Monday, June 29

Jai Ho! yOu're mY destiny -amin

the pictures are herein! =)

31st may 2009. azman & iezawani. we r officially engaged...

pics -courtesy by hanan...

parent welcoming comrades & engagement ceremony started with bacaan tahlil & yassin

D'beginning - make up session-

make over done and discussion between both sides is still ongoing

darlings, gfs, bed, me & us - while waitin' 4 discussion to be finished

captured! covered up my nervousness feeling by torturing mr & miss photographer to take more & more pictures of me - mr boyfren was sweating outside d'house, seems like d'discussion was taking tooo long!!1

yeah, hiding nervous feeling inside wif a warm smile& making graceful steps to the dais.

memorable & unforgettable: the moments i know he's mine and that Tiffany is also belongs to me!!! weeeee

Random piccies!!

ma familia: obviously our theme is pink!!!

future parents in law + mr fiance in pink.. =)

azman & iezawani: eternal love - you are mY destiny baby

ironic: Baby, if love is great, and there are no greater things, then what i feel for you must be d'greatest, mY baby darling =)

we've been seperated miles away but our heart stay together, no matter what...

happiness & sadness,ups and downs, near or far, our love is getting stronger day by day

greatest give from GOD: ill always aprreciate "it" & take a good care of "it" -may happines wil always be ours - amin

London: memories in london in 2008: D'moment he knew he's d'1 for me
eternal: and mY love for him will never fade away...

happily engaged: sorry, im taken!

what satisfies me is who completes me - and its you baby =)

and the story is complete....about our beautiful engagement =)

more pics in : friendster and facebook - iezawani zainuri

Thursday, June 18

the 7-11 -for mE =)

about his hantarans to me pulak...
scroll down peeps!*excited* hehehe

fondant cake decorated with pink rosses
nice cake but again, not recommended,
take time to cut d'cake into slices, its damne hard occay
d'royal icing laaa kan of coz!
price : RM 200.
cake maker: around batu caves area - jauh kan?

sirih junjung

bought in bandung as well =)

fruits- pears ,plums and grapes

baju nikah - d'lace only
d' satin is with me,
cant put it together, too crowded + no space- hehhe

sepasang baju kurung pink- hehehhe
this one bought at jalan TAR
silk eh ayong? i think its pure 100% silk.

D'most important part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my engagement ring =)

certified diamond solitaire engagement ring
Tiffany & Co
platinum + diamond ring ( extremely craving for it - unnegotiable )
i explaind to mr boyfriend, for me, i put this ring as a high priory thing for engagement,
i dont mind if i pay it by myself, -im not saying i have tonnes of money, its just...its just my DREAM,
its about, what i want! and im willing to "invest" huge amound of money for it
- and mr boyfriend willing to buy it for me-
he said "iskh, i can pay , let me pay"
comel kan? hehehee

OMG - im wearing an engagement ring!!!!!
im engaged already!!!!!

*nak tido sambil senyum sebab fiance dah call tadi =)*

Monday, June 15

the 7-11 -for him

yerp- as mY favourite no, most beautiful combination in the world! *grin* 7 and 11. =) but the theme- pink and light purple- errr, not really....
ouh,nvm, so i gave 11 hantarans to fiance (light purple), and i get 7 hantarans in return -and of coz in pink! and yes, i chose the sangkar, i really wanna put everything in the sangkar, since 3 years ago, i dreamt of using sangkar instead of box for my hantaran stuffs.

*note for stefan- hantaran is gifts exchange between the bride and groom, it considered as a compulsory for malays.its a tradition anyway. The gifts are normally clothes, some accessories, cakes or 'kuih'( traditional cakes). But for us, we chose to give more sweets and foods for engagment hantaran, no shoes or handbag, ouh n say no to perfume! but for wedding hantaran, i think u will like it a lot stef, bcoz u gonna label us as *gadget freak*- wait, ill list down my wedding hantarans in the next entry...=)

hantaran to fiance and my pelamin =)

purple hantarans =)

mY own design- MU cakes - we r d'fan of MU. so whutt?
cake maker : artisan cake craft
price: RM 380
Taste : tasteless! never go for cake wif thick royal icing
it'll screw up ur appetite! sigh, anyway its a lesson learned
for us as well =(
GODIVA Chocolatier
place i bought: KLCC
price: RM 350

Purple fondant cake
cake maker : Artisan cake craft
price: RM 320
Taste: again! ive made a big mistake! euwwwww

thing dat can represent us!
spongeBob and patrick =)
cute cuppies aite?
i requested and forced agnes to do that for me
and miss agnes feel weird, its not a normal flowery cuppies for hantaran
well,its d' time to be different from others, rite? =P

home made kek lapis
price: free of charge!
special from my beloved aunty
delicious n very d'yummy than other cakes
thanks to my aunt, at least have 1 back up kan? hehe

fresh fruits
grapes and yellow kiwis
we loooveee yellow kiwis anyway

Baju nikah - pure white
bought in bandung, go there and buy anything from clothes to hantaran and door gift,
sure will get cheaper price than here!

old fashioned samping
bought at Jalan TAR

bought at Jalan tar

assorted kurma
kurma with zaiton,apricot, cashew, nuts
bought at KLCC
rm 20 per box

sirih junjung

for the gubahan hantaran,actually my mom sent it to her friends, but i didnt like the way she did the gubahan, so i went to the market, get the birds and butterflies and luckily i have a cousin who knows how to make my hantaran look prettier, nicer and better than what i've got before and (credit to kak ila), no doubt! she is very talented in doing gubahan hantaran and actually she do dis kind of bussiness! wanna try? gimme a ring, ill connect u directly to her =) promo2!

my bz cousin -repairing the gubahan for hantaran -woot**


Friday, June 12

what's inside the goodie bag? =)

Other than serve our guests wif d'famous malacca assam pedas + gulai nangka + ayam goreng berempah + ikan masin + sambal belacan + otak2 popia goreng + curry puff (ouh yeah, we served malay cuisine and at the same time promoting + introducing people to our 'malacca's most famous assam pedas tetel'), we also gave the guests cute pink goodie bag (follow the theme kan kami?)=)
The purpose behind gift bags for out of town guests is to thank the guests for traveling such distances to be with the bride and groom-to-be ni- InsyaALLAH.
Of course, the best thing about any goodie bag is the special surprise within.special ke rakan2 =) =P

ouh sorry bout the pics- a bit blur plus been edited too much to increase the resolution + to make the colour brighter but ended up some pics look a bit dim even some of it too bright pulak. sigh.

bundle of goodie bags

is it a must or whutt?
pink "Thank you" -handkerchief

home made suji crystal-mom's idea-layankan aje

apollo product- dad insisted after bought it directly from factories
(nearby our house in JOHORE)
Kurma with olive + nuts + apricot

a rottan /bamboo box?

whats inside? Andes + hershey's

cute cuppies =)
agak poyos ye tulisan itu =P

bought from kak mona cuocake - rm4.50 each
booking? text me to get her number occay-promote2...hhehehe =)

tadaaa- small appreciation for our guest who drove
all d'way from KL,selangor,malacca and johore =) to be with us by attending our engagement ceremony on 31st May 2009.
thanks to all and millions of sorry for any flaws from our side and thanks for coming!
loveeee ya!