Wednesday, March 28

+on hiatus MODE+

+for snorkelin'trip-29th March-1st April 2007+
+will b'on vacation at perhentian islanD,bubu islAnd (at small islanD)+
+will posT d'faBuloUs's picS soon =) +

lookin' forwarD to accomplish mYtasks soon*temPt* :

=vietnam travelling trip (5th-9th May 2007)=
+flight tixs =bookeD
+travel agencY's packages = not yet

=scuba diVing trip (25th-29th May 2007)=
+flight tixs =bookeD
+travel agency's package = proGressiOn ongoing+

conclutiOn: being gratefull for completing mystudy in d'age of 22 and involving myself wif all D'beach stuffs wif mYown moneY =) thank GOD.Alhamdulillah =)

Monday, March 26

+ignOring mypast,focusing on what i Do best to groW dis comradeshiP,i do believe we could work out together,im hoping&praYing+

i was overlooking Of 1thing,ppl do have feelings.
wish dat i will stop hurting other ppl's heart again
stop from aggravating everY1 dat i love,people who appreciate me much
hoping dat i cOuld b more concern after this,
i dont want to lose people who appreciate me,who love me,people around me who never neglecting me so far,people who cares for me,people who never treatD me baDly,
im soo sorrY--1word dat im saying it frequentlY
heY u,yeah U,losing u means im losing mYlife ok--*smirk*

btw,this song means a lot to me,d'lyric inspires me
no best words dat i could describe,d'best thing is im concerning bout this,bout that,bout everything...

Aku kan menjadi malam malam mu..
Kan menjadi mimpi mimpi mu..
Dan selimuti hatimu..
yang beku..
Aku kan menjadi bintang
bintang mu..
Kan s’lalu menyinarimu..
Dan menghapus rasa rindumu..
yang pilu



Aku kan menjadi embun pagi mu..
Yang menyejukkan jiwamu..
Dan membasuh hatimu..yang layu
Tinggalkan sejenak lalumu..
Beri s’dikit
Kepadaku..tuk meyakinkan mu..

Sunday, March 25

+d'hardshipness+mudDle===what a test :(+

s per request by mr stefan n mYself also wanted to upload d'pics in dis blog,instead of telling a very long story bout d'shit things dat had happend to me today for u guys watching it(purposely =))..above is our pics when we had din at fishmarket manhattan(or d'otherway around--hehehe)...

today is a verY damne bad day for me when i was juz realized dat 1 of my car's tyre already flat.surprisingly,i didnt notice it while i was driving n juz realized when suddenly all d'cars passing by were honking at me n were pointing to mycar.gasp!but i've controlD dis kind of ctuation wif mywit of coz :P, *unflappable mode*--hahaa--acted like i was cool eventho d'heartbeats getting faster at dat mo- and my stupidity was majoring me today by paYing 20bucks to d'parkingboY juz for replacing d'flat tyre wif d'perfect 1(ouh,mysparetyre in d'boot i mean).okie,mysilly mistake--damne it,n more worst,when actually he did nothing wif d'tyre,juz d'same condition bfore i went 2d'office dis morning--haihh--too bad..ouh,n mysignal suddenly didnt function well since last weekenD which is need to b'fixd ASAp but had no tyme at all n today im having probs wif both tyre n signals..urghhh.but thanks to amri for helping me today.drove d'car to d'workshop to B'repaird and thanks to faiz s well for driving me to d'workshoP to meet amri there.

and todaY i did nothing in d'office,browsed few islands'webbies to find out d'best place for snorkeling dis weekend.most probablY at perhentian island.bubu(long beach island)..erggh,i really can smelll d'blue sea n white beach now ;)--TEMpTINGGG---

was having an arguement wif my gfs--mykathryn,but finally we settled it down peacefully.ermm,mymistakes i think.dats what i should say--people keep changing for a better things n so do i.s d'time passing by,im trying to improve myself better than bfore.juz give me tyme n space k mydear gfs.i heart all of u =)

i think im better off now,n urghh--im into IT =) its bcome more obvious recentlY-- =) =) =)

ouh,d'task for tomorrow is:

