Sunday, November 23

im bored and i do miss blogging!

hey ya.

fuhhhhhh to the rusty and dusty blog.
hopefully im back for good this time *wink*
im a mom of two now. unbelievable?  believe it yo! *Alhamdulillah*

till then. xoxo =)

Wednesday, April 17

congratz lil boy if mine =)

thankful and grateful that he can cope up with his swimming lessons, even though we dont have swimming pool at home and we dont live at the condominium or apartment area which fully equipped with many things such as swimming pool. but Alhamdulillah he's such a fast learner and dare to try new things in his life =)

few months ago....

look at him: seems reluctant and didnt do it very well, in short:no style at all. haha

well now =)

with open eyes, more confident, closed mouth, even can hold his breathe longer, i'd say he did it with style this time =)

he's a big boy now. an ABANG to be.... hehe....


Thursday, March 7

here mommy...there mommy

isnt this cute? kids meal at sakae sushi. drooling yo!:) guess wasnt azriff who finished the meal.yes yes yes. it was mommy:)

so going to shopping malls nowadays,mommy needs to prepare like a bag of coins.the small cute clutch will do,not necesserily a biggg bag.guess for what? yes for the son who is capable to scream like kene pukul whenever mommy says no if dia tarik mommy dia nak men kete yg kete bayar syiling tu. haaa dapat x? those cars which u have to insert rm1(if at the mines) rm 2-3( if at klcc). and it depends on the cars or marry-go-round as well. d bigger d car the more expesive u olls!

  ok... kita naik yg ni dulu mommyyy

                                           mommyyyy..this one also cooolllll!!!

                                                    ok mommy, this one pulak... haaa nampak???

seriously harge mmg depends dimanakah anda berada.if kt mines mura je.if kt klcc haaa time tula nak kene terkial2 fish out all the coins i have inside my wallet, pockets and segala celah yg ade tu xmsk terselit celah pelbagai cards dannnn sepahan receipts lagi.cisss...bayangkannn.... if dapat anak penyabar n faham bahase ckp 'wait,mommy's looking for coins' n beliau (anak itu pon duduk menanti pr berdiri menanti or meniarap menanti pon xkesah asalkan xmelalak) ...dapat si azriff...whatever u say he'll keep screaming like mcm kene pukul.nanti org semua pandang2 like...... mcm la i xreti jage anak adeh2 anakku. so haruslah prepare bag comel utk coins2 ituuuuuu. haha..

so sediakan payung sebelum hujan ya kawan-kawan =P

Saturday, February 23

charity project: from giza to gaza

im back!*lol* well...cant type much. i miss blogging seriously... but ouh well.... my24hrs perday always gone without me noticing it.sigh.sometimes i was like 'eh nak update blogla...' then time passed by but habuk pon tarak.hiks. so a quick one here. me and my gurls did an awesome project was actually one of my besties kuin and her TKC friends came up wif the idea to do charity sales and she invited me to join and support the soo excited and straight away said yes! ive been looking for this opportunity for so long..but to plan and do it all by myself its almost like...impossible *eh banyak alasan minah ni kan.keke*. so i joined them and found out the sponsor for choc moist cake.its my girlfriend iena hamzah.very kind of her to sponsor her cakes and all the money goes to this charity tabung. Alhamdulillah. and lotsa people love her cakes.they even asked for her contact no:) super yummy. so Alhamdulillah the charity event at sunway giza on 23rd february went all committees and sponsors..muahx muahx for ur good job.many more charity events to come i hope. insyaAllah:)

Wednesday, July 18

being "EMAK!"

yes, after entertaining my laziness for weeks now im back!hihi...

ok, simple. EMAK.MOMMY.IBU.UMMI. (ape lagi?ape lagi?)
motherhood is such a blissful and grateful thing for every woman in the world. (eh ye ke?)
motherhood for me is deeply fulfilling and rewarding! yes!its like the ultimate joy for me because what i think is life itself is borne out of this miraculous phenomenon. yes, both motherhood and parenthood =)

ok, so when already becoming a mommy, there's a lot of things to do such as ::and the list goes on::

its like a routine for me...

after work..dash off home and come to this!

semangat nak main bola (actually semangat nak bermain dekat luar tu).
anak lelaki kan,maka kita kena layankan.. dari dia ajak main masak2 ke,
main make up2 ke..tak ke payah???

then kena teman dia makan pulak.... makan nak sendiri je...tak mau dah mommy suapkan
nasib ade bibik, if not, siapekah nak mengemas??oooo mommy jugak??ermmm

then azriff the smart boy, asal lepas maghrib je terus pandai tarik mommy's hand and give mommy a signal that he want to go upstairs.

dah naik atas ape lagi????

y pampers je???sebab ini budak if dah salin pampers dia, dia mmg suka main kejar2,
nak pakaikan pampers pon mcm nak berperang... konon comellah dia lari sana sini buat mommy kejar lagi tak dapat kejar, lg dia sukaa...jd xmenyempat nak pakai seluar.gaaa!

mommy kene layan jugak! multitasking tak ini budak? =P
tang sampai ke pocoyo je, dia sebok dance, dgn mommy kene buat sekali, gerakkan tangan, 
goyangkan punggung..wahhh azriff buat memangla chomel!mommy???
ini daddy dialah yg ajar, then bila dh ke offshore, yg kene meneruskan tabiat menari camni pasal
anak akan mengamok if kita tak join sekali is mommy dia!ergghhh!
pandai pulak tu tak feel if buat sorang2....hadoiii...

then main lego or cubic ni..if tak dpt pusing or psg tak kene gaye,dia selambeeee je baling. sape yg kene kutip??? haaa pandai pon jawab!

then tabiat nak tido pulak kene baring sambil breastfeed dia sambil bacekan story book.then cepat aje tido....lepastu??mommy terkebil sorang2 looking at the ceiling while waiting for daddy to call....itulah dia kerja seharian...

siapa kata senang jadi emak??

but im blessed and im grateful =) Alhamdulillah

Monday, June 25

my 21 y/o bibik

yes2. 21 y/o FYI =P i guess no problem with problem at all *wink* ok ...tipu!!!! haha
the problem is, my husband's rotation is different from many husbands out there.
he'll be 5weeks (actually around 4 and half weeks) home and 5weeks offshore.
he wont be going to the office when he's having his 5weeks off. so he'll be staying with bibik while im in the working...???.if i have to attend trainings and overseas meetings???ocay, count azriff in, but err....azriff masih tidak boleh diharap untuk memberi laporan.sekian.haha.
but hubby knows how to calm me down .below is what the told me during our conversation in yahoo messenger:

they is d'most powerful thing right?
so now i have to trust, doa and tawakal....
insyaAllah everything gonna be okay =)
if anything happen (nauzubillah) , all i can say is :

