Saturday, June 30

+I'm crossing d'equator =)+

Did it few time by plane but it was my first time doing it by sailing in d'sea =)
so,king neptune who lives in d'bottom of d;sea will give me a punishment due to d'illegal entry or as a non-certificate holder to cross d'eaquator.
wth?? they've mentioned it in history bout few years ago.....

The ceremony of crossing the line is an initiation rite in the Royal Navy, U.S. Navy, and other navies which commemorates a sailor's first crossing of the equator. Originally the tradition was created as a test for seasoned sailors to ensure their new shipmates were capable of handling long rough times at sea. Sailors who have already crossed the equator are nicknamed (Trusty) Shellbacks, often referred to as Sons of Neptune; those who have not are nicknamed (Slimy) Pollywogs.

=note it =)=

"King Neptune and his court" (usually including his first assistant Davy Jones and her Highness Amphitrite and often various dignitaries, who are all represented by the highest ranking seamen) officiate at the ceremony, during which the Pollywogs undergo a number of increasingly disgusting ordeals (wearing clothing inside out and backwards; crawling on hands and knees on nonskid-coated decks; being swatted with short lengths of firehose; being locked in stocks and pillories and pelted with mushy fruit; crawling through chutes and large tubs of rotting garbage; kissing the Royal Baby's belly coated with axle grease, hair chopping, etc), largely for the entertainment of the Shellbacks.

Once the ceremony is complete, a Pollywog receives a certificate declaring his new status. Another common status is the Golden shellback, a person who has crossed the equator at the 180th meridian (international date line).

this is what they call a naval for me,King Neptune asked me to drink a juice (i dunno what it is,luckily he didnt mention bout giving myjuice to him--ngeeee-scaryyy) and then he gave me d'cert.whoaaaa....
whatt a bloOdy priceless experience onboard...i like it =)
and ouh...d'king neptune and his assistant? will upload their pic soon,
mycamera a bit blurry la pic die.gRrrrr...exploded summore...sumthing wring wif d'flash setting peeps!

=yippie-kay-yeay--= bruce willi's quote--die hard 4.0 is comingggggg soOOOOOnnnn.yeah=

Friday, June 29

+D'idol----on how he could make it+

i'be been wondering Y only few peOple on earth could be as d'most successfull person and leave their competitors far awaY bhind em....

i've been wondering what's D'most important thing dat i shud learn from their victories,experience and patience.....

and now i know....their behaviors,their disciplines leaded them to succeed.

n now,wake up people,life aint all bout love,money and desire but life is about how to give to d'needy,how to share d'happiness and everything dat we own with other people who r in need,life is about is about blessing from GOD.

Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar bin Syed Nor Al-Bukhary!!

Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar bin Syed Nor Al-Bukhary was born in 1951 and he is one of the respectable corporate figures in Malaysia. He hails from the same place of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the state of Kedah.

Syed Mokhtar started his business in Johor in the 1990s dealing in rice. Today, his business empire has grown into areas such as plantation, property development, construction, engineering, power generation, infrastructure and ports.Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary is the sixth richest man in Malaysia with RM 2 billion of wealth.

Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary is currently the richest bumiputra corporate figure with many interest in diversified business areas which include transportation and logistics, plantations, property development, defense and armory as well as engineering and power generation.

Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhari was born into a mid-low class family in north of peninsular Malaysia; whose house was without necessities and luxuries. His highest education was only until form five, and he never went to university. But that doesn't mean he's lacked of knowledge. A whole lot of his knowledge and experience was gained through his own entrepreneurship experience during his youth time..

Due in part his family's mediocre-to-poor background, Syed Mokhtar al Bukhary had to step into the working world in his early life, while pursuing his primary and secondary studies. Syed Mokhtar helped his mother planting and selling vegetables in the market and also selling roti canai. His numeric knowledge was used to help his father in doing daily book keeping.

After finishing school, Syed Mokhtar helped his father in breeding cow business but only to see the business washed away by foot and mouth disease. Nevertheless, he took over the business and start over by selling meats. He then move on to packaging the meats and start selling them wholesale. His determination paid off and the business started to take off.

As his determination starting to skyrocket, he quickly moved to expand into diversification of other businesses. His next big move was in the logistics business, with initial goal to transport their trading materials. More success followed and he moved to rice trading business. He worked even harder after awarded the rice trading license from Lembaga Padi Negara, and was later awarded successions of supplier contract government-linked corporations. As the saying goes, 'the harder you work, the luckier you get'.

He currently holds a share in Malaysia Mining Corporation Berhad (MMC), BERNAS, Malakoff Berhad, Johor Port Berhad, Impian Teladan Sdn Bhd and many others. Even becoming the talk of the country, Syed Mokhtar, most of the times tried to lay low. He is rarely available for press interview and remains elusive in the world of publicity. Instead, he focuses his work on philanthropist's work and is passionate with his charity foundation under the name of al-Bukhary Foundation.

Al-Bukhary Foundation helped to build Islamic Art Muzium valued at RM70 millions as well as building many mosques and charity establishments in Kedah, Perak and across the country....

Peribadi Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary - sekadar MOTIVASI

1. Ada sebab kenapa saya bekerja seperti tiada hari esok. Agenda sosial dan kerja-kerja kemasyarkatan itulah antara sebabnya. Saya mahu meninggalkan warisan untuk anak bangsa yang kekal berpanjangan

2. (berkenaan know who) Bangsa lain tak mengapa tapi orang Melayu kena berdamping dengan orang politik sedikit-sedikit. Tapi masalahnya kita tidak mahu melalui kesusahan; banyak yang mahu senang dengan mendampingi orang politik semata-mata.

3. Tiada apa-apa rahsia. Saya ini hamba Allah biasa, budak dangau macam saudara semua juga. Tuhan jadikan manusia ini sama sahaja. Proses kematangan saya yang membezakannya. Saya percaya sesiapa pun boleh menjadi apa sahaja asalkan mereka berusaha dengan tekun. Tetapi tentulah ia memakan masa. Tiada jalan singkat.

4. Saya mengenali kekuatan dan kelemahan saya. Apa yang tidak mampu buat saya akan minta orang lain tengok-tengokkan. Saya melalui jalan yang susah tapi itulah jalan yang kekal.