1)sit down n talk to stefan,discussing bout our snorkeling plan--decide d'best place to B'
2)book for flight tickets n accomodations s well


Tuesday, March 20

+i'm in...=)+

it's been a vey long tyme ago since i answereD anY of surveys,so ill updating mypost wif 50questionairs =)

1 . Name one person who made you smile
:: mYgurlfrens--it'll never b' singular ok =)::

2. What were you doing at 8:00 this
:: rushing for client meeting today--OMG-i was late again*sigh* ::

3. What were you doing a couple hours
:: emailing gF's while working-dats a routine-yeah =) ::

4. What is something that happened to
you in 1995?
:: ouh,i was in std 5..i was nerdy,innocent,never skipped schoolin,infact-i was a prefect--lalallaa ::

5. What is the last thing you said
:: "im into IT"---mmMMMmm =0::

6. How many different things did you
drink today?
:: plain water,ice lemon tea SR,plain water again ::

7. What color is your hairbrush?
:: erghh,green n white ::

8. What was the last thing you bought?
:: d'yummy ritter sport chocs from d'standstall downstairs,munching while working--a MUST--wuuuwuuw ::

9. What was the last gift you received
for your birthday?
:: ouh,a greatest surprise for KL tower dinner,a bouquet of flowers n box of ferrero rocher--thanks to amMar ::