"im tooo HOT and pretty for him, thats why he chose a maid =P".... jahat tak? jahat tak? *kidding*. hehehe...

p/s: ape part yg paling best? i have my personal driver!yeayyy....we go breakfast together early in d'morning then he send me to the office....wee =)

Thursday, June 21

the story about my 1st maid!

gosh!terrible! i guess those who have maid, will understand what ive been through since the selection process, than the monitoring + supervising process, the final day after you are done with evaluations and all, you have to make a final say either you want the maid to stay with you or change the maid. even sometimes dilemma involved in between. its quit impossible to get the perfect maid, but at least someone that you can trust... the most important thing is someone who can takes care of your kids patiently + can bear with their various type of perangai2 especially with my son, whoaaaa active 24/7/hhehehe.

so here im listing down my previous maid's perangai pelik2 when she was still working with us.ouh thank God i sent her back to the agent, otherwise i dont know what gonna happen .seriously. and now i have  a new maid *grin* .the 21 y/o maid =) that part ill tell you in my next entry.
oooo, just fyi, this is our 1st time having maid in the family both me and hubby never had any experiences pasal bibik2 ni... mak2 kitorang mane ade bibik....

1) pemalas tahap super. ewah...sedap nak ckp org malas.padahal diri sendiri lebih  kurang.hehehe...but since we hired her as a maid not a boss, so pandai2la dia fikir kan... memang malas buat kerja, there's one time i went to china for traning and left azriff with her and my PIL. dia pukul 8mlm dh tido, xjage bby langsung mlm, my PIL kene jage, then selambe bg my MIL task

"buk, mau pulang rumah jam brapa ?(my MIL ulang alik bila siang ke rumah dia n my house, rumah ktrg dekatkan)

tak tau lagi, kenapa?

nanti mau pulang,dikejut saya buk....

mak mertua i pening. sape yg bibik ni? dahla tak jage azriff, dia siap nak tido siang-siang buta and suruh my MIL! bagus punye bibik!

2) makan ya ampun!!!! tahap super! my SIL ckp "bela jin ke apa dia ni?" muahahahahah. habis segala coco crunch , honey stars azriff dia rembat. dgn biscuit oat i bwk pi keje pon dia makan. nasi + lauk jgn ceritala, memang dia yg habiskan..... kalau suap azriff, mau 5 masuk dlm mulut dia, 1 je msk dlm mulut PIL pernah bwk nescafe 3 in 1 .ade dlm 9 sachets kot. esok pg tgk tinggal 1 ke 2. siapa yg kerjakan??? hadoii! ini bukan nak berkira psl makan, tapiiii if dh mkn bnyk giler sampai kene buat groceries shopping 2-3kali seminggu, hangin gak diri ini.wuwu. ouh time gi groceries shopping :

"buk, ini tempenya beli 4 ke 5 ya buk saya suka tempe" (ewah, ikot tekak ko je kan? tekak ku nak letak dimanakah?)

"buk, senduk ibu dirumah nggak bagus, beli yg ini bagus buk, yg dirumah saya tak biasa guna" (ewah ewah ewah bnyk cantik, nak komplen i nye senduk??? memangla senduk murah, tp i gune ok je,grammmmmm

"buk, iya yang ini ayamnya besar ,senang dimasak dan dipotong, kok dibeli yg kecil nggak cukup, susah dipotong" (time ni i memang mengucap panjang, menahan sabar takot kot2 tindakan luar kawal senduk tadi masuk dlm mulut bibik ni,tahap kesabaranku dahla berada di paras terendah sekali di abad ini)

3) malas cuci tong sampah!

"buk, ini plastic yg dibeli barang ini, kecil bangat buk, letak di tong sampah nggak bisa buk, nanti tumpah2 sampahnya, ibu beli yang besaaarrrr itu, mudah"
(banyak cantik muka ko, plastic jusco ,tesco giant tu free ok, tak koserr nak gi beli plastic sampah tu.if penuh buangla, sebab tu kene cuci tongnya, nak senang je, sekeh nak?)

4) suka memasak!

bab ni paling hangin, di amemang kerja nak masaaaak je.jage azriff tak nak. padahal ktrg dh ckp tka nak dia msk, ktrg xkan mkn ape maid masak. dia sebok pagi2 dah tung tang tung tang kat dapoq.masak punye banyak. bukan utk dia srg.grrrrrrr.... tak taula di aade niat apeka rajin sangat memasak di amcm xbg i masak, dia ckp kt MIL i dia xsuke masakan org malaysia .nggak enak katenye.... serious bibik ni mintak pelempang kan?

5) tengking Azriff

i tak pernah dengar, tp my MIL dengar. dia ckp bibik tengking azriff bile azriff merengek, dia ckp " APAAAAAaaaaaa" (gaye menengking ala mak limah marah anak pulang petang).... ok, i tka kesah if nak mara azriff ke ape, tapi jgn tengking plis. aku pon tak pernah tengking anak sendiri!

6) errr.......... gaya nak ngurat FIL

hahahha.ini lawak.

"pak, nak kopi kocok?" (wahhhhhh)

"pak, emangnya saya juga tau bawak motor, saya ingin skali ke kedai, saya numpang bapak ya"
(mau x gelabah mak mertua ku, nak ditumpangnye motor bapak mertuaku, waduhhh kacau ini bibik)

7) makan semeja

ini bibik dia senang je

"buk makan buk" (sambil dia dh duduk dekat meja, makan dulu before us. dia dah ngadap segala lauk, ktrg kene pi dapur sendiri ambil nasi lauk semua. padahal mase dia mula2 dtg rumah ktrg, i ajak dia makan, siap sendukkan nasi dia lg...hampeh betol, tgk dlm tv maid sediakan nasi, tuangkan air, adekah itu dusta belaka?.sigh)

8) tengok tv sambil baring2 lagi...

korang ade maid camni? angkat tangan! i ade!!!!wuwuwwuuw...germa sungguh pernah sekali tu, dia selambe je tukar channel, i ngn hubby tgh tgk cerit alain, dia tukar channel siap. bagus tak? gempak giler kan!