5. Kita perlu menggunakan kepakaran mereka (bangsa Cina) kerana mereka jauh lebih maju dan mahir daripada kita. Apa yang kita kurang faham kita berkongsi dengan tujuan untuk belajar dengan mereka. Apabila sudah faham baru kita boleh menjaga kepentingan kita.

6. Saya sedih melihat sistem sekolah pondok di Kedah. Saya ada cita-cita mahu memodenkan sekolah pondok. Kita kena maju.

7. Saya terlibat dalam perniagaan ini kerana saya tiada pilihan lain.

8. Untuk memajukan perniagaan, memang kena banyak sabar dan kuat berusaha.

9. Tidak ada jalan singkat. Saya belajar tentang perniagaan ini sejak kecil lagi dan saya juga biasa kena tipu.

10. Saya pun suka kemewahan. Saya pun suka tengok dunia, ke Tokyo , New York dan London . Saya pun suka pakai baju elok. Tapi kita hendak bermewah setakat mana, hendak pakai baju banyak mana, hendak tidur dalam berapa rumah satu malam, hendak makan pun sampai larat mana ?

11. Dalam hidup ini kita sebenarnya tidak ada status; ada masa di atas, ada masa di bawah.

12. Ketika Allah memberika kemewahan, kita kena turun ke bawah, tengok mana-mana yang boleh dibantu. Allah beri rezeki melalui kita untuk kita tolong orang lain. Rezeki itu bila-bila masa dia boleh ambil balik. Jika ada orang korporat Melayu yang tidak mahu turun ke bawah mungkin kerana bayangan duit itu lebih kuat daripada yang lain.

13. Korporat Cina turun ke bawah membantu. Orang Cina ada pelbagai persatuan. Kita tidak ada; kalau ada pun berpecah. Orang Melayu kita tidak mahu bekerjasama kerana perasaan dengki menguasai diri. Sudahlah tak mahu berusaha, apabila orang lain berusaha mereka marah

14. Rezeki yang ada itu sebenarnya untuk orang lain. Memang dari segi hukum pun begitu. Kita kena keluar zakat dan fitrah. Tetapi zakat fitrah banyak mana sangat. Islam agama yang adil; ia minta sedikit saja. Oleh itu, kalau ada duit yang lebih ia seharusnya dibelanjakan dengan baik.

15. Saya tak kisah kalau saya tak buat semua ini. Saya boleh tak buat apa-apa dan balik ke Alor Star. Tetapi saya rasa hidup ini sia-sia. Orang Kedah kata kalau mati nanti mata tidak tutup rapat kerana tanggungjawab depan mata kita tidak buat. Orang lain ambil kekayaan kita, ambil hak kita dan pergunakan kita, kita masih tidak buat apa-apa !

16. Saya ada emotional attachment kepada agama, bangsa dan ummah. Saya bukan individualistik. Diri saya tidak penting. Pangkat dan gelaran ini kepada saya tidak mustahak .

17. Saya sedih media tonjolkan saya begini. Saya malu kerana orang Cina kaya beratus-ratus kali ganda daripada saya. Tapi saya tahu orang Melayu kalau hendak berjaya kena kerja kuat tidak kira siang malam. Kita ada kekuatan yang tuhan beri melebihi daripada bangsa lain. Tetapi untuk maju kita perlu berusaha.

18. Saya asal daripada tidak ada apa-apa. Apa yang saya tidak tahu saya belajar, minta tolong daripada orang. Saya tidak malu. Saya bukannya mencuri. Saya usaha sendiri. Sikap pemalas dan pemalu ini yang orang Melayu kena atasi. Kita kena berani kerana benar. Apabila kita dapat keuntungan dan rezeki lebih, bolehlah kita menolong orang.

19. Kaya itu bukanlah kepada diri sendiri. Kaya itu adalah kepada kumpulan perniagaan ini, kepada bangsa dan kepada orang ramai. Saya hanya memegangnya untuk sementara sahaja.

20. Saya tiada keinginan untuk menyimpan kekayaan ini untuk anak dan isteri. Duit ini tidak akan kekal. Saya percaya hanya perkara yang baik yang kita lakukakan akan kekal. Bukan duit yang akan melindungi saya nanti tapi apa yang saya lakukan sekarang.

21. Saya perlu terus mencari peluang dan perniagaan lain supaya kita terus dapat bantu orang lain mengembangkan diri masing-masing. Saya bukan buat semua ini untuk diri saya semata-mata.

22. Ada juga yang saya usaha tapi tak dapat dan orang tak tahu. Apa yang saya dapat itu yang jadi masalah kononnya Syed Mokhtar sapu semua. Bangsa lain memegang pelbagai kepentingan dalam ekonomi, siapa pun tak kata apa. Ini masalah orang Melayu. Di kampung orang Melayu berpecah kerana politik, di bandar berpecah kerana ini (wang).

23. Saya percaya kalau rezeki itu Allah beri kepada saya ia bukan untuk saya tetapi untuk orang ramai juga. Orang tidak tahu banyak syarikat yang saya ada ini gagal dan tidak maju kepada saya tetapi orang tidak tahu.

24. Banyak orang percaya bahawa dia mesti ada RM10 juta atau RM20 juta dalam tangan baru hidup boleh selamat. Ini yang menyebabkan mereka hanyut daripada menolong orang lain. Mereka lebih takutkan diri sendiri. Mereka lupa bahawa kekayaan tidak boleh membantu selama-lamanya.

25. Orang kata saya takda duit tapi banyak hutang. Orang berniaga mana yang tak berhutang. Tapi mesti tahu bagaimana hendak meminjam dan membayarnya semula. Ada cara boleh kita buat. Tapi sebelum berhutang RM100 juta mesti sudah fikir bagaimana hendak membayarnya balik. Mesti ada tanggungjawab. Banyak orang mahu senang tapi tidak ramai yang mahu bertanggungjawab.

26. (perasaan setiap kali mendapat rezeki) . Saya ini kata orang Kedah, lebai kodok bukan lebai pondok. Tapi saya tahu hal-hal asas. Kalau mahu saya minta terus dari tuhan. Tuhan beri manusia akal dan fikiran. Kalau hendak pakai baju dan seluar biarlah padan dengan badan.

27. Kesenangan yang saya perolehi ini datang dengan tanggungjawab (bila pinjam bayar balik dan buat amal jariah). Kalau hendak dibandingkan dengan bangsa lain, perniagaan saya ini tidak ada apa. Tetapi walaupun sedikit tetapi yang sedikit itu ada berkatnya.

