Monday, July 27

lets talkin' bout P.A.R.I.S =)

i wont make this blog lengthy... juz will let you guys scroll down and enjoying me& frens' pics in paris, france.
sincere comment: after spending like 3-4 days in paris, i think paris is not the best place to go for honeymoon as many other people may think, paris is juz a normal city,wif hustle and bussle , crowded (say something positive bout other people country occay ) and yeah of course the beauty of old buildings that can be explored (if u r soo into art), or museums (like musee d'louvre- also a piece of art that can be treasured) or if its been ur ambition since childhood to mount eiffel tower, so definitely paris is d'best place 4 you to go, but err....for honeymoon, i stick wif my thought. huge NO! *more pics in my facebook and friendster*

*note to mr fiance: baby,if u eager to mount n be on top of eiffel tower, i think you can go without me , darl,take ur chance to explore musee d'louvre as well, dear! bcoz i wont be going there again unless if i have a chance to go shoppin' for LV there =)..hehehhee... ouh, keep in mind u have important obligation there too - u know what sayang =)* and im waitin' =P

disneyland, parissss

warner bross

paris disneyland

musee d'luovre

eiffle tower

i mounted eiffel tower =)

beautiful scenery from d'top of eiffel tower

its windy on the top of eiffel

awesome kan paris?


Tuesday, July 21

birthdaY party 2H

occay2..*hands up*.. i take back all my words(like whatever have been said in my previous entry)-well, (u can call it an emotional entry anyway, =P),
i hafto admit sometimes my emotion can be influenced by few bad hormones or even by a bunch of morons.
occay, i dont blame any1 here, literally i blame myself more,
how can i let others' bad minds dominating my thoughts?
like wtf? i cant control myself and my mind. sigh.
occay, blame the hormones as well, today is my first day of menstruation.
too bad la kan?
ouh, ill update bout this thing in the next few days.
im kinda not in the mood to "fire" people rite now,
oyeah apparently staying away from any arguements is one of my virtue isnt it?*prasan mode*
ouh, but at least i know now, i have few loyal readers, i thought i only "syok sendiri" all dis while wif my boring blog...hhehe..thanks to all 4 ur support.

okie, back on track, last 2weeks my future-sis-in-law held a bitrhday party for 2H (Haziq and Haikal) , the party went well. but i think it was sort of gathering session for 2H's mama pulak,hehe. Their mama bz eating , talking and of coz camwhoring wif her friends while 2H bz wif their prezzies. and i was a photographer on dat day.

ouh, before the party: me, haziq,dik min (my niece) together wif future bro-in-law went to midvalley to watch transformers 2. boring? u judge it! its better i go with the nice and nephews than going alone rite? since all the darlings already watched it wif their lovers. occay, im not complaining, i respect those who have their loves one around em everyday, i cant complaint bout them and being selfish juz bcoz my patrick is not here rite? ouh, im not that shallow pals. i chose this so-called-long-distance relationship, so im gonna live wif it.i juz swallow d'bitter part and stay wif the things, activities and people who could keep me happy. thats it. i dont feel miserable juz bcoz my fiance is far away from me, i always be POSITIVE, thats my point. even some time i fail.kekekeke... blame the hormones again..hahaha....once in a while baby =)

okie, pictures =)

bottomline: its sad when me and patrick dont have chance to web-caming while he's in portugal and spain. really hope we'll get the chance to ber-webcam when he's in france next week.sigh. *web cam sorang2 boley*

his aunt n dad

few of d'guests


2H - haikal excited tgk candles

cute: his attempt to blow out the candles.

candles off

2H's Ben 10 cake

me & dik min -on the way to ayong's from midvel.

maksu yg baek =P :swatch for Haziq

maksu yg baek =P : Thomas and friends for Haikal

mY cute little nephews and niece

me, angah and his dad

Sunday, July 19

+ this blog will be closed soon,
new blog - only for invited readers..
few entries have been taken out , due to some reasons,,
till then, c ya +

word of d'day : its not worth it to hold anything which is not belong to you, its better you realize it now than never.....


Friday, July 17

beautiful coincidence - M.U at mandarin oriental

" MU is coming to mesia for 3 days, ko peminat MU kan?" my colleague told me

"yeah, i know" - concentrating on the screen in front of me and typing my weekly status report briskly.

"hey lunch time, lets go to KLCC, MU will be there shortly", and my other colleague dragged me to klcc for lunch

so, we go lepak at aseana cafe, while we were waitin' for our order....

"weh, look at those busses, maybe got MU stars inside, lets go to mandarin oriental!!!!"-which is juz nearby, 5secs je pon, hihi...


"garnesh, please lend me ur iphone" - and happily capturin' few pics of all the Stars.
but where is owen?


and hey, rooney?


ryan gigs?


edwin van de sar

*gulp, tempting*

hahhahahahaha... only few names i knowlaaa....


bottomline: ooo, u DO NOT like MU? so whutt? i dont care and dont even bother 'bout what u like and dont-excuse me ya!

rio ferdinand

wes brown

from left: edwin van de sar, wayne rooney, michael carrick, and berbatov far behind

-ryan gigs, wayne rooney, edwin van de sar

uncle botak =P


-darren fletcher, john o'shea