Thursday, October 11

+ A quick entrY =) +

erghhhhh...I already put dis blog lenghty, but i dunnno what d'heck is happening wif blogspot.unable to save it for many,just make it smirky,i wish u all....

happY eid almubaraQ
maaf Zahir batin
4 whatever mistakes dat i've done---including d'genuine 1 =)

it sounds cliche...but dats d'only wishes dat crossing my mind rite now.

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please for my safety...n may i reach home safelY..*amen* ill be in a ery long journey today =kl-malacca-jB-. off peeps.happy hari raYa!

Wednesday, October 10

+ A proclamation of being such a sudden beauty freak before raya+

Okie, 3 more days to go for hari raya..
What did I bought and so far n how’s my preparation?
As the years before,I was celebrating it with the very minimum spent.
So ,here come 3 baby-Ts from Armani Exchange (only got 1 in d’pic,d’other 2 dah sampai kampungku,wuwuuw), 2 earrings from reject shop (okie,misplaced it,I cant remember where I put it after I held it 2days ago checking for d’disfigurements dat might happen after 1 of it got stuckd&tanglD wif my necklace,ouh don’t panic,its occasionally happen,ill find it sooner or later =P ) and a pair of peep toe heels.dats all.

See,its not much rite, big applause to me for spending my money wisely =P

So,starting from tonite,I need to put mask on myface (for facial treatment),so dat it’ll tighten d’small pores and makes my face smoother..what else?
Body scrub-ing tomorrow morning,I prefer to use bodyshop olive bodyscrub, but tomorrow,ill try to make my own scrub..its just….need

1)5 teaspoons of honey
2)4 teaspoons of salt
5)a jug of milk

Scrub it all over body until d’salt dissolve. What a beauty tips… its realy saving ok

Due to d’big wavy style dat I’ve made for my hair (technically,i perm it 2months ago),I get damage hair as a result. Ppl will convey their big sympathies towards me if they saw my unmanageable and damage,I need to strengthen it back,make it manageable and shiny, so ill go for another professional care of my hair, and I chose TREMsemme. Ill tell u guys d’outcome k,if its good,than this shampoo&conditioner will become as my daily essentials.

Starting from tonite,I need to apply body lotion and body moisturizer.(whutt a stupid statement),I wont get sparkling,fairer or smoother skin if I apply body lotion n moisturizer only 2days before raya *sigh*, whatever----wuwuwu

i tell u what,only rosken products work on me,d'others are just like smoothing my skin without giving it any protection or else,its a bit sticky and make me feel uncormfy.

Ladies, Its always a good thing to be well groomed!no other reason,rite? *wink*
+ mY new baby yg sangat tempting =) +

it's awesome!!! exxagerating =)
okie,yesterday,i was like "darn,im not in d'mood to do anything in d'office,its like im in raya mode,ok,so i better move my butT to sumwehere else,to d'place where i cud inhale d' air of "freedom" &whatever feeling dat cud bring mymind back to work so dat i wont stuck in d'office untill friday helplessly"....

okie,dats it...

so,feel like im craving for sumthing....
and feel like i need a therapy for myself...

*big grin*

manhattan fishmarket (MFM) please =)
err...and i have to cut my hair short...d'front part..will never do fringe style again,i really look ugly when i put my hair dat way..

so,i dragged d' baldman to d'MFM...stef know how much im crazy for d'platter for 2 which is served wif cheesy prawns(gulp----its yummy,bangat!), oysters,fish&chips &mY-dailY-vitamin-oopppsss,carbohidrate ;P ---nasik!),and today even they added up oysters dipped in marinara source---*melting*

then,we purrD away to sg wang ,rushingly!cut my hair which was cost only 10bucks &d'baldman was like "dats all?",pulling a face.."yess",i say innocently,feeling guilty for forcing him to accompany me all d'way from damansara height to klcc and to sg wang just for cutting d'front part of myhair which is juz took around 10mins.

ok then we were browsing and clinging around sg wang plaza..

me::"i'll buy a PDA as a reward for myself during my besday"*referring to december 10th*--whoops i blab it to u guys--hhahaha

balDman:: "ok,what's dat?"

me:: "LG PRADA...aint it cool ?---its not even a PDA pon---kuakua"

balDman::"lets go,we look around if we cud find it,just browsing bout its function n price"

me::"okie *smile widelY"

we headed to d'LG shop ,stopped and asked for it

salesgirl::"it has just normal phone functions, nothing else,it comes wif a PRADA brand on it,so dats y its a bit pricey" while flashing d'black model of LG PRADA...

me::"thanks"---ouh i felt down,it was not like what i've read and what i've heard bout it

continue browsing...

and i end up bought htc touch PDA fon.