28. Saya suka kalau nikmat sedikit yang saya dapat itu orang lain boleh berkongsi sama.

29. Saya kadang-kadang kecewa dan sedih melihat anak orang alim yang sesetengahnya lupa diri setelah mendapat kekayaan. Saya pun sama seperti orang lain suka hendak ke luar negara tetapi kita tidak boleh lupa kubur kita dan asal usul kita. Di kampung kita mungkin ada jiran-jiran yang perlukan bantuan .

30. ......kalau tidak mungkin saya sudah ke Haatyai dan jadi nakal. Saya manusia yang banyak buat kesilapan. Tetapi saya insaf, beristighfar dan jalan lagi. Sejak awal saya ada kesedaran mahu mengekalkan hak kita sebagai orang Melayu.

31. Saya kata kepada diri sendiri kalau kerana itu saya terpaksa bersusah sedikit pun tidak mengapa.

32. Kekayaan ini tuhan beri kepada saya untuk saya menolong orang lain pula. Saya percaya kepada keberkatan rezeki. Hari ini kita tolong orang, esok lusa orang akan tolong kita pula dengan cara yang lain.

33. Kalaupun tidak sanggup tunggu 34 tahun seperti saya berilah sedikit masa untuk faham selok belok perniagaan, Insya Allah boleh maju.

34. Kita jangan cepat putus asa. Putus asa boleh tapi kena cepat-cepat kuatkan semula semangat untuk bangkit balik. Jangan jadikan agama hanya satu tempat untuk kita bergantung apabila kita susah. Tanggungjawab ibadah adalah tugas seharian.

35. Lifestyle ? Saya tidak ada lifestyle yang kena masuk kelab sana dan sini. Tapi tak semestinya saya tidak boleh turun ke kelab. Orang Melayu kalau hendak ke depan mesti ada cara hidup yang fleksibel, boleh naik dan turun.

36. Lifestyle ini sebenarnya satu penyakit. Saya biasa pakai Mercedes tapi sekarang saya pakai Proton Perdana untuk sokong kereta nasional. Kereta itu pun cukup untuk bawa saya ke mana-mana.

37. Tiada sebab kenapa orang Melayu tidak boleh maju. Ini saya berani perang dengan sesiapa pun. Orang Melayu boleh maju . Kalau saudara jadi wartawan saudara kena tanam semangat suatu hari nanti mahu ambil alih akhbar ini. Tidak ada sebab kenapa ia tidak boleh berlaku.

38. Kejayaan dan kelemahan orang Melayu bukan disebabkan oleh bangsa kita dan agama kita. Ia berkait dengan sikap dan cara kita berfikir. Gigih, tekun dan tidak mudah putus asa merupakan kunci kejayaan kita. Tapi perkara ini kurang wujud dalam cara orang Melayu berfikir.

39. Tuhan memberi peluang kepada siapa saja yang bekerja kuat. Apa yang ada pada saya ini hanya usaha. Kalau anak dangau macam saya boleh, tidak ada sebab orang lain terutama mereka yang dari pekan tidak boleh.

40. Kita tidak usahlah selalu mengulang-ulang perkara yang boleh memberikan kesan psikologi negatif kepada orang Melayu (kereta dan rumah besar). Kita kena kurangkan bercakap tentang kereta besar dan rumah besar . Sesiapa pun mahu pakai kereta mewah tapi bukan itu matlamatnya.

41. Orang Melayu sebenarnya kena membantu diri sendiri, kena bekerja keras dan fokus.

42. Sikap merendah diri perlu sentiasa ada dalam diri seseorang walau setinggi mana pun kejayaan dicapai.

43. Apa yang saya buat ini (kerja-kerja sosial) semuanya bermula daripada didikan orang tua saya sendiri.

44. Saya sendiri berhutang sambil berniaga dan buat sumbangan amal jariah. Saya tak mahu tunggu hutang habis baru hendak buat semua ini. Saya takut kalau hutang habis saya pun mati dan apa pun tak sempat saya buat.

45. Saya biasa saja. Hidup saya tidak berubah, dari dulu beginilah. Saya terima apa saja nikmat yang diberikan oleh Allah. Tidak ada segelas air, ada setengah gelas pun saya bersyukur.

46. Kalau kerana sedikit bantuan itu mereka lulus peperiksaan dan hidup mereka menjadi lebih baik, saya sudah gembira. Saya tidak boleh buat banyak. Alhamdulillah, lebih baik buat sedikit daripada tidak buat langsung.

47. Saya tiada minat untuk beli kapal layar atau kapal terbang. Saya fikir kalau saya beli sesuatu biarlah orang ramai boleh pakai. Saya suka kalau saya beli sesuatu yang mahal, biarlah orang ramai boleh pakai.

48. Saya gembira dapat membantu. Saya mahu orang lain merasai (kesenangan) apa yang saya pernah rasa. Saya tahu bagaimana perasaanya. Saya kata kepada diri saya, apa yang saya dapat saya mesti beri orang lain merasainya sama. Jangan beri kurang, lebih tak mengapa. Itu yang membuat hati saya seronok.

49. Saya rasa saya ingin menyumbang lebih daripada ini. Saya kata kepada kawan-kawan ini baru warm-up saja; kita belum berjalan lagi.

50. Saya rasa kita terlalu banyak ketinggalan.

(extracted from Yahoo info--the lifestYle of Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary)

=i'm a politician wanna be----amen.=

Thursday, June 28

++ iF they say.....+

===well, u know,
when u've been defeated
u dont care & u thank no1,
feeling low but u always need it,

Footprints in the Sand

One night a woman had a dream.
She dreamt she waswalking with the Lord.
Across the sky flashed scenes of her life.
For each scene, she noticed two sets of
footprints in the sand; one belonged to her,
and the other to the Lord.

When the last scene of her life flashed before her,
she looked back at the footprints in the sand.
She noticed that many times along the path of her life there
was only one set of footprints. She also noticed that it had
happened at the very lowest and saddest times in her life.
This really bothered the woman and she questioned the Lord about it.

"Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you,
you'd walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during
the most troublesome times in my life,
there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why,
when I needed you most, you would leave me."

