Thursday, February 21

+D'culoTtes ...+

ehem..can i hav 1?i know its a bit burok....but...ermmm...ok,now i have to think twice..juz let dis idle mind thinks bout fashion again after quit a while im sooooOOOOooo being as a "follower",ergghhh..sounds like i was a trend setter before..*coughing"*..i really hope dat u guys can get what i really mean.."
a biG shopping day i mean "yeah....thanks to all shopaholic out there for being soo understanding wif d'statement mentioned above. *big applause wif a bow* =D

when i bought a sporty armband for my mp3 player dis evening at sg wang,suddenly dis eyes cathed 1 beautiful stuff which d' shape is like a courgette and after checking it out, it's juz a an alrm clock but its quite adorable and pretty cool tho..but i juz walked away instead of buying it n tonite ill dream bout it.erghh...selalu mcm tu kan? grrrrr...

occayla...straight 2 d'point..actually tadi bloghopping sekejap.then,i go tru 1 blog ni,and as dis fingers scrolling down to d'bottom of d'page,i felt like every sentences i read touched myheart and i melted *eventho all those muchy2 words on dat blog aren't dedicated to me*,but i dun care,its juz all dis while i thought "fairytail" thingy
dont exist n'more but i was wrong..ergghh..seriously ifu guys have a chance to read it pon,u'll definitely feel egree wif me.masih ade lagi a guy in d'world who is really appreciate and devoted himself to his gurlfren like in dis entire world,only 1 woman exist-his gurlfren.full stop.i u guys read d'poem he made to his gf,ah..malas nak comment bnyk2...sile bace sendiri..*weee**
occay,im not deplore wif my life occay.and i juz feel great wif my life rite now after i think its almost complete when i met dis 1 person who is really cares bout me.and none of my words above have any intentions to make comparison between my guy and d'guy dat i mentioned above.different ppl have different way to xpress their love feeling.its juz i like d'way dat guy chosed to xpress his feeling towards his gf.dats all.and 1ce again,it doesnt mean dat i dun like d'way myguy i said,different ppl..different....occay,u get it..wif dat,i thank u.~DAA.

+D'routine bfore sleeping at nite:
listening to mypink
MP3player n hugging dat cudly camel +

+when i have nothing to do
or being under pressure =D + +

Wednesday, February 20

+ gOtcha!dis uneasy feling better go!!!GrrRRrrrr +

am i sad???? honestly,i do...but i think dis feeling gonna fade until i receive a single word from him... even only d'simple "hi".regardless any medium he gonna use such as a phone call or mail,i dun mind..but at least..i can sit down n feel relief when i know he reachd vessel safely.ouh,*im worry too much i think*weeeeee....

ouh yeah..i got kind of "invitation" to The Singles Ravishing Night.
ouh,whutt is dis??
i guess its a party...yeah,and its definitely a party-A party for the Bachelors and Bachelorettes to increase the hype of everyone by connecting all of the clientele together to enjoy the events and entertainment provided at the party.

ANDD???ouh peeps,u have to wear a mask during d'party..haihh...sebijik mcm cerita gossip gurl plak..and suddenly N was kissing d'little J at dat nite without knowing she wasnt a gurl dat he adores all dis while.... phewww..seriously..jeopardy dudes!!! *

ouh,gotta go..cant make dis blog lenghty,lots of things to be done n 1 of it is helping puteri umno--election day is cominggggggGGGggggg every1...

"marila mari,kita mengundi" =D

terase nak letak dis pic,ehHE.... ok2,dis isnt a mushy2
post occay even it seems like a wayyy to be!wekkkKK..keyboard off~~

Tuesday, February 19

+in all seriOusness...i shouted *life is soooOOOOoooo unpredictable!+
(sounds like i juz realized bout it 1 second ago? ahHa =D)

Too many things to say as lots of stuffs weighing on mymind. Estimating from d’smallest to d’biggest thing and counting from 1 to 10 of its dangerous level. Ngeee… exaggerating! =) ok, no emotional post for today =) since im in a happy mode – extremely & undeniably happy –to be prĂ©cised, *silela nyanyi lagu mari berjoget to men”synchronize”kan kegembiraan hati si blogger ini dgn diri saudara/saudari =D* ill updating few things bout myself-bout what had happened to me for d’past 4 months n what’s happening to me rite now…

*I’ve got over u!*--- cerita lame—berhabuk pon dah…but we r still friends!
+buat ape gado2 same kite,mesia kita ini kecik aje,kalo semua gado,sape nak jage =)+

*new passion??? And new lovelife???*
err…*paused* --is it too soon to move on wif life and forget bout d’past dudes and dudettes?? huge no-no for me I think… ergghh….no comment…let me put it dis way, all dis while, im looking for/longing for/ sum1 who is now enjoying his/her life up to d’max after went tru lots of miseries n hard life bforehand, in fact I fancy sum1 who really can makes me impress wif him/her in many ways n many things, n suddenly *wif GOD willing* ,ive found dat particular sum1 and Im eager to know more n more bout him –ouh,in my case dat “particular sum1” is a MAN, so whutt to do, lucky me =D and after a while ,I think I liked his idiosyncrasies and I could accept whatever in him, in short—i adore him, ok,it’s a completely natural and spontaneous experience peeps, so, be wif me n support me…bcoz it’s a good thing =)..ok, full stop *keep few things down in ur tummy please, miss iezawani =P *

*passion?? * in line skate—certain ppl know how obsessed I was wif it bfore—juz I dun have chance to get to know dat “extreme sport” much closer …but now,I have a sifu who is willingly want to teach me full set of training sessions without any course to be paid! *sile jangan jeles, how luck I’m –kan?? Ehhe * ..but biasela, high self esteem lady,sekali belajar dah bley catch up,smpai buat encik cikgu ternganga! (impressive)---budget!!hahah….

ouh yeah,if u guys hav any guts to play in line skate, there are 2 shops (others are out of my awareness-wekkkk)

::sg wang plaza- 4th floor--grrr forgot d'name of d'shop but kinda cool place situated inside there,got cafe n d'place where u can joyously skating around and of coz got d'shop where u can find any of skaters stuffs...undeniably a cool place to, and for beginners,they offer u to join their classes but i dunno bout d'payment.--pardon me..ehHe =D

::taman tun--dun ask me,i dunno much bout d'outlet...lemme find it out first n then,will broadcast to every1... as im d'internet bergerak..huhu...

*Singapore trip—wif dad n d’other 2 stooges.*--managed to touch d’pink dolphin eventually…sgtla comell~~ ouh,got d’pictha!!! =)

*cooking session dat will never be forgotten!*wif Mr patrick of coz =) got compliments from munira, geweng n camel lagi =) *lantakla if drg tak ikhlas ke ape,I dun care!! Haha*

*catching up wif mygurls almost every week, they bcome s my daily essentials when d’mR patrick isn’t around,hehe…* --- and yeah,my baby ku’in is backkkk!!!! =)

k la people,pics tyme! Au revoir….keyboard off~~

me & mY sifu =P