn-brownish hairstyle,changing his looks wif snOwcap+lots of caps collections anD d'list of style goes on:::::::::in short-----hE gOt stYle~~(prOudlY 3>)

~wiF auburn hairstYle~

~lonG spikeY hair--he's GrosS

~hiS mesSy hair covered wiF 69's cap~

he n his cekak rambut

alt="" />

~anOther cap???~


~his spikeY hair~

Wednesday, November 1

~D'goOd ol'daYs~

1st sYawal

yippe-kay-yeayy(bruce willis quote :p),finally i hav tyme to update dis bloG wif mY hari raya stOry after chOong allocated me to use his memOrycard reAder((again)),owing him twice 4 dis tyme...basically,mY first raya for dis year didnt hav enuff rejoiceness compared to d'past few years since mY indOnesian grandparents passd away in 0ct,2001(since dat we never celebrated our hari raya at Indo n'more),(yerp2x,d'inDo-Chinese-malaY blood running in mYbody anD im gratefull grOwing in d'different culTures for these,for dis year,we celebrated it at mY granDma's in m'ca which is more like a usual-gatherin-seSsions for us.dis credIt+debiT hari raya seems nOt so bad(i've restrained myself to make dis blog sounds cOrny,i shall saY,it might b sounds catchY :p)minuS dis distance thingY wif mYpaPa,here i allocated mY first raya pic wif mYmom(who's getting darker after Coming back frOm sudaN),mYsist&mYgrandmA.loveYyy dOveyY dat yellOw kebaya which is 1 of mYfav's..d'2nd pic is me&mY younger sist giving a pOse while "beraya sakan"(sum1 said dat red&white kebaya look like PUTERI UMNO's--aiYooo)

4thdaY of sYawal

Dis 1 is double exciting when everybody obtained d'valuable tyme together,these so-callEd-frenz giving their coOperations while interfram-ing each other's camS(we r all vain la dewh)..ngehehss,been d'more d'merrier if we sticked to d'plan having our raya cOnvoi on thursday but it had been delayeD bcoz of srie&baYani's inner probs occured in last minutes tyme..nhoHoHO..absolutelY filled wif freakin' exciting when 3cars(kembara,kancil&modified red satria :P) were tailing each other on d' missin' it.tremendouslY.and fiza effordable to join us after a bit of our moral supports+sweet talks 3>..actually she was stuckeD in d'house after been hitting by car recently in UIA,she suffers using her "tongkat" everywhere she go,hence she was still spending her tyme together wif us..big applause to her..okay2x,to abbreviate dis essay,i allcateD our sweetpose(always in d'best angle)during our gath sessIon---spots me in viel yeah!!!

5th Syawal

D'rejoiceness grows as d'days move on,meeting wif dis cute little "afrani tihani",clipping'me wif those sweet smiles of hers..d'best part was when she buffled her bro*sist secret-receipe's-cheescake-as-their-hanDmade--and a bit funnY she was totally being honest wif her statement--kids dun lie laa little rascalS&im not a goOn btw,:P(for her bro*sist),she gav us d'best snapshot(me&her brO) an she's retarded close to all photos..after few moments had prattling talks(i have to :P)wif naNi,I realizD dat dis naughty gurl was reallly irresistable laaa...those pics worth,word is cheap ..xOxO

~shOulder length hair+white buttrflY hairbN+cutest kiddo~

~n she's retaRded..extremelY irresisTable~