The Lord replied,
"My precious child, I love you and I would never leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering,
when you see only one set of footprints,
it was then that I carried you."

and mY Lord,

thanks for making me strong all dis while............
thanks for d'chances given,
thanks for d'blissfull moment and miseries as well....
im wOndering if i cud pass dis 1.....
pray to u dat everything gonna be fine....

Monday, June 25

+bout today..Yesterday...and mYpass...+

to make it look simple,*eventho i already dragged it to b s a long post*,
i've split dis post into 11 PART


The stories herein, I feel compelled to tell ::

currently,im debating bout happiness and sorrows wif myself.both dat had happened or now are happening.
im looking towards myself and slightly thinking dat im desperately seeking for dat happiness.happiness wif capital H.
a pure happiness to be precise. A simple question to mYself
"am i happy now?"
and i dont even get a clue dat could bring me to d'answer.
i feel numb. in fact,i feel

few years back,when i was young,i've grown in d'middle of what we call it ---happy surrounding,
my dad and mOm thought me life is about to be as a successful person,
to grow up and be somebody,to be independent and do not ever have any intention to depend on them.
the path where i was bfore---is straight.
no harm,no pain,no failure,no bad days.
daddy was struggling wif his tough jobs while mama was double concentrated to her jobs.
both were bz.most of d'tyme to give me n myc's a comfort life.
and to achieve d'comfort zone was pretty hard sometimes when both of my grannies did not own any sugar factories
or never been as a millionaire.
so,life moved on. myparents made it. especially mymom.
i was very prOud of her,once.damne prOud.
she was a great lady.she was born wif hard head and brave heart to treasure her live patiently.
she was full wif hope and she always see d' glass half full.
she was optimists. d' spirit inside her has made d' challenges in front her looks tiny.
on top of that, she had desires to move on and she was never give up.
tears is d'thing dat she appreciated much.
will u believe me if i say dat all dis while,i mean since i was born,i never saw mymom cryin'?
believe it.she's dat tough.i lived wif her for 22years and i never saw she cry.
i wished to own her heart,i dreamt to be like her.
she didnt cry while watching sad part in tv series or movies,
she didnt cry during her first tyme leaving me n myc's to mecca,
she never cried.dat's d'fact. even mydad cried once in a year during hari raya,but for she----NEVER.
and dats y she made it successfully. made our family live in a comfort zone since i was young.
i never failed to get whatever dat i wanted to own.
they showerd me wif tender loving cares and money as well.
and at d'same tyme i never faild to go tru obstacles dat sumtymes happend in life,it went tru it succefully either.
mylife was blissfull at dat mo-----
comfort zone here aint necessary measured by having a ferrari, cardillac or own sugar factories ok.
comfort mean never short of money, never face any hard probs and those whateter dat we name it as happiness and blissfull life---we owned it!

but as d'time moves on,d'happiness will never stay there forever...
we dont call it LIFE if it always straight and dont have any curves to cheer up d'straight path.
everything changed.
in terms of money,it wasnt really big matter eventho it was effecting us a lot but never lived in penury level ok.
Alhamdulillah, thank GOD.
in terms of family institution,it destroyed.
no totally but physically. when every1 think dat they shud live in their own way,
wif a snap of their fingers, they signed it off.
in d'age of 17,i faced it. faced their separation,faced their decision.
and i just went tru mySPM's result which was really sux bforehand.
d'first failure dat i'd faced in this life was when i took that bloody SPM result. was bullshit.made me feel demoralized almost 4years.
hey,buddy,what will u feel if u have lots of frens doing their degree and being proud where they at dat tyme until u felt like u were down to earth,
and in urmind u keep thinking dat u' r a LOSER.what u gonna do??
by taking geology petroleum in university where d'university is in MALAYSIA,
where will i ended up in d'end?
would i earn lots of money if i wasnt have a good job after finishing my study?

since dat moment iv'e learnt bout failures..
since that,i've familiar myself wif dat big F word.....(FAILURE ok =) )
i've learned n 've been told dat life is not dat easy.
u will never get everything dat u want.
failures,miseries,sorrows and happiness willl always happen in dis life.
for d'sake of life,those bring d'colours dat would paint ur monotonous life.
yeah,life could be monotonous without laughs and tears.
since that i knew,anything dat happend in dis life has it own reason.

IF i got best result in SPM,i wonder if i cud be where im now?
IF i was dat genius who is taking medical realm rite now,i wonder if i cud complete my study in a very young age
and working with an international company which is situated at d'1st rank among thousands of other competitors.
IF i got any chances to further my study at overseas will i put all attempt to achieve good grade and care bout
to get dean list at least for 1 semester?
i cud manage to get mymasters in overseas later on if i want,
so,what's d'matter? y shud feel down to earth in d'first place?
i wonder if i was being as a thankful person if GOD gave me everything dat i want in this life.
i wonder,will i be tough to face dis kind of life now?
my parents, they told me that we will always losing some1 dat we love in no matter how hard we stand for em,
no matter how close we stick to em,we'll lose em 1 day. by DEATH. itu PASTI.
so,y bother bout a small separation? i can still meet both of em,
and they will always comfort me whenever im down
and they'll always be wif me whenever in need.
then i know,how hard i felt disappointed bout em,they felt it more.
they thought me to please whatever mistakes dat might happened in dis life,
dunt regrate it too much,but appreciate it by heart.
life has it's disfigurement.
actually the best way is juz think like dis "whatever comes in dis life,assume it's D'BEST for us.
d'way we handle it and d'way we face it is d'most important things,
have faith and believe dat good things will come as rewards for our good deeds.
"success may be delayed but never be denied"
success will come in any kind of shapes, its juz d'matter of how we accept&appreciate it.
+bout todaY..Yesterday....and mYpass....+


hence, after i know bout failures,then what???
maturity brought me to think about having a companion,
i mean besides my fam and frens, i need to find out
dat particular some1 dat could accept me for who i am
and will be wif me on how hard d'situation is,
could accept my family and could accept my imperfect life.
i've found dat particular sum1 for many times,
its just i never found LOVE
he liked me,i liked him, he could accept me for who im,in fact he was dying for me.
and after few moments i realized,love wasnt there anymore and keep on letting ppl go,
got 4bf's when i was spent 3years back in Uni was totally suxx.
it wasnt even close to a what-so-called-serious relationship
i felt guilty all dis while,
i noe by letting go ppl who had appreciate me much,
or ppl who were willing to share their life wif me was totally wrong.
this is me.i always misjudging ppl.
i used to learn sumthing after i did mistakes.
dats y mistakes keep happening in mylife.
i'll always learn form experience by making mistakes.
hey, tak best langsung ok,bile org chop kite player ke ape.
but d'thing is----- relationship bewildering me all of d'time.
it sometimes making me upset,sometimes making me feeling high up to d'sky,
so,it seems like---- totally RISKY huh!...
but still,im seeking and eager to know,who gonna be as my other half until d'end of time.