10. What color is your front door?
:: which door?a glass door in d'office or a light green at home?? ::

11. Where do you keep your change?
:: mYweekend activities--yeahaa,mY earrings s well =) ::

12. What was the weather like today?
:: sO-sO (i loike it k) !! ::

13. What is the best ice cream flavor?
:: almond chocs --haagen dasssssssss::

14. What is something you are excited
:: travelling,scuba divinG,snorkling,trekking--whoaaa-everYthin! ::

15. When was the last rainbow you saw?
:: ouh??u remind me please =P ::

16. What size shoe do you wear?
:: 5(for boWling shoes),6 or 7 for heels n sportshoes ::

17. Do you have a sister?
:: 2 sisters--younger ::

18. Are you very random?
:: u judge me,sumtyme could b sooo typical me =) ::

19. Do you want to cut your hair?
:: i reallY want it*tempt*--but sum1 says it's better i keep it long,okay =) ::

20. Are you over the age of 25?
:: in a couple of yrs then--ouh no.its OLD!!! ::

21. Do you talk a lot?
:: dependS--but most of d'tyme kot--=) ::

22. Do you watch The O.C.?
:: mischa burton--ouchh-irresistable! ::

23. Does your screen name have an "x"
in it?
:: ??no?? ::

24. Do you know anyone named Steven?
:: ouh yeah,,stefan i hav =P ::

25. Do you make up your own words?
:: personally,yeah but sumtimes i juz couldnt*sigh* ::

26. Are you ticklish?
:: depenDS,but i prefer soft touch--hahaahhaaa-out of topic =P ::

27. Are you typically a jealous person?
:: ouh yes but never b over d'limit,but still yess ::

28. Who's the 1st person on your
received calls list?
:: Toberg--askd me bout his internship ::

29. What did the last text message you
received say?
:: no prob.take urtyme.....blablalbla ::

32. Do you chew on your straws?
:: sumtymes..hahaha ::

33. Do you have curly hair?
:: o,no.straight 1--yeahhh::

34. What is the next concert you're
going to?
:: concert???no,but sumthing interesting on 23rD--shHhHHHHhh::

35. Who is the shittiest person in your
:: hurmm.. nobody.i never reserved an will not reserve it to anYbody,perhaps! ::

36. How many times have you swore
:: none--but sum1 did swear to me dis noon =) ::

37. What is something you say a lot?
:: doinksss,buat sudaaa ::

38. What is the last thing you ate?
:: chacho's---munching..still =) ::

39. Have you seen the movie "Donnie
:: wt---???--but 've watched 300 for 2times..yeahh ::

40. Do you have work tomorrow?
:: mYobligation ok ::

41. Is marriage in your future?
:: i dunno,might if i found my mr rite--*hoping* ::

42. When was the last time you said "I
love you."?
:: ouh???to whom?my fren??almost everYdayy--lalllaa-- ::

43. What should you be doing right now?
:: off to home--wuwuwuw ::

44. Do you have a nickname?
:: yeah--udect back in samura,but tagging it untill now.huh ::

45. Are you a heavy sleeper?
:: no,5hours perday--excepted for weekend--hehehehe ::

46. What is the best movie(s) you've
seen in the past two weeks?
:: 300 =) ::

47. Is there anyone you like right now?
:: yeah, i like--mYfriend =) ::

48. When was the last time you did the
dishes, be honest...?
:: ergghh,,,at home on last sunday ::

49. Are you currently depressed?
:: no,im feeling better latelY--im into IT =) ::

50. Did you cry today?
:: there's no reason 4me to cry--wuwuuw ::

Monday, March 19

+im into "IT"+

basically,i feel like i've given a new life,life which is full wif hope.BLASTFULL.all i can say.a moment of bliss s i wishd for."IT" rebuilds mystrength back.ouh yeah,dis morning me&mygurlfriends(katie,myna,ume)-including anas n pe were discussing sumthing dat close to serious thingY and urmm--we were rebuking each others bout every1's opinion,yeah..we did gurls talk but in a vey professional way n we were discussing bout sumthing dat really2 important to ourlife--we werent talking nonsense like talking badthings bout others..n dats y i love mygf's sooo much--can u imagine,we r doing our office works and at d'same tyme we r discussing bout life,world,food and sooo many things(also d'things dat prohibited =P-shhhHhH)--obviously we r using our office mail n cc to many persons,those like sity n sabby if nak join dat cnversation,bley je include u all... =)..but sity is sleeping kot during malaysian working hours..hehehe..ouh n yeah,i like d'song below wich is entitled s--tell me by p.didDy feat christina..ouh yeah,suppose i have to upload d'pic of me n stefan during our dinner last week(stefan asked for it)--hehhee,but i didnt have any card reader wif me rite now(so,might b in tomorrow's post ok stef ;),ok peeps,im sooo happy pray dat happiness will b'lasting =)im happy wif mylife.i think ill be more thankfull daY bY regret to this life i hope.juz live it 2d' not dat "BAD" still being usefull,not useless,rite? =)off frens =)

P.didDy fear christina

Ooh yeah
On the dance floor
Yeah yeah yeah
Lets play a game
On the dance floor
(Oh yeah)
Yeah yeah yeah

Let's play a game
Let's pretend for a second
You don't know who I am or what I do
Let's just put it to the side
I can feel your heart beating
I can hear you breathing
Look into your eyes
Trying to see into your mind
See into your soul
See, no limits to the levels
Me and you can go
When it's me, I take control
But it's something about you
That makes me wanna change
I like the way you dancing
And the way you play the game

I like the way you take away the pain
The way you tell me that you want it
Not saying a thing
The way you got me going
Got me going outta brains
I see us going at it
Going in and out of them lanes

I don't want your innocence
I don't want you to stutter
I don't want a commitment and
I don't want you to suffer
I don't want your number
Baby, I want you to wonder
I want you to come up
Looking like something you wanna

[Christina Aguilera:]
Tell me, what you thinking about
When you got me waitng patiently
And usually, I don't have to wait for nobody
But there's something about you
That really got me feeling weak
And I'm trying to find the words to speak