9) bawak bende2 pelik nak black magic ke ape ka. mase dia 1st time dtg, i dh check bag dia. tp xnampak ape2. tula ad ehubby yg super prihatin dia xbg i check bag bibik without telling her. uncivilized katenye. sekali bgtau dia, maybe dia sorrokan dulu la tu. (sorry sayang, next time i check je, civilized ke tak i dont care lagi dah.srik) wuwuwuw.... sekali dh hantar dia kt agent, siap jumpa bawang putih+ lada hitam+ kemenyan + xtau ape lagi + rambut ...xsure rambut dia ke tak, yg penting bukan rambut ktrg...adeh2.... geram sungguh. ad epic dia i pernah letka kt fb, tp hubby suruh delete, geli kate dia. so of curse la xley letak kt blog, nanti confirm dia suruh delete jugak (isteri mithali kan ni? hahahhha. nak jugak!)

10) handfon 24jam

ni memang, hfon dia ade 2 ok!kalah tuan rumah! dahla canggih.katenye 1 utk main game, 1 utk call family. wahhh siap ade fon utk main game. kelazzz nyahz! dia dhla umor 40plus! nak main game lagi, ape ingat i hire u utk main game bik???

11) nak berniaga

dia ckp kt MIL i , nanti raye balik indon di anak bwk balik jamu. dia pandai buat jamu

"nanti ibu tolong jualkan ya jamu2 saya, mujarab benar bu, saya yg bikin"

(facepalm, rase nak hantuk dahi kt dinding! ko dtg cni nak meniage ke nak kerja,if ko nak jual jamu, sape nak jage anak aku????)

12) lipstik merah mak ngah!

ooooo dia kalau keluar rumah lipstik dr merah dr i u olzzzzz! kelazzz ok. memangla dia kate dia janda, tapi haruskah begitu sekali. hadoi... dia dh 40 plus. pening kepala den!

13) tipu umur

kt passport dia 37, tp sebenarnye dah 43

"ibu jgn bilang sama puan ya, umur saya sebenarnye 43, tp takot mau bilang sama puan" (time ni dia mcm sengal2 alang cket, tak tau asal die bgtau MIL i, ewah bnyk cantik xbg my mil bgtau i, dah sah2 muka ko mcm 40an pon.grrrrrrrrr....ktrg mmg xmo yg tua, psl tkt xlarat buat kerja, plus mcm xsampai hati nak suruh itu ini..30plus is the memang harus tukarla kan!)


dia admit sendiri dgn MIL yg dia smoker dulu, tp sbab jage azriff dia stop. perrgghhh! tp agak sengal disitu kerana cerita kt my MIL. and mmg dia smoker, i jumpa kotak rokok kt bilik maid bwh tu..... ouh my god! cant imagine dia smoke depan azriff. dhla ktrg mmg ade rules xley smoke dlm rumah. my hubby is not a smoker! waaaaaaa...marahnyeeeee!!!!!!

sekian! itula dia ape yg i ingat sepanjang bibik tu kerja, fikir2 balik boleh tensi. mengapakah kene hadap bibik berperangai mcm ni???! hadoi! rase mcm trauma pon ade! wuwu.....

keyboard off =)

Monday, June 18

why ouh why?


who got a domestic maid at home? hands up! i believe for those who have, you have your own reason why and why u are willing to put some amount of money just to get a stranger to stay with you at home.
please know that actually me n hubby seriously dont like any strangers to stay at our home. i mean, well not really stranger la, let say if family members pon, (can come over and sleep at our house for some occasions or what i mean not staying with us for forever or errrr...more than few days) kejam tak statement tuan rumah?mesti xde org nak tido myhouse after this. dont get me wrong, if dtg visit, melawat melepak ok, but tinggal cni for any reason, mcm susahje.sebab kami suka berdua-duaan eh skrg ber3-3 an. if ade org kt rumah like parents or anybody else, rs cam susah je nak bermesra-mesraan dikhalayak rumah. i pulak jenis kt rumah memang tak pernah tak seksi, pakaian di rumah tiada yg mencapai tahap piwaian tertinggi kesopanan&kesusilaan.(dolu2 pakaian kt luar pon mcmtu-hehehe). so mcm susah nak cover2. bila hubby's offshore, PIL will come to my house, teman menantu dgn cucunya (mase xde maid)-baik kan mak mertua i? so mmg kene bersopanla dpn FIL if hubby balik, they wont be around, so only 3 of us in the house.yippie-yay!

actually, me and hubby toyed with so many different options before settling on maid option. But we've decided to take a maid for few reasons:

1 - Quality time (ewahhh2, mengade).its because hubby's working 5weeks offshore and has only like 4 and half weeks onshore(break). so during that time only we can hang out together, watching movies, doing our fav things together...etc...etc..if we are maidless, yes we can send azriff to nursery, but we have to pick him up at 6pm, 630pm at the latest!.if i send him to nursery, for sure around 630 i have to be home. so no gym for me? i prefer to go to the gym after work, so 5-6 at the gym and then dash off home. so sending azriff to nursery is not a good option for me plus when azriff's daddy is around so we cant go out dating-datong after work?okayyy, thats not healthy for us=P seriously if my hubby is working in KL, office hour, we definitely wont take maid because pergi-balik kerja dah bersama-sama.hihihi....everyday pon jumpa kan? ni sekali sekala certain time we only see each other for 2weeks (like this time laaaa).sobs.

2- and how if i do get held back at work.more than 630pm? who going to pick up Azriff at nursery? if im going abroad for meetings, trainings etc ? when im hanging out with the gurls at night? (i pefer to have this kind of lifestyle than later i meroyan and keep saying "no me time laaa" "im not a fun person anymore after being a mom"  or else everytime the gurls keluar i'll sedih sendiri psl i xdpt keluar, kene balik awal.gosh, hugeee no!its not necessary to go out every night, i mean like once a month, sometimes got speacial ocassion like birthday party, bachelorette party so of course la karaoke bagia nak rak. then who is going to take care of Azriff? of course the maid......if krg yg hubby always around to bolehla mintak tlg hubby takes care of your baby, but like if hubby's working, how? as i said, if both of us working in the office, memang tak la nak amik maid.yes, we live nearby our parents house, but still....our PIL is busy with their other we are independant like that =P (kononnye) =P

3- my super duper rajin hubby!krg kalau nak kawen tu tlg tengok2 sket hubby tu rajin tak. if rajin memang ok, tp if SUPER rajin, krg sila blah awal2.hahahahah.... 1 good thing is, memanggg krg takkan face things like :

"yang, u tak boleh gantung ke towel u, asal letak atas katil ni?"

"baby, baju u tu tolong letak dlm washing machine ye,eiii yg bau busuk ni ape? ur socks ke?gosh!"