paused. im almost 23 now. its not d'time to still looking for a better guy.
its d'time to accept a guy. plus,i never felt good wif life like dis.
i wanted to have a serious and long relationship.
im not desperate or thinking dat im too old to hold dat "player" title.
its just, i think,if its always need time to know myself, then it will take more time
to any1 else. i need some1 who culd change myself to be s a better person
as im thinking dat life's a process of learning and i dun want to screw it up by always be s i always b.
i dun want to stuck in myslef forever.
everybody has their bad or devil side,so do i.
we'll never can get rid of it drastically but we can change it gradually.
so, in order to be s a some1 dat could manage myself bfore ,
i need to have sum1 dat really close to me,to tell me,what's good and bad thing in me.
sumtimes or most of d'time, i overlook mymistakes.
i thought dis kind of behavior is rite,but d'fact is i never behaved was unintentionally sometimes.
so,by knowing some1 who we call it as our partner,might be i culd be as a better person sumday.
frens are included.but frens arent always b'd'same.
they have their other obligations or probably in d' midst of anything else.

ouh, eventho mylife have been destined this way,but i still thinking dat i could altered few things and make it closer to
almost perfect, but i need time and support from all and im still working for it.
i believe dat i juz got good things since last year and it keep continuing day by day,
so, i better be patient for another rewards bcoz i know good things will never come in a bundle,
otherwise it'll spoil me to d'max. =) *praying*

ok,this post popped up bcoz I think it is unfair for me to keep blinding the society with the superficial truth of my life. It is unfair for me to deny the emotional struggles for a youth like me, i'm stucked, lost, and confused -and despite the different paths dat took in my real life,so I think now is d'time for me to admit the contradicting reality of my life.

mmmmmMMMMMmmmmm...stop yawning,peeps....keyboard off now*grin*

Sunday, June 24

+freak,im happy....juz ask me@...F.I.G.J.A.M!!!!+

ouh, dat quote from mR paul henRy...FIGJAM!!!!ouh yeah,
hehehhe..jeezza.if we run d'job n its complete succesfully,
if he could figure out whut to do wif abended job,
he will scream...FIGJAM!!!!
ok,today after finishing jobs dat shud be done using computer,
its d'time to play around wif tools,kerosine,oil,barnacles and other stuffs
at beck deck and gun deck which is d'job dat i like 'D'MOST!!!!!
its d'tyme to fit myself in coverall people...
i LOoooooIIIIIkkkkeeeeeee!!!!!
ok,need to take mybfast now,change d'coverall and err....hey,sthing to ponder.....

pen off!!

Wednesday, June 20

+On...compilatiOn anD emOtions+

waiting for d'daY dat i would meet him.
but deep inside me,im afraid things will never b d'same as before....
pray hard "maY happiness belong to me forever"

okie,heard dat madam glOria macapagal arOyo has an intentiOn
to visit us here,watching and seeking for philipino staffs in here prObably.
dewh,d'president of philipine will cheer up ourselves by visiting
us when we r damn far away from other ppl in dis world--*sounds pathetic plak*hehhehe
but the thing..what's d'reason on earth dat cud make dis great lady wanted to come here? ouh,juz give her a pleasure yeahhh.....*GOD,lemme take d'picture wif dis lady--a blissfull moment to B=)*

watched 2movies this evening to kill d'boredemness in here.instead of going to d'gym i watched movie today,ok,need to double up myexcercise tomorrow =).flatten D'tummy and shaping mYbutt to look bootylicious--*slurrpp* and (mantap) bak kate org tu--hehhehe. i've watched deuce bigalow european gigolo. disgracefully funny comedy ok,awesome and outrageous,acted by eddie griffin n rob schneider.ok,lemme tell ya 1,might be ppl out there already watchd it ,berzaman dah film tu.hehhehe...but whatever,i never saw dat film in mesia (plus im noT a DVD freak*ngee*),so today i watched the uncorked edition of it.wanna hav fun!


Monday, June 18

+G for G.U.N.N.E.R.S+

I was joining GUN department for about 3days n it was fun tho..
really.but d'sad paRt was when they didnt allow me to help them doing
tough jobs such as pull or deploy guns. =(
not bcoz im a gorgeous yong lady *prasan mode*, but bcoz this is
mY first tyme here *beautifull reason,huh??*
but least i have d'idea now on where's d'ultrabox and its function,
how's d' array of airgun looks like,how they operate airguns.
bout near fielD hidrofon and all other stuffs
hey,its not easy to explore where's d'exact location of oil and gas ok,
that's y,petrOl aint cheap,so better bear wif it's price in D'market.
pasal,kami org2 explorationla yg menaikkan harge minyak di market..ngeeeee..
want to put dis blog lengthy but not in d'mood rite now =(

ouh,bfore dat,need to find out d'new hairstyle,getting bored wif dis layered and straight hair,so might change it to a great look for teens for a style at about or below shoulder length and i think if i make the curling side sections forward rather than under gives the style a more dimension with some dramatic flair.*got d'image inside mYhead now* cant wait,cant wait...wuwuwuuw.

+mechanic wanna b??--yeah i'm =P+

+checking for any leakage or holes+

+they 'r dePloying d'streamer+

+deploYing monowing--it's situated in front of airgun to control d'movement of airugn+

+camwhOring lagi tyme keje,wuwuwuuww+

+me enjOy doing dis--cant resist!--yeah+

+dis is what we call "airgun"--it's job is shooting underwater and few other stuffs will give seismic info tO us--better dun explain any further infO--company's pOlicy--hehhehe+

+they r pulling back d'airgun into d'ship so dat it can be repaired due tO some probs happend--giler tough job.they r sweating like shitt...