Boy, I got my eyes on you
Tell me what you wanna do
I can picture you in my room

Until the morning
I don't even know your name
Boy, I need to know your name
I'm hoping that you feel the same
Tell me if you want it

I know you're gonna like it (I know)
So tell me how you want it (Tell me)
And you don't have to fight it (You don't)
Cause baby you're invited (Baby)
I know you're gonna like it (I know)
So tell me how you want it (Tell me)
And you don't have to fight it (Baby you're invited)
Cause baby you're invited (Baby)

[Christina Aguilera: (Bridge)]
I got a selection of the positions of affection
With no pressure
So tell me
Tell me how you want it, tell me how you want it babe
I got a selection of the positions of affection
With no pressure
So tell me
Tell me how you want it
Tell me how you want it babe

Wednesday, March 14

+i've posted it =)+

finalllY i got all d'pics of go-karting,from mycolleagues anD uno s well and i allocate it in here for u guys ejoy watching my not so-cool-skill-in-driving dat cart =P,but hey i still cud go for d'final match which was proved dat i wasnt too bad,huh! =)*wee*
i dunt want to bubble sooo long due to mY unstable mood todaY,i dont know y i think im not doing anything good for today other than having lunch wif stefen at GermanY bar&restaurant(which is like planet hollywood's bar&restaurant--it containts HALAL food s well) and we were talking bout i want to change myposition to b'onboard instead of working in d'office n he told me to experience D'fAST trip first&d'survival course s well bfore i make any decision to change myposition from office to d'sea,ha said dat i might b cudnt bear wif onboard's situation&d'condition of d'sea like in australia,argentina or other country s well.yeah,i definitely agree wif his,now all d'things dat i should do is request to b in FAST trip s soon s possible and checking for d'crew changes to put me in d'vessel probably by d'end of next month(i wont b too long in vessel ok,for 5weeks onlY-ANNOTATION for those who think that they might b going to miss me&mYblog during dat tyme =P)

and today i think i made mistake bY sending a mail to myfren,i juz...ok,i dont want to regret anything dat i've done...juz let it,ppl pics worth,enjoy watching =)

+all D'guys r ready to do driftin' =P+

+me&unO enjoy d'chit chatting sessin bfore d'match was started+

+D'carts are ready n so do us =)+

+noted me was struggling to control mYcar at d'curve lap?+

+bfore starting d'pre final,im at d'2nd box,means i was at 2nd position during d'best laP time was taken--terror tak myself--haha+

+after mYcar was being stucked sumwhere at muddY place..damne+

+on ur mark, Get set,Go =)+

+searching for D'luckY helmet+

+whoaaa--dat gurl didnt spinning while she's takin d'lap--yeayy+

+d'racing goes on+

+we took d'funkart wihch is d'speeding cud go up to onlY 800cc+

ppl,i think i did a mistake today,nthala..i wanna run awaY from everYhting==off!

Tuesday, March 13

+enJoying d'so-sO daY =)+

im lazinG on mybeD while trYing to oline using die stupid wireless and after 2hrs trying,its working eventually--ergghhh..

below is d'pics when we did a night out watching MUKHSIN(ill compile d'pics during go karting n futsal together later on--probablY tomorrow bcoz it will b lotz of pics n a very long story to b told =) )it was fun,dudette n due..hehe..

since im damn hectic today,i wont bubbling too long,juz uploading mypics will b'enuff i think =P,ouh n sabby,could u please make a confirmation bout having dinner at mexican restaurant sumday.i really want to chill out wif u n naddy n others.azwa n r'mc ke.ok??samurian gathering--whoaaa,it sounds nice..probably dis weekend??ok?bcoz i have no activity during dis weekend other than pampering myself at SPA on saturday at 1600hrs sumwhere nearby mines,lets make d'deal mydear..
so,peeps,im off-----toodless~~