"yang, i letih laaaa.... tolong lipatkan baju tu, kalau u nak bilik ni jd gunung baju, okayy je u takyah lipat,i campak u campak, kan sweet sehati sejiwa gittew"

memang serious bertuahnye jadi dirini ini, tak pernah membebel kat hubby pasal bende2 diatas TAPI. ye ade tapi SAYA lah insan yg selalu diBEBELI!....haaa,kan dh wujud such word? hahahaha....ini penting ye utk mengekalkan healthy relationship psl if not, mmg asyik nak bertekak je la, iyela, hubby 5weeks keje offshore, tak jage anak bagai, im d'one yg who takes care of Azriff , hal2 rumah semua i settelkan sendiri. soi bila time dia balik, sajela nak bg tasks kt dia.hehehhe...biar dia kemas rumah, dia dah memang the youngest child, so memang xreti jage budak. asal nangis pass kt i, itujela kejenye.haha. dia xmerungut pon kene kemas. tapi kadang2 bising jugak.sooo utk mengelakkan BISINGAN itu, mari kite amek maid!hehehe....1 more thing, hubby super rajin ni, keje dia pantang tengok sepah,dia kemas.weekend ke, weekedays ke..keje memang kemas. rimas ok tengok. haaa,sekali amek maid, baru tenang cket hidup ni, xla di aasyik mengemas je.hubby memang spesis morning person, kol 7 bgn then tetibe gi bwh kemas, mungkin dia xley tido pk pinggan mangkuk last nite yg xbasuh!erggghhh! so ambil maid, memang phew! tiada BEBEBLAN lagi!mungkin yg akan dibebeli is the maid.hahahaha....sbab dia ade gak merungut few things

"syg, dia mop xbersih ni, i xsuke camni"

"syg dh ckp kt dia bersihakan betol2 lantai tu? i nak yg memenuhi piawai i ok, bukan sygnye piawai"
(cissss, piawai dia adalah super bersih, tahap laintai dh mop mcm upah 10org org gaji mop, langsung xde kesan debu dan kotoran)...hadoi....

4- how if dah beranak 2-3-dan 4? still no maid at home? we sent azriff to nursery but seriously every week he got different type of disease. this week fever, next week flu, next 2weeks memang non stop on medicine.gaaa! thats why we chose to have maid at home. taking care of azriff is the main thing. but we make sure to bring him to the park, playing with other kids + the cousins, swimming class, music class, so that he could develop his socializing skills.
i guess when the time comes where me and hubby can be more democratic when it comes to the household chores & hubby is working in the office, then ill consider to go-  maidless!sounds ouh-so-like-a-pampered-bunch right?

Monday, June 11

Gaya saya!


normally before going to bed (around 11pm, ouh im old!), me&azriff will watch his education program (kononnye,name nak gempak,padahal download sendiri). yes, most of it i download from you tube. sort of education system la kan got ABC, 123, Alif Ba Ta, colours, shapes etc etc....heheehe

im not a Tv fan, so we go upstairs around 8pm and i will spend time with my baby like playing with him, teaches him this and that (normally,im the one yg jakun main toys dia, pasal dulu kecik2 mak ayah manela belikan toys sgt). *insert juraian air mata* and let him watch his edu prog so that i can solat, on the fon with his daddy ,read novel or normally ill sing those ABC,123 songs as well. (mesti ariff xsuka bila mommy dia sebok2 nak nyanyi same, bingit telinga dia suara mommy xsedap.nasib ko la nak!hehe) . *this xtvt only happen when Azriff's daddy is working offshore. when he's home, the xtvt will be different, ill spend more time with hubby at night, we'll put azriff to bed early like 9pm. hehehe.kasi chancela mommy&daddy kan =) *

im as a working mom, always trying my best to find ways to spend quality time witf my baby. the best thing is doing something that both of us enjoy (golek2 atas katil together2). yes i assume Azriff loves to do this since i discovered that he enjoy lying next to me, when i talk to him, he listens and we laugh together. when i say something, he'll reply (in baby's language but normally in double-triple-syllable, ntah bahase german ke ape,mcm ayam ngn itik bercakap) and yes after that he gonna tarik my baju and.........(please fill in the blank=P).

he sleeps in his own crib since d'day he was born, but when his daddy's not around, i soo manjekan dia, im gonna sleep with him and put him on my bed. (poor mommy hafto sleep alone, and my baby's sleeping in his crib) so i've decided to sleep with him when hubby's not around. last2, azriff feel comfy sleeping with us pulak.haiyerrrr,so hafto move his crib closer to our bed, hubby remove one of the sides (crib's door-the gateside with safety locks) and tadaaaa... here he is,sleeping next to us!so no need to wake up at night, and take him from his crib, feed him and put him back, now i just have to tarik my baju and he pandai2 cari ape yg dia nak.hehehehe... easy-peasy right? and im still sleeping next to hubby, yes, i wont let azriff sleeps in between.HuuuuuUGE NO! daddy's away for 5weeks and when he's home, anak tidur tengah2??? apekah? sorry.i dont practice that!heheheehe.... but azriff will b sleeping in his own room when he's 2 y/o (hopefully)

ok, now lets get back to my point, actually i want to show azriff's various styles of (watching his edu prog). duduk, baring, meniarap,menonggeng, duduk senget semua ada! =D

                                                                          sit straight



                                                           lepak sat, excercise kaki sikit!

                                                                duduk senget sikit!

                                                                 meniarap la pulak

                                                                ok,sucking my fingers!nyums

mcm besh makan tgn sebelah pulak! adoi!

spot Ariff's crib? comel je next to our bed right? hehehe.

Wednesday, June 6

Perangai Tak HOT bila dah jadi “EMAK”

Being a mom is such a blessing. A truly blessing from God. Feels like im on the top of the world. Nothing beats this feeling. Soo the kiasu feeling grows each day. Seriously, u’ll feel amazed with ur changes and goes….ahhh…that’s normal for a mommy to do that….i just want to share my happiness with others….so im listing down my so “TAK HOT” perangai once im being a mom.gaaaa! don’t know whether other moms got same symptoms with me or its just me yg berkiasu sorang2.hehehehe

1) so bermulalah sesi ibu2 kerap mengupload gambar anak2 di fb.semalam upload,today upload,esok upload.mcm org lain xde anak, ko sorang je ade anak kan?mcm2 gaye gambo anak nak upload.excited sangatla sampai kadang2 gambar daddy kepada anak tu rs mcm “aahhhh….xpayah upload gambar hubbyla,anak lagi comel”.muahaha

2) maka berleluasalah perangai2 menjadikan anak sebagai profile picture kt fb, twitter bagai. So rase mcm “hello....lets see my comel kids?” like duhhhhh….certain org yg memang tak tau full name ko kt fb and panggil name lain,name fb lain, bukak fb terus blank…. Sape ni? (sebab gambo anak jd profile pic). Even worse ade yg tukar name fb terus jd name anak (ok, yg ni I xbuat…. Hehehhhe) if anak ade 3 letak semua name anak as fb’s name.if 5 letak 5.woooo…