+d'yellow 1 itu is a floater ok =P+

+satisfied after taking all dis pics...=)+

Friday, June 15

+heY n sing wif me =)+

bcOz immm soOOOOooo HAPPY. =)

===))) seniOr engineers in here trust me to run d'jobs bY myself which is i never haD any opportunity to do dat in d'office.i mean by creating d' GPD parameter by myown,running d'tape job,managing d'tapes ansd all and paul did give his compliment to me by saying "U'R a LAGEND,mY lady "=)
paul is mY field geo by d'way,he's working almost 24hrs perday.YEAH..his obligations is to big wif dis company since dis company pay him bout more than 40K USD PERMONTH I guess or even more..dewh.....ITS TOO MUCH BABE!but dats normal for ppl like paul.experienced n talented.damn,i wanna be like him...wanna move on and get a better pay sumday =)...wish me LUCK,peeps!

===))) i can stay in australia for few days after get d' permission from mYcaptain.
thank u mR.captain =)...,need to apply VISA by today i think...double yeayyy

===))) mYdad was talking to me nicely yesterday when i rang him and talked bout d'failure of transferring d'money from here to his bank bcoz i dun have any network coverage onboard...stupidO laaa u iezawani,camane bley lupe ni???doinksssss...atas kapal mane ade coverage.and i shud blame dat stupid CIMB bank for dis..dewwhhhh...
tak bayarla duet kete ku 2bulan..haihhhh....

+at hellYdeck where i jog everYday =)+--gecO eagle---note it!

ouh,need to continue still running and i leave it for a while.if its abend later,HOW???SCARY DEWH.HAVE TO FIX IT BY MYSELF...dewhh.....go away u abnormal enD.shhhh....*flummoXface?*
+D'new spirit....hope it will work dis tyme =)+

im bored stiff in dis small cabin.
watitng 4 my restless eYes to b half closed...
so dat i can jump to bed easily...
grrrRRRRRrrr...i hate to face all dis LMS,moduls and exam dat shud be done.
wonder Y i have to face it when i wont trapped in d'middle of d'sea once again..
grrRRRrrr....*now im gizzling bout dis*
padahal,im d'1 who requested to join vessel in d'1st pace..haiihhhh...
i like working here...damn exciting bout everything here.
plus i've gaining lots of experiences wif d'touhg jobs and all =)

was trying to find out where''s d' songs dat 'd been uploaded by imran
in My mp3player..,
but still cudnt find it..dewhh...bute technology saye ni..
saba jela kan..wuwuwuuwwu...

ok,i think better off now.need to preapre for mYpresentation,
organizing all d'slides accordingly.
add up sumwehere here n there inside d'slides...
off peeps..
pray for myhappiness.....

Thursday, June 14

+went for...workboart-ing+

eiiiiiiii...sangat xcited.teRuja giler when myname has been caaled for joining workboat team for d'first tyme.....its not an easy job k,and basicaaly it wont be offered for those who are non-maritime mates.
like me,i didnt take any small workboat's course bfore bcoz all dis while im working in d'office..
so,feel pleased to join it for d'first.
at least,i merase gaks naik dat smallboat n go to d'middle off d'say,
paddling away from our big vessel and go fix things dat i've never seen bfore.,will update dis post on how we fix d'brids i mean we change birds
which is situated every 300m of our streamer.
and d'way we control d'arm to pick up d'streamer on it,so dat we cuan change birds easily....=)

firstly,d'workman(of coz it wasnt me-ngee--xperienced ppl only) informs d'coxswain bout d'distance to d'bird and the coxwain copies the messages.

when d'bird id 2-3 m,astern or ehead of d'boat,we lower the aft or forward pickup arm to vertical position if necessary

and then,we continue up or down d'streamer untill d'bird is in position between d'rollers and then lock d'rollers.

and finally,we change d'birds and always have to remmber of d'safety lanyard.

thats all bout d'birds..
streamer panjang giler.bout 6k,its quit hard,have to pick up using hyraulic motor or sumthing.ngeeeeeeeeee......sangat besh...jakun2....
tka pernah wat keje beratla katekan.....

aihhh...u guys might be yawning at this moment bace blog ni ye.
yela,bende yg sukar difahami...hehhehe..
btw,off peeps....will tell u guys my xperience join gun people..
whoaaaaa...G for G.U.N.N.E.R.S..saya sukaaa....weeeeeeeeee

wif anish and gary,Gary is soooo damne tough ok =p

+myslef camwhor-ing+

+they r fixing it and im watching---first tymer katekan....observe dulu..hehhe+


+d'roller to support d'streamer+


+this is what we call--- BIRD =)+


+dis is a removable streamer winch--+

+move back to d'vessel after almost got seasick in dis smallboat..haihhhhh+

Saturday, June 9


Worst Of? Your Friends!
1. Worst driver
- mYself =)

2. Worst luck
- ouh,mistakes by knowing those who i shudnt know em in d'1st place..but ill consider it s a few steps of "process of learning" in mYlife

3. Worst gossip
- telling bad things bout othr ppl ka??ouh,will never do dat.ziP ;/ dose tau..

4. Worst sense of direction
- me,of coz--ngee--

Best Friends 'Till The End
1. Who is your best friend?
- udect.ome.really cnt separate those 2--R'mc's wrote--thanks syg
-for me--all mYbuddies in d'whOle world,but still...r'mc n omay,definitely will b on d'top of d'list for forever

2. Which friend have you known the
- from kindergarden???fidauss...i wonder where on earth he cud b now?*sigh*

3. Do you have any enemies?
- oH,i hate to make enemies,but if dat particular sum1 being over-D-limit,she/he woulD b,but s i said,ill leave d'envier to D'Creator n D'enemies to d'GOD,alaa..GOD knows what's d'truth,so take it easylaaa...

4. What's the coolest thing a friend
ever did for you?
-B'wif me always,together tru thick n thin----dats cool--sounds cool--really cool..yeahh!

5. Has a friend ever betrayed you?
- we call that immaturity. sometimes
betrayal is unavoidable. really dun
blame anybody-----r'mc's phase.D'same goes for me!!

6. If a friend was getting picked on,
would you stand up for them or just
-it depends on what kind of fren here,if worth to stand up for 'em,will not hesitate to do so..