Monday, March 12

+ouh..what a stressfulldaY ;(+

ergghh...i hate it when

+i coudnt answer correctly when mygroup leader loads us wif lotz of Qs+
+i neeD to face d'sluggish traffic eventho im back from office a around 7+ +

+still cannot get d'best frequencY so dat i cud listening to mYfav songs or atleast d'songs dat cud take off d'diffuseness+demoralization dat burdening me during an office hour+stressfull feeling dat wrapping me around for almost 10-12hrs in d'office.+

+i need to face dis stupid wireless turn on n off immediately for many times n obviouslY it's making me losing mytemper when d'chatting session between me&myfrens being interrupted n i can not uploading any pictures in myblog or myfriendster n ergghhh....i hate it!+

+i forgot to buy d'new HL milk or chocs milk to mix it well wif my fitness's cornflakes for mYdinner*sigh*+

+i need to do a big job such as a peer review(which is u r d'1 who shud xplain d'production to seniors staff n will facing lotz of Qs and struggling to find out d'answer at dat mo when u r getting nerves n ur adrenaline going high like u want to jump out from dis building(dis is myfirst tyme ok :( )---ergghhh+

+i want to go to d'vessel n i hate working in d'office..i HATE d'environment n i hate to face d'same thing kind of a "lasak" woman,so i cannot bear sitting in front of comp most of d'tyme n meeting wif client almost everyweek..ergghhh...i think i shud find out mysatisfaction from now on..but when i think back,i cannot wear shortskirts,jeans,t-shirt,curduroy paints when im working on board,all d'tyme i have to wear coverall..ouh tidak..i tend to grow s a lady nowadays,so a lil make up really suit me i think--hehhee+

ok..stop bubbling u sicko(refer to me)--ill update bout go-kart n futsal tomorrow--yeay

Sunday, March 11

+im learning of..........+

how dis life sholud goes n how we determine our life sumtyme...whatever..i dont want to elaborate it more today..juz i need to progress,being s an egghead--dats all what i want.b more xpert in what im doing eventho i wish for 1thing dat i really love n im into it for a very long tyme..yeah,i wish d'tyme will come n iwish for d'blessing from GOD.-amin-

okie,on friday nite i watchd -MUKHSIN- wif uno,anas,myna and all i can say is dat a very so-so film which is juz not too good n too bad either.juz the film was exposing&revealing more bout malay community&their mentalities in the 60 or 70's era.a bit ortodoks..but still...ok laaa...we went back home around 2am after having chit chatting at bangsar n arrived home almost 3am.

d'next day which is yesterday(saturday) i hav to wake up early in d'morning wif d'eyebags n not-enuff-sleep at all n went go-karting..(ill elaborate more by d'tyme i upload the photo in here)..and we went back home around 4pm after having our lunch and giving myopinion to amri(which is my bestfren ever)bout d'prob dat he's facing rite now n after dat around 1830hrs i went to futsal n like gol&gincu la plak,we played wif gurls&guys-wuwuwu--n it was fun =).(this 1 also ill elaborate more when d'pictures are allocated in here)..n u guys already noe how tired im at dis moment but insist to do blogging(im addicted into this--in fact),n then ill go back to sleep wif a bit of satisfaction inside me..yeayy--so,peeps,im off =)

Thursday, March 8

+i will adapt to mYenVironment n cope wif it...*praYing*+

yeah...yesterday evening was meaningfull to me..i need to admit dat,sumtime n most probably everYtyme i did mistakes,i should admit it,i should lean back n relax,ponderin' mymistakes n find out d'solution to correct everything dat goes wrong..yeah,peace of mind can be acquired by accepting the worst-case scenario..i admit dat,i xperienced it for many tymes....

after plaYing squash wif myteamleade(TL),-s i mentioned d'day bfore we really got a big fight-,so we settled it down n found d'conclusion to make things now,i know mymistakes and i promised him to never make it happen once again but 4 d'tyme being,i need to cope wif d'environment first..i need to put mYself in dis environment,not forcing d'environment to suit me. and i think for now,i juz set in mymind dat if i made mistakes in d'past,juz learn from them n then,let them go...and im gonna stick wif it...