3) dulu ms pregnant ade je my friend yg ckp “tengokla nanti dh ade baby, handbag ko dh xde dah, bag anak tu la bag ko n no more high heels ok!” so far, its proven that what she told me was wrong! Hello, mengapekah bag anak boleh gantikan handbag? Bag anak n brg2 anak kene separate dgn brg2 dlm handbag. Seriously I nvr put diapers, minyak yu yee or susu baby dlm my handbag. Bag Azriff is for Azriff. Silap2 nanti dia dh bley galas bag tu,sila bawak sendiri.(kijam kah?). so I never say NO to handbags and high heels.sekian.weeeeee. TAPI……. Bab bag telekong or bag utk pump susu ya’lll…. Bila dh ade baby, of course la selalu beli barang baby kan. So bnykla paper bags. Asal bukak store cari paper bag, confirm jumpa bag yg tertera perkataan2 familiar from any baby stores/outlets kt dunia ni. And perangai plg tak best is I pulak go “eh cantikla bag ni…” so trus grab bag tu and terang2 tulis .

haaaaaa…xke xpayah nak bgtau semua org yg ko dah ade anak, let alone nk bgtau org yg ko dah kawen. Pasal org belom kawen n xde anak xkan nak pakai bag mothercare bagai. So, secara tidak langsung anda (ye saya) telah menjatuhkan saham sendiri dengan mempromote diri sebagai “emak”.cisss! I pulak bag pump konon2 xmo pakai yg medela punye psl looks like handbag makcik2 (poyo kan disitu?) tapi apekah xbwk bag medela, bwk bag mothercare *facepalm*

4) then let say if you are in the new company, nobody knows you are married with a kid, tapi mengade2 saje nk bgtau org.

eg: bila masuk new company, confirmla ade org2 yg ajak lunch bersama. Especially guys. So bila ajak lunch ramai2 ok, bukan ber2-2an. Gi makan sama and borak2…tak pasal2 nak menyebut pasal anak (aku lettew)… sila jgn salah faham disini, bukanlah bgtau anak tu pasal drg nak msk line ke ape, tapi sebab bila sebut anak nanti drg ckp “ade gambar anak, nak tengok”….. haaaaa part tu la nak dengar….hahahahah…. so mcm excited tunjuk gambo2 anak kt orang.ntah ape jenis perangai pon tak tau laaa…mcm anak ko comel giler kan? (tapi walaupon xde comel sgt, tapiii tetap comel dihati saye).wuwuwuwu. so secare xlangsung telah menjatuhkan saham sendiri. Orang tu belom sempat lg tanye “single ke?” ko dh tak pasal2 bgtau ade anak. *facepalm laju2* haha.

5) Satu lagi perangai bila sebenarnye sebut pasal anak kt colleague2 yg baru ni sebab nak dengar respond “wahhhh…u don’t look like a mother at all, still got “upmm” body shape okayyyy".. (ehem2, memang rase nak lompat bintang 44 kali disitu). Nak2 bile budak2 lelaki yg korang makan lunch same td ckp “laaa, dh kawen ke …cisssss….baru nak ngurat, penat je tegur n ajak lunch tadi”…(time ni terus lupa diri psl rase wow…..xnampak mcm mak-mak u ollsssss)…hahahaha…aku xtaula perasaan perasan ni nak buang mcmane….hehe.but for me sometimes rase best je bila org puji kan….(pasal laki sendiri pemalas nak puji, dia tau complain aje.grrrrrrrrrrr) pastu mulela riak memberitahu hubby berita2 gembira tadi and cakap “tula,I tau dah I memang xmcm mak org,syg je xmo puji, cepat ckp I gorgeous!”… time2 mcmni yg I rase hubby mcm blank “apehall laaaaa ngn wife aku ni” so dia terpakse melayan…hahahaa….padan muka anda wahai encik Azman! Tapi kadang2 respond yg diharapkan tak dilayan pon, sometimes he goes “alaaaa, tu drg tengok luar je, yg dlm stretch mark drg xnampak”…okkkkkkkkkk!!!!! Aritu mase pregnant I told him that I’ll go for laser treatment to lessen the scars and if boleh, nak make it disappear terus dia ckp “alaaaa xpayahla sayang, bukan ade org Nampak pon,u pakai baju Nampak perut ke? I tak kesah pon”…sekarang nak mengungkit pasal strectch mark itu.grrrrrrr!!!!!!!! haha.

6) Everytime going out with the girls or friends, mostly drg suka gi shopping baju. And yg kita rase mcm “allaaa,baju I bnyk lagi, baik beli baju anak”… so xkanla krg nak ajak member2 pergi kedai baju baby, confirm drg xnak.soooo Korang pon follow je laaaa (sometimes tersambar gak baju sendiri sehelai-dua tu =P) tp hati meronta2 bila Nampak outlets yg jual bj baby.cisss! hehehehehe. And kawan2 krg sometimes pelik siap ckp “udect, dulu ko nak beli ape pon,ko masuk pilih n bayar, y skrg ko mcm hesitate nak membeli?” i mcm “errrr……..” tak tau nak jawab ape.dulu single babe, beli baju utk diri sendiri.if let say baju tu 50rm so beli jela,utk diri sendiri. Now dah ade anak ,kene divide by 2, so if baju 50rm tadi, pk balik, kang bolehke beli baju for azriff pulak? Sooo…begitulah keadaannye…..kene piker 4-5 kali pulak tu nak membeli…. *ade gaye calon ibu mithali?* =P

7) Banyak membebel! For me la, dulu I was like telling myself not to be like my mom when I become as a mother one day…punye tinggi cita2..tapi hampeh! Selalu bebel n marah azriff if azriff wat bende2 pelik (tak la pelik pon, he’s a baby kot)…tapi nanti I bising, mara dia…. Cisss….rupenye jadi mak-mak memang mcm tu eh? Adoiiii!

NOTA KAKI: certain people might be asking why im always on fb, blog while in the office. orang kate keje O&G bz, tapi hang tu mcm xbz saya memang xde kerja skrg, memang if join O&G ade mcm training or we call it school. during school we'learn everything bout things which related to our job. so saye belom pergi school lagi. so far no commercial jobs yet, just helping others, during easy-peasy thing like QHSE thingy and most of the time studying (eceh! padahal buat bende lain) thats y im still free ni, wait until mid july, going to school and after that.....mungkin takde mase nk blog balik.sobs! lgpon normally, im blogging at night then put on schedule, pagi/tghr baru publish =)

so peep taaa.