7. What does friendship mean to you?
- like a bar of chOcolates--irresistable--ngenge...=)

Looking For Love
1. Have you ever been in love?
- ouh,yeah.but dat was FAKE i think.immaturity brought me to d'past relatiOnship. i mean,i LOVED but still not consider it as a real love prObably,bcoz we think&act like a chilD and if it was a real love,Y it's ended halfway?---puppy love nih..wuwuuw

2. What's the longest relationship
you've been in?
- 2years is loOoong enuff for dat painfull&blissfull mOment,but appreciated it much.

3. What's the shortest?
~ 1month--s i said,what-a-so-called- puppY love then...

4. What do you look for in a guy/girl?
~ this 1 i'll pass,never got sum1 dat i really wished for..juz accept dat person 4 who he is..

5. Do you go for looks or personality?
~ tO b'honest,both....

6. Do you believe in love at first
- mYself used to get involve wif love at first sight...see D'result?it din work at all

7. What do you think about first
- really important,otherwise i wont make any move anD responce,serious!

8. Have you ever cheated on someone?
- white lies? yeah..whO din?even d'black lies...its juz d'same..

9. Have you ever been cheated on?
- ouh yeah....who din?break d'promises and all..bla.bla.

. Real name
::nUrizawani Zainuri

2. Nickname

3. Status

4. Zodiac sign
::sagi gurl!

5. Male or Female

6. Elementary
::masjid tempat mengaji mase 3tahun,bley?nGeeee :P

7. Highschool
::sharoDz gurls' school,science muar 2ndr skool(SAMURA)

8. College
::school of petrOleum geOlogy,natiOnal university of Malaysia =P

10. Hair color
::pure black--its enuff ouh yeah,wif d'brown highlite inside..

11. Long or short
::Long and waiting 4 it to b'lOnger,so dat i cud change mYhairstyle =)

15. Are you health freak?
::of coz,ppl noe dat,no ices,no chickens,eat oats everyday n bla,bla,bla

16. Height
::ouh yeah,luckily i have offshOre medical checkup in frOnt of me =P
162 for d'exact answer..ngehh

17. Do you like someone

18. Do you like yourself
::juz accpet me for who i'm,but still need 2change few imperfect things for not to b perfect,but to minimize d'bad side of,i lOike n Alhamdulillah.

19. Piercings
::2 is enuff to make mYdad jeling2 at me,and eih..1 more to go,bellyring or nose piercing ppl? =)

20. Tattoos
::ouh,its forbidden!

21. Righty or lefty
::ouh,not so many ppl can B' lefty rite?i do.....=)

22. First surgery
::never had any

23. First piercing
::4 or 5 yrs old,momMa cant wait to c her 1st daught wif earrings..grRrRR...

24. First best friend
::firdaUs....n where r u pal?

25. First award
::3years old when participate in :"Bayi sihat cOmpetetioN" =)

26. First sport you joined
:: long jump...but unfortunately,never went too far...

27. First pet
:: rUby d'tOrtOise---wonder where is she now =(,his hubby(hectOr) still wif ammar

28. First vacation
:: medan,indOnesia kampungku...wuwuwuw

29. First concert
:: lupe..darn!

30. First crush
::Ariff Azlan---hahahha--N we've crushd into each other n now only d'histOry left..kuakua

49. Eating
::ok,a bit kunO,nasik is a MUST everyday...thank u.=p

50. Drinking ices..

52. I'm about
::to build d'TRUST again...

55. Waiting for
::holiday at australia after dis..yeayy!!!

58. Want kids? least 4.weeee

59. Want to get married?
::ouh,yeah..juz not within this 5years,love mycareer more....

60. Careers in mind?
::seismic engineer--where i'm now =)thank GOD!


68. Lips or eyes
::lips of coz..dewh..

69. Hugs or kisses
::both bley?hahhahahaa

70. Shorter or taller
::taller than me..

72. Romantic or spontaneous
::can i choose both?

73. Nice stomach or nice
::stomach---i dun like buncit-GUY ok =)

74. Sensitive or loud
::sensitive wif my sensitiveness?dats gooD =P

75. Hook-up or relationship
::hook-up 1st..n see wether i wanna jump into a seriOus relationship or not

77. Trouble maker or hesitant
::both cud be better


78. Kissed a stranger
::ouh,hell nO

79. Drank bubbles

80. Lost glasses/contacT
::dun have any

81. Ran away from home
::R'mc never.

84. Broken somone's heart
::ouh,prObaly,bt now,its different

85. Been arrested
::for traffic assaults..yeah..

86. Turned someone down

87. Cried when someone died

88. Liked a friend
::dewh...of coz..gurlfrenzzzzz


89. Yourself
::hahahhaa..sumtyme tidak...

90. Miracles
::sort of...GOD still want to help me...

91. Love at first sight
::ouh,yeah,get used to it.

92. Heaven
::i believe...but y i never do things dat will make me much more closer to it?GOD,please help me

93. Santa claus
::????stef might b =)

94. Sex on the first date
::huge no-NO

95. Kiss on the first date
::if he's drop dead gOrgeous like david beckham kot--hahhah


97. Is there one person you want to be
other than myself?

98. Had more than one
boyfriend/girlfriend at one time?
::ouh,nO-nO,its enuff...but do have lotz of gFs..yeahh

99. Do you believe in God?
::i do.i really DO...

100. Post as 100 Truths about.....
+strainded in D'middle of nowhere =)+

hehehhe...strainded in d'middle of d'sea actuallY =P
btw,again...stucked wif song dat i love D'most now,
suddenlY missing myr'mc dearY n feel like want to ring her up rite now.
but at 0400hrs in d'morning,d'possibility of dis sleepy-all-d-tyme-budDy
is in d'middle of d'ZzzZZZ LAND msut b high...
so,better give her a call tomorrow morning..
aihh...cayang sama kamu r'mc....

love dis song,as much as i love mYbuddies out there,
yeah u guyS are mYumbrella...=)...alwaYs...

Uh hu, uh hu, (yeah)
Rihanna (uh hu, uh hu)
good girl gone bad (uh hu, uh hu)
take 3, action

No clouds in my stones
let it rain a hydroplane in the bank
coming down like the dow jones
when the clouds come we gone
we roc-a-fella
we fly higher than weather
in G5s or better
you know me
an anticipation for the precipitation
stack chips for a rainy day
Jay, rain men is back
with little miss sun shine
Rihanna where you at?