but patience alwaYs has its limit..i need to hear d'big "S" word from him also,but he still...refused to admit anything,but i understand...egoistic comes first when it comes to d' appologY for 'em seems like puttinG their pride at d'bottom of myfeet..yeah,i juz need to noe how to handle d'ctuation,how to cool down everytyme i lose mytemper and if GOD's willing,i cud handle myself n him without jump into any kind of tense condition or being in d'middle of arguement...

all i need here is just B' STRONG--stefen told me this..and hey,he lost his GPS when he was in beijing,China...he'd been there for 1week n he left his GPS in d'taxi dat he took when he went to d'forbidden citY.he juz forgot bout dat things for a minute or two,n by d'tyme he rememberd it,dat taxi already gone..*sigh*..dat GPS cost about 350USD n if i were him,ill cry..damne it!and guess what???it was his 2nd GPS..he lost d'1st 1 also when he went travelling...stefen,dun buy dat thing again or u'll keep losing it everytyme u go travelling...u need to b'more carefull for next tme(reminding d'clumsY me too :P)


Tuesday, March 6

+Britney Spears appeared in a tattoo wif her head shaved completelY bald+


OMG,i did realize dat this life could b soo pathetic when we jumped into a big trouble such s comitting ourselves in a serious relationship and finally being dumped wif d'1 dat we loved soo badly.(dat's juz a piece of mytheorical opinion :P),so no offence ok,darl...but im talking base on fact! d'pics of a young lady which is extremely need a counselor or therapist to stop her doing more crazy things or d'mental illness will b getting worst eventually .i think we should maintain our fortitude for whatever reasons and how bad the c2ation dat we r facing at dat tyme kan???kecian laa mybritney..aihhhh....actually me also facing a hard tyme rite now when i got fight wif myteamleader plus i think it was myfault.y shud i get mad when he really wanted to correct me when i was too much,am i?im over d'limit...erggghhh....but i was stand for myrite..i juz think dat i was rite at dat tyme and i hav rite to stay wif myway...but i noe,i need to follow d'leader's way on how to train us properlY..i need to control my temper..yeah..i hav to....*sigh*--so peeps,im off for having a great tyme wif myboo (d'mushy2 bear)on mybed..done!

Monday, March 5

+I've been wondering bout how mYlife shoud goes,but finallY i found out d'solution 2juz live it 2D'fullest n im happY wif it+

first thing first----
last day was d'first tyme in mylife bidding sumthing dat i felt very interesting eventho im not winning it---ebay daIly bidding of coz--wuwuuww

second things onwards----
i want to change dis blog's background,d'laYout and i think im going to alloW comment from readers--is it okie peeps???

3rd things Ongoing----
seeking for a new watch..any suggestion bout D'brand,colour,pattern and d'most important thig is d'watch dat cud remind me to bring it along wif me or when i take it off from me,it'll scream out loudlY so that ill always being aware of where it goes and where on earth cud it b when its not wif me---obviously i dun want to lose mywatch for thousands of times*sigh*

4th--dis shud b d'last 1 bfore i go to sleep---
to U,yeah U...thanks for reading dis blog and never neglect d'taggie dat i allocate in here,its for U,yeah leave off sum msgs or comments for me so dat i cud read n replY it during myfree time..thank u =)

Friday, March 2

+seeking 4 a solace during mYholidays and i found it--yeayyyyy+

okie,i noe this will b a bit late info for all,kind of a historical story which was happend in d'past but still mentioning it here juz to share every1 bout myxperience visiting malacca(yeah,kind of supprtive i'm for visit malaysia 2007 campaign*whoot*whooT) to keep it short n simple,ill list it up day byday:

17th feb(saturdaY morning)---i arrived office bout almost 8(eventho 've made a promise with stefen n jack to b there around 7)*sigh* but my lil-bit-late coming was much appreciated by stefen who had to rerun his production job again bcoz of sumkind of bad output from his jobflow i think--so,perhaps dat they really dun mind bout mylate appearence. Arrived malacca almost 12 o'clock n how bad i was at dat tyme when i cudnt lead them d'waY to mlacca correctly when me also stucked in midst of discussion to go 2their hotel,but luckily we manage to b there eventually when dat very-usefull-GPS safed i noe how to use is properly n how to set d'date,d'vanue,d'name of d'place dat we r heading to and dat impressive thingy will straight away bring us to dat place without any doubt..hehhehe..whatt a so-called-hi-tech thingy..=)

After dropd em checked in and had a couple of minutes of short rest at landmark hotel,we moved to sumwhere dat we cud hang out like coffee bean (they treatd me for die*yumsss*)and after dat we went to Afamosa which is a hallmark of malacca. It was built bY d'portuguese in 1511(i guess--i glanced bout d'history once--hehhee)as a fortress, it sustained severe structural damage during the Dutch invasion,we passed by d'proclamation of independance Memorial,d Stadthuys where we cud see d'edifice is a fine example of Dutch architecture which it still preserving its original structure and form n now it become s d'houses of Histora museum n Ethnography museum,we also passed by d'Baba n Nyonya heritage museum(we didnt go browsing inside bcoz u noe,its kinda of getting bored for seeing d'same stuffs in each museum n we were juz too xhausted at dat tyme =P) and then we went to d'christ n st.paul's church n went back straight to their hotel again an d had a short rest,we browsing around jonker walk which is 1 of d'most interesting streets in malacca (chinese residence actually),and we went to c d'largest&oldest chinese's temples n we found d'stores ranging from spirits importers,hairdressing salons,wooden shoe stores,coffin makers,apothecaries with Chinese herbs on display, sign printers and dozens of antique shops. and after that i left stefen n jack enjoying d'traditional chinese new year festival occured dat nite bcoz i need to go back n had lunch for CNY's eve wif myrelatives at mygranny's(i have to..ergghhh)..they both said that they really ejoyed the lions&dragons dance n surprisingly jack cud immitate how d'dancers were dancing&acting at dat nite n it was..ermm..soooo coooll jack*grin*

18th februarY---we had dinner at restaurant kari kepala ikan bcoz dis two whiteman clearly mentiond to me dat they dun want any western food n they r now learning to eat malaysian's foods--ew...dat sounds great plus me not really into westernfoods either =) we visited myvillage after dat and they took d'opprtunity to drink plenty of coconut waters dat been served by myuncle and after dat we headed to mini aisan where we can find Malaysia's traditional houses that are indiviually constracted by a master builder. Each of homesrepresents the arhitectural style of the 13states in Malaysia and is furnshid wif various items such as arts n craftswhich depict d'culture of each state. and after dat we had our dinner at restaurant terapung perkampungan nelayan and the foods there were realy yummy(drooling)..ewww....

19thfebRuarY---we went to pulau besar by ferry and we did walking tru d'golf field&along d'beach to make a circle of dat island n i was really xhausted at dat tyme when i was struggling in mywedges about an hour bfore i've decided to continue walking barefoot(i didnt bring myslippers wif me btw),pathetic aite???damne,overall,i felt really happy being s their tourist guide n they gave me full cooperations all d'tyme.

20ethfebruarY---we going back to kl about 5o'clock in d'evening an we reachd office almost 9'o'clock(obviously bcoz we stuckd in midst of sluggish traffic jam) and i think d'tense really getting higher when we realize dat we hav to face d'omega tools for d'whole day again on d'nextday onwards...uwaaaaaaaaaaaa..okie,to make ureyes bcome wider,lets enjoy d'pics blow (ouh,pardon me of d'pics without captions ok =P)--off pals!