Monday, June 4

mommy, i want to eat! eat! eat! not the type yg suka try recipe2 yg best2 like Annabel Karmel’s recipe . azriff dr kecik smpai besar eat the same food everyday. I mean basic same je pon, nasi or bubur. Tak pernah lain.hehehe. adela sekali 2 bg spaghetti Bolognese. Aihhh…Nampak sgt mommy yg xberape nak rajin (in short:pemalas). Actually ade tgk recipe best ni letak apricotla,vege,milk&fish and then bake bagai. But ntahla rase mcm susahnyeeeeeee nak buat.haiyer! I bgn pagi, masak bubur (then campak2 chicken cubes, broccoli, carrot&potatoes.tu mcm dah jadi azriff’s official food.haha. kesian Azriff. Tak pon, masak nasi then buat soup, or steamed/fried fish. Paling dahsyat, makan nasi dgn kicap if tak sempat sgt. (wahhh,x sempatnye..padahal bangun lambat!) eh nak list down laaaa…ape yg selalu mommy cooks for my baby Naashif.semoga mommy insaf untuk masak food yg lebih sedap ala2 omputih for my baby (ambitious tak hengat!)

1) Porridge (urgh, tell me something new!) + broccoli+ potato

2) Porridge + broccoli + carrot + potato (pusing2 tang tu gak). Haha

3) Porridge + glair + potato (or carrot or broccoli) –yes, its kind of a rotation I guess.haha

4) Porridge + avocado + glair (or potato/broccoli/carrot) haha. Ape lagi kan?

5) Porridge + salmon + broccoli

6) Rice + chicken soup

7) Rice + fried salmon ( with olive oil+butter)

8) Rice + vege

9) Rice + fried egg (dh mcm budak 4-5 tahun buat anak sendirkan?adoii)

10) Rice + any type of dishes that I cooked that day (or served in the restaurant)

11) Tak mau tulis nasi + kicap (Nampak kejam) wuwu.

Wahhhh….poor my baby…I guess other kids are really enjoying their tasty+delicious food at home.

Eg: chicken puree with sweet potato and apple .(gulp ….dengar poon dah drooling) but my problem is: takde nasik best ke? Gaaaa! Dasar pemakan nasik punye emak! Azriff mesti tension. So end up azriff pon kene makan nasi everyday *facepalm*

How to be more creative? and i'd like to make homemade baby food recipes (ranging from easy-peasy to advanced baby table food recipes???)......someone please teach me…..i feel its quite difficult and when looking at the food (which not rice/porridge for main course) ill go….daaaaa..kenyang ke? Sigh!

                                         mommy's taking my pic as usual. senyum cket la.hehe

                                                       mommy, please...malulaaaaa aiiiiii

                                                       my bfast on d'go!(grapes+tomatoes)
p/s : Azriff mommy cuba untuk menjadi lebih rajin!

p/s lagii: but mommy azriff still rasa dia baik sikit dr mommy 2yg asyik bg anak drg makan nestum hari2....heheheh. (nak jugak up diri sendiri=P )

Thursday, May 31

breastfeeding story part two

hello ladies,

today is a public holiday. yeayyy! *saje nak buat office2 yg xcuti jeles* hehehe. ok, mariiii membace =)

Breastfeeding equipments

part ni untuk memudahkan keadaan, memang kene sediakan peralatan secukupnya. Tak semestinya kene canggih2 or mahal2. Stick to thing which makes u feel comfortable. For me I go for medela freestyle not because of the brand or sebab ramai org guna. But I dh guna swing n seriously I feel not ok, so I go for freestyle its easier for me. Nak bwk travel, nak pump mase kerja,sooo easy. 10-15 mins maximum! and then I can do my work! Even I always pump while driving. Keluar office,pasang siap2 dlm kereta, then im good to go! choose what makes u think its very convenient and xmenyusahkan hidup anda. Mmg sometimes costly jugak bende2 ni,so kenela budget sikit.xpayah makan TGI Friday’s everyday, Ben’s or yg mahai2. If krg cukup budget then its good.if mcm kami2 ni haruslah berjimat cermat demi anak2.*chewahhh now I sound like err…ibu mithali* kekeke.=P

Stress-free&be happy =)

Please take note wahai ibu2 sekalian, jgnla selalu sgt nak stress bende2 yg tak berape perlu distresskan! I read somewhere and I think lots of people out there always say that “if stress, susu tak keluar nanti”… I don’t know whether its true or not….i rase betul kot sbab ramai org cakap. Yes, mungkin ini membantu. And mase ni la kot hubby memainkan peranan penting. I think different people, go different cases.

i.Ade org happy bila dibelai manja hubby selalu. So dia tak stress, so production pon bnyk,
ii.ade org bila nak pump je dia kene tengok,belek gamba anak dia few mins utk dptkan mood happy (seriously mmg ade) then bila tgk anak mesti happy kan,so dapatla dia pump dgn jayenye.

I pulak jenis yg tak perlu tgk2 gambar ni (I boleh bygkan dlm kepala sendiri mcmmane rupa nakal Azriff) hahaha. Then smbil pump, i tweet, whatsapp, fb bagai.weeeee….so itulah aktiviti menggembirakan saya!hehehehee (plg best if tgh on the fon with hubby), so lagi banyak susunye.hehehhe. and for me,im happy always Alhamdulillah psl hubby selalu tlg dr jauh, mcm if ade problem,dia googlekan,cari solution. For certain cases u tak payah nak pk semua bende srg2 sgt kan?kirenye morale support itu penting jugak ye kawan2 dan para suami =). eg: rumah tgh nak renovate ni, dapur kene cari sape tukang nak buat. para2 suami silela google or pergi cari,jgnla wife yg tgh sebok2 dgn baby jugak nak cari. mcmtula contohnye. bile wife tu jage baby,masak,kerja and all.bende2 lain u all pulak settlekan. so give and take la right?

as for anak pulak, memang ade org dpt anak yg jenis naagissssssss je 24jam (according to my mom i la tu.hehehe). ade pulak yg dpt senang nak jage. Alhamdulillah mybaby mmg sangat senang jage. sekarang ni laaaagi senang.asal nak kasi diam,sumbat makanan.kekekee. mase mula2 dlm pantang,my momy dtg, dia siap ckp

"senangnye la jaga budak ni, xmenyusahkan org langsung, mcmni seploh org bley mak jage ,bukan mcm ko dulu.keje nak melalakkkkk aje."

sungguh kurang sopan sebenarnye statement itu.ntah2 i baik mase dulu...hihihi..tapi mgm betol pon, according to makcik-pakcik i semua i mmg jenis susah jage.degil jgn ceritalaaa.... sungguh bersyukur anak tak ikot perangai sendiri...tapi ini baru anak 1st,belom tgk anak 2nd, 3rd, 4th (if ade rezeki)...uwaaaa.....
so for me, if dpt anak yg susah jaga,jgnla merungut,kdg2 psl tu pon nak stress. cuba amek from positive side, ade jugak aku anak,org lain nak anak bertahun2 xdapat. so bersyukurlah dgn jgn nak stress sgt.