You have my heart
and will never be worlds apart
may be in magazines
but you'll still be my star
baby cause
in the dark
we can't see shining cars
and that's when you need me there
with you I'll always share

when the sun shine
we shine together
told you ill be here forever
said I'll always be a friend
took an oath, I'ma stick it out till to the end
now that its raining more then eva
know that we still have each other
you can stand under my umbrella
you can stand under my umbrella
ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
under my umbrella
ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
under my umbrella
ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
under my umbrella

Thursday, June 7

+basicallY...things dat i will do....+

when I'm STRESS...outttTTTT

1)nOt in d'moOd to even look at anybOdy's face when i talk 2 'em..but im a good pretender,sumhow i cud hiding dis uncomfortable feeling,juz for those who close to me will notice it.

2)a-must-do-activity---listening to d'music dat cud heal mYsoul....

3)eaT a Lot--cant resist..heh!

feeling like want to put dis blog lengthy.but still cant upload any images inside it due to the network's connection which is damneee slOOOww...
btw,cant help dis feeling nowadays.which is d'feeling like "Lazy to work" and "feel sleepY d'whole day"..wonder y i never felt sleepy when im working in d'office eventho it sumtimes or most of d'times took me more than 14hrs non-stop working.most probably bcoz of d'pressure dat i've got frm everybody,or might b bcoz of i had so many things to do while working like chatting and blogging and friendster-ing..=)
=okie,last word for today,lets go off those who likes to bother me,in d'manner of dickens,i shout "u r EVIL,so shhhhh..stay away...hehehhe... dun have dat particular person actually,juz saje2 je,nak ckp camtu,bosan dewh....s i said,nothing to do now...wuwuuwuwu....jgn ade yg terPERASAN plakk....since im bored here,juz feel like yelling to d'whales and dolphin here to wrap away d'boredemnesss dat tailing me since lastday..haihhh......k peeps,im off

Tuesday, June 5

+DIS feeling.......undeniablY happY! =)

updating mYpics in here...wif 1 of mYcolleagues.she's polish and let say she's a very cool dearfren,helping me lots as this trip is d' 3rd trip for her n yeah....she's a very nice buddY..outspoken n talkative a bit..kalah i..hehhe...btw,nothing much to od lately..juz completing mymodules,watching what's acquisition team are doing..facing&hanDling lots of monitors at one tyme.dewh...sleepY babe!

but d'fascinatin' part was when we've watched =PILOT WHALES= yesterday...
dolphin actually wif white stripe on their heads and whoaa....will update bout it d'videO wif me =)..

off peeps..

+ignOre em'--look at d'airguns n streames dat dis ship tow+

+ice creams??enjOying it d'supply deck,look at d' ariguns n streamers at d'back+


+at hellydeck,where's d'chopper landing n taking off+

+hellydeck again =)+--d'great place to jog everyday =)+

Monday, June 4

+3pOsts In a row =)+

here I upload pics of mYvessel which is entitled as mYtemporary home now and me wearing coverall inside mycabin,1 cabin per person..ouh,i loike working in here....damne happy....

+d'vessel dat im in---eagle+

+im wearing coverall =),aint it cool? =P+

+bfore crew change at sandakan+
+8thdaY at philipine's water+

life is being sooo cOlourful nowadays =)
n hey,im strike back in here,bcoz i do miss blogging sooo much =)
btw,for urinfo,im sailing in d'sea rite now,
at philipen's water ,in SULU SEA to b'more specific.
doing exxonmbile's oil explOration.
yeah,heard bout d'blOody pirates over here,
but dis seismic vessel doesnt attract them btw,perhaps! =/

lOve woking in here,have myshift tyme from 12midnite to 12middaY,
many practical things dat i've done so far,
lotz of knowledges dat i've gain from d'acuqisition,positioning and navigation ppl.
since i never know bout how's seismic vessel shooting in d'sea,
about d'streamers,bubbles,birds and all,
now im working wif it,even i have d'chances to go to d'back deck
handling d'airguns and streamers,
enjoY following d'workboat to fix things dat might happen
such as d'bubbles not in d'correct positions,
streamers off bcoz of changing d'line and all.
yet,im eager to do handling jobs which is quite a tough job 4gurls.
but i love wearing coverall,helmet,glove and glass while working.
im happy..dats whutt we call s an engineer--doing tough job--
instead of sitting in fron of d'computer most of d'tyme in d'office

and as an engineer onboard,i need to handle stuff such as d'tapes dat contains
navigation and acquisitiOn data,actually we merge d'informations from both department and take usefull data which is our seismic data and all d'datas dat been recorded will b sent to KL office and definiteley ill will b'working wif dis project again after coming back to d'
dewh,lotz of pressure there compared to here,
here,ppl tend to work and behave cool and polite.
they even care bout each other much,never yell at other ppl
and they being very understanding.
might b bcoz they appricate other ppl since they are like a small family
so,they tend to show their sense of humanity more than ppl in d'office--hahhahaa.
btw,will upload mypic in vessel soon

ouh yeah,d'tyme here is juz d'same as KL.myschedule here is

12midnite to midday:: wOrking tyme without on mY YM on--ouchh,dedicated huh?
1200-1300hrs::lunch tyme
1300-1330::gYm tyme
1400-1530::finish mYdailY exam and task dat shud be accomplishd for mycourse here
1600-2130::in D' zzZZZZzzz land =)
2200-0000::blogging,chatting,emailing--dun hesitate to YM'ing me at dis tyme ya =)

Sunday, June 3

+special POST for Stefan+

his birthday was on 2nd of June.hope he had d’blast 1 celebrating it in Algeria.
He forwarded me his in d’sea of land in Algeria.
Ouh,btw westerngecO,Schlumberger not only have marine crew(which is d’team dat im joining in rite now),but they also do oil’s exploration in,dats Y we have land,marine and office crews. Land of course sumwhere in middle east,south Africa and few parts in’d’world dat I might not know. marine team??? around d’wOrld of coz =)

Btw,enjoy d’pic dat given by stef.dat cool huh,plan in d’future
::wanted to join land crew at least once!::
land jobs must b much more tougher than marine jobs.
Wif d’hot weather,look at stef,he turned red
Peeps,enjoy d’pics,wOrking tyme =)

And do pray for mYsafety here =)

+D'campsite from d'air,coOl--i want,i want!!!+