*omigosh*--it was really unplan! did i say dat i've planned to buy A PDA as a reward for myself on mybirthday? and did i say it's on dec 10th? and yesterday was??? 9th oct---ocay-i overspent my money.dats it.!

but its cool--d'very d'much! *rolling eyes*---still i can draw such a warm&cool smile rite now =P
I remembered yesterday, once this fon became mine,I felt like really wanted to go home asap, even when we were bouncing up the steps to d’carpark, my smiles never faded away….

this fon is really worth it to buy. grab it 1 now n u'll feel like u own d'technology..hehe
(i dunno whether stef will agree wif me or he will be againts me when we come to dis part--i should ask for d'-technology-freak-all-d'tyme-guy's opinion bfore i buy any gadget). sorry stef,but i really hope u can nod down urhead and say "u've made a right choise,wanie"
nah.....i hope this will be no regrate in d'end ...saying to myself conclusively *praying*

for more exposure bout dis fon or else to get to know this fon deeply
u can go to youtube webbie.

things to ponder:: make sure u browse bout things (especially gadgets) dat u r going to buy in a few different webbies so dat ull know bout dat thing closely and to ensure dat u wont be *ting*tong-ed by sellers & promoters.

ok,when u buy this little babY,it comes wif 6 accessories

1) AC adapter –for recharging the battery
2) USB Snyc cable – for connecting ur device to a PC and synchronizing datas
3) stereo headset – providing a volume control slider and u know u can use it as a handsfree
4) pouch – acting as a protective carrying case for ur device, afterall d’pattern is a bit stylish n its just unavoidable

5) memorycard – 1Gb of storage space
6) Motorolla Bluetooth

And to be concernD about d’badside of having a PDA is ---- its pretty hard to use it while driving, means no SMS-ing while driving (stef can take a sigh of relief after reading this statement,he reminds me for many times not to SMS-ing while driving,n now-absolutely ill follow the advice---I don want to take any risk dat might happen,dude!.

But,its cool when u just need to slide urfinger upwards from bottom to top to browse the MENU& do the other way around to close d’touch cube. And u just need to slide ur finger left or rite on the touchscreen to flip the interface from one side to another bcoz d’touch cube is 3-D wif cubic user interface.

*ergghh,,,my baby*--breath cathes in my throat

now im sluggishly go tru d'touch cube &familiarize myself wif mYnew babY*--im totally blank =P.. bluekk....

ouh,nOt to forget,d’peep toes heel dat I bought at klcc from eclipse--- chumell kan?
Wuwuuw…its not really recommended for daily used, like to go to d’office, college or any place which may make people will look at u n say “what-a-so-called-being-vouge-at-d’-wrongplace-person plus it will make u get blisters if u wear it all day long. to me,i wear it ocassionally. it looks like a lizard’s skin said mrbalD, but what ever,it has pink linen on it,so, I think its match wif my pink&white kebaya---sangat sedOndon-wakkakakaa

my beauty pink&white =)

Ouh,and now I can exhale peacefully =P

Monday, October 8

+ f.r.a.g.i.l.i.t.Y +

of mY heart =( (i should say).. i manage it not so splendidly *sighs*
i mean, d'way i manage my anger is like "back to few months ago" where its still beyond my control..everytime when after i spilled everything out,burst out things dat i shudnt say when im angry,i'll regrate..definitely.
ouh,i should just gritted my teeth everytime i got mad!dats what i was thinking in d'1st place.err..i mean not literally gritted my teeth, obviously. but i should have been cool,in fact i should have been soOOooo cool or pretending i was cool at dat time,plus i should think deeply,take a deep breath n talk nicely. but...instead of doing dat....ergghh..i screwed up everything!to be precise..many things!!! ouh,how emotional im rite now... sumtime i just think dat its not good to be as so-called- a petulant person,but in d'other hand,i feel grievence when i cant manage my anger wisely at dat time.ok,leave it behind...its not dat totally an unfixed thing,its just something dat i still could try and d'outcome will be better from time to time *amen*..hehehhe..

ok,tell u other stories...something dat bewildering me all d'tyme..which is bout other thing dat i should do other than nailing my ass in front of computer everyday.
(see..d'ambitious of me still wondering bout how to get extra money than amount of wages dat earn every month...)*grin* wait for my bussiness after raye babes!hehe..and d praY 4 my success..paused. unintentionally forgot to post bout d'whales (pilot whales) to be precise when i was onboard in dis i oftenly forgot bout things dat i should do eventho i already wrote in my "things-to-do" list. *big sigh*..maybe dis is bcoz of i frequently drink water-wif-semut..kakaak...yeah..its true...SEMUT..ouh dat moronness semut i dunno y love to lepaking at d'edge of d'heater's mouth and suddenly (i assume-kaakaka) fell into the heater which containing our boiled water and me,myself yg a bit lazy to check it bfore pouring water into my beloved mug, terus minum and hey,it taste naturally yummy*okie,yuckss* has no different at all...dewh!


what would i buy for hari raya celebration?
nothing i sabby said, we stil have to chase out d'sale!
but what i should buy darlingssss???
i think im gonna get myself a pair or 2 wedges.
*aint it cool,dudettes?*


*hair treatment or else i need to cut myhair so dat it will look manageable.
everyday is consider as a bad hair day for me now =(*

*shopping wif sabby at KLCC on wednesday *iezawani who proclaims herself as a shopaholic--so,its a MUST-do-activity =)!*

*ouh,update bout myself at beemer club *giler lame on hiatus*

okie..keyboard off!