As a mother&a wife you ladies should have time for yourself too. Jgn dok rumah mengadap muka anak je lepastu stress sendiri. Bnyk cara nak handle stress, like keluar dgn kawan2, beli brg yg krg suka, keluar ber2 dgn hubby, if mmg krg jenis suka ngadap anak, ngadap jela if tu yg buat krg happy.lain org lain carenye kan? So as long as krg happy n xmengganggu production process krg,maka yezza keep it up yo! =)


oooo.the most important part ye rakan2!im not a well disciplined person in many things dear friends,esp bab2 timing.memang fail! but, when it comes to the pumping session,im very puctual in fact, medela freestyle is my true friend, i feel awkward without it with me everytime im going out!
so here, you have to dicsipline urself so that ull get loads of EBM stocks in ur fridge/deep freezer!
i mmg jenis akan sentiasa check stock,ill make sure stock tu cukup at least for one month if i tinggalkan azriff for meeting, our outstation. like when dlm pantang smpaila azriff around 6mos, every 2-3hrs i mesti pump. then evey 4 hours. now in the office i pump tghr and ptg (because pg i dh susukan azriff). so like 4-5 hours jugak. bab ni,sil JANGAN MALAS ye rakan2 =)


if you have to, then you can take it i guess, (make sure you ask ur Dr first) . for me i dont have to take any supplement like shaklee or fenugreek.bescause i pernah ambil fenugreek,tapi same je prodcutioin susu tu, tak de lebih sgt pon. so mcm xde effect sgt to me. supplement yg i ambil skrg is ape yg i ambil ms pregnant. 1) calcium 2) fish oil) . so thats it. memang smpai skrg la kene makan bende2 ni. and yes, i memang jenis when i wake up in the morning, first thing, ill drink 2glasses of water then a spoon of honey before i take my breakfast. mmg since dkt uni i amalkan. until now =)


Haaaa,bile I explain nanti, sile jgn ckp saye poyo nak show off ke ape ok. Ini ape yg I buat. seriously rase serba salah pulak, tp bila fikir2 balik if kita ada usaha ,tp takde doa tiada bermakna jugak kan? So ini apa yg I usahakan sepanjang I pregnant, dr1st day I know I was pregnant, sampai la skrg…… Cuma skrg mcm kurang je amalan2 tu.wuwuwuw. ms pregnant, rajin bangun malam, doa utk kita, suami dan anak,doa sekali pada Allah utk dptkan susu yg banyak. insyaAllah Allah tolong. Then, solat Dhuha, selalu utk bukakan pintu rezeki, doa sungguh2 nak dpt susu yg banyak utk our baby, mase tgh pump pon doa juga, semoga hasil tuaian semakin banyak dan memberi manfaat pada baby. In my entire life I memang tak depend totally on usaha, and I tak depend totally dgn doa.i do both. I believe in both. Bila dah usaha + doa, takde rezeki juga,maka Redha. Jgn pulak ckp I ingat org2 yg dh usaha nak breastfeed baby dia tp tak dpt,mereka tu tak berdoa. That’s not my point. Berbalik pada soal rezeki, if Allah nak bagi, so dia bagi. If Allah kata kun, so kun laaaa =) jika tiada, kene redha. Mungkin rezeki anak seterusnya ade mencurah2. We never know. And jgn ingat bila ada rezeki anak 1st,anak 2nd ,3rd pon ade. Berbalik kepada soal rezeki tadi, jika ade,maka adelah……. Usaha + doa…itu yg penting. Allah knows what’s best for us. insyaAllah.

Nota kaki: when I post my EBMs' pictures in fb or here, got few moms who don’t breastfeed their babies assumed that im a hardcore breastfeeding mom who memandang rendah towards mom yg xde chance or tak mau breastfeed their babies. Well, 1st ly, I memang salute dkt moms yg ade effort nak bfeed their babies, soal dpt buat atau tak, itu soal ke2. Yg penting ade intention. So I respect them. If tak dpt buat, as I said, berbalik pada soal rezeki ye kawan2. Siapa lah I nak pandang2 rendah dkt org? rezeki pon Allah yg bg. Memang its sooo not me, nak pandang2 rendah dkt org.

2ndly, if you are a mother and u choose to not bfeed your baby, I respect that as well. You have your own opinion, what’s best for you. Your life,your call! So tak perlu nak ikot org if you rase tak comfortable with that thing. Seriously, for me I tak rase pon salah moms yg tak nak bfeed their babies. Buat ape yg krg rase long as krg rase baby krg happy, krg happy. So that’s good enuff! No need to pening2 kepala pk ape org nak kate. Seriously, NO need at all…..

                                        organizing EBM. dah bersepah2 dlm deep freezer tu.
                                                              from feb-may 2012.

so, taaaaaa =)

Wednesday, May 30

Breastfeeding story part one

Hi all...

againnn.....fuuhhhh!!!! dusty&rusty....time to dust off my blog and update about my breastfeeding journey i guess. since a lot of people asking me bout tips, advices n etc..etc...sometimes rase mcm xqualified pulak ade intention to blog bout this.bukannye Dr ke, breastfeeding consultant ke, lactation consultant ke...soo im sooo sorry if got any pieces of advices yg actually xmengikut standard certain people. im just a normal people without any Dr title in front of my name, or isnt a Dr's wife or a Dr's daughter. ini memang pure org biasa =) all i want to do is just sharing bout my breastfeeding journey which i assume at least will give tak sorang, dua or maybe benefit to me for sharing this. =) right?

ok, first of all....physically&mentally prepared :

dont say that u want to breastfeed ur baby without any sacrifice. no sacrifice, no victory. dont say breastfeed is an easy task and assume everybody can do it. seriously.its not easy at all! trust me!the situation may varies from me to other mommies out there.please note that most of the time im handling my baby alone. esp for certain people who say : "penyusuan ibu sukar dilakukan tanpa sokongan ayah, bila ayah sentiasa menyokong ibu,maka mudahlah proses ibu menyusukan anak"...... honestly....and this is a fact.most of the time when im having problem with breastfeeding, i never got any "supportive" feedback from husband.

eg: me: "sayang,my nipple cracked or was bleeding just now"...
     hubby: "ooo, sapu la ubat"....

thats it.if that is what u call-  being supportive, so errrr......maybe yes.

me: "syg, i risau ebm azriff tinggal sikit dlm deep freezer tu"
hubby: "tak payahla risau, kan boleh pump lg".....

so.sekian. dont get me wrong, in this case, im not blaming my husband. im aware of his "hati keras-non-romatic-hati batu- type" since before kawen lagi. nanti ade pulak yg ckp i kawen pakse.muahahahah. bukan.bukan.memang ade org mcmni.sila balik buat sujud syukur if hubby anda seorang yg super romantic bile u all ckp sakit,dia tlg bg tips ala2 Dr on the spot ke or ape2la yg melambangkan hubby anda seorang yg romantic.(xbrape nak tau ciri2 husband romantic since i have a errrrr.......xbrape nak romantic type).hehehe. saya redha. memang betol. tujuan i  bgtau dia i got sore nipples or bleeding ke just for the sake of sharing.itu sahaje. mmg xde la nak harap respond berjela2 dr dia sbab mmg dh kenal dia. so, my point dkt sini is : kene mentally prepared la if you kene g through all those hard things alone and have to find ur own solutions.
cuma, yes disini im very2 lucky,even if my husband tak reti la nak jd sweet talker or romantic2 ni, dia sangat supportive from financial side. yes, when Allah gives you something, it wont be too perfect kan? so ade yg lebih dan ade yg kurang. maka, bersyukurlah dgn ape yg anda dpt =) disini mula2 ms dlm pantang i guna medela swing, tp memang serious menyampah psl i dgn nak ambil exam masters lg dlm pantang, nak kene pump one side dh half an hour, other side lg? then habis pump azriff bgn, kene bg susu lg? so i pon ckp kt hubby i, nak medela freestyle. dia xbnyk ckp terus beli. (sbab dia mmg jenis xbnyk ckp pon.hehhehe). if i nak anything berkaitan dgn baby,i can buy anytime. like lanolin ointment, breast pads, ebm storage or anything. dr segi tu bagus pulak,tak pernah mempersoalkan.

bab mommy pulak . my mom memang xde fully breastfeed anak2 dia.mesti campur.smpai 2 tahun.can u imagine, ktrg balik dr hospital terus dh makan biskut marrie. gempak x my mom?haha.i dont know la mmg style org dolu2 ke ape,risau sgt budak nangis, tak cukup drg sumbat makan.berdoalah semoga tiada effect terhadap anak dikemudian hari. so my mom keeps on saying"

"kalau x cukup susu tu, tambah susu formula laaa:

"budak ni dah 3bulan, kenapa xbg makan lg, jgn ikot sgt ckp Dr, drg ntah2 dh bg anak drg makan"

ade certain makcik2 or cousin2 or kawan2 pulak:

"asyik melekap je anak ko"

"tak sexy betol kene angkat2 baju n sumbat kt anak mcm tu"

memang ade sesetengah org mcmtu.biaq pi la depa.anggap depa x fully exposed to benefits of breastfeeding. or drg tau tapi memmang prinsip drg xmo breastfeed baby drg, so fine la.everyone ade opinion masing2kan.simple as that =)

seee. soooo i xdela dpt fully support pon from anyone. semuanya diatas kehendak sendiri.i memang serious berkeras nak breastfeed anak i smpai sekarang. so if org ckp drg xdpt bfeed anak psl environment and all, i mean without effort,just buta2 dgr org cakap, i seriously against it. if u are very firm with your decision, then dont have to look back and listen to what others say about ape2 yg korang nak buat. full stop.

Breast/nipple condition

1st thing yg all mommies perasan, after give birth, bukan baby senang2 terus dpt latch and few cases ade yg inverted nipple. and i faced both problems. Azriff xpandai/xdpt latch on sbab my inverted nipples. bersusah payah ni dkt hospital berusaha and we were finally able to get him latched on by the 2nd day i think. memang payah jugak.kene selalu pump to help the nipple to come out a bit. and yes it works! my gynae helped me a lot mase mula2 give birth and advised me to fully breastfeed my baby. then baby kene jaundice, admitted like 2-3days dkt hospital,so memang i turun naik2 la from my room to nursery kt hospital tu utk bfeed baby. can u imagine, baru few dys beranak?berjalan mcm nak rak ,turun naik-turun naik. pump lagi,  every 2-3hrs pergi nursery utk bfeed baby.buat assignment lg, study for final exam lagi. eh semuala buat sekali. but im thankful for the experience. org kate, jgn ade anak ms belajar, for me memang its hard actually, but then its rezeki afterall, y nak avoid? in the end i got my masters and baby at the same time =) kan rase bahagia tu? Alhamdulillah.syukur sangat. so my advise if got inverted nipples ke ape, my gynae told me to play with it with ur hub's help before u beranak, so that ms baby keluar senang. then selalu pump utk kasi dia keluar sikit. so memang Alhamdulillah, it helps! a lotttttt! =) pakai teats ke ape,i memang tak suka. sbab i takot azriff confuse or i have to depend on that everytime nk bfeed mmg xamalkan. memang ade cracked n sore nips,but i tabahkan hati je meredahnye..... ok,babtu cerita kt point lain.he-ho!

Food intake

this is what we calll sacrifice. bende yg kita suka makan or selalu makan kene try to avoid it for a while until perut baby dh bley accept those foods. i mmg suka all hot&spicy food.pernah makan right after pantang. then poo baby ade mcm kesan2 red colour,according to my mom itu cili,maka percaye ajelah.then xmkn pedas sgt. selalu kene makan milk booster like oat,kurma,kismis, lobak putih.lobak putih jgn ceritalaaa, mmg dh jd mcm my snack dah,everytime pon makan tu. eat fish a loootttt, then mmg i tak minum coffee or nescafe langsung because i read somewhere caffien not good for baby and the effect is your susu will be getting lesser and lesser if you kerap minum coffee. luckily, i wasnt a coffee drinker. seriously, i thank God everyday for that. i tak perlu minum coffee to keep me awake and stay fresh in the office. i can control myself, dont have to depend on coffee or any air manis2.

 if you are talking about, coke, sprite, any carbonated drinks yg tak boleh/tak digalakkan ms bfeed baby,yes i memang TAK minum langsung carbonated drinks. hehehehe. so its quite easy for me i guess. if u mmg peminum tegar minuman2 ini, agak susah jugalah,so kene control. ice? more advantage for me, i memang tak minum ice. i mean if org order,or ade depan mate,minumla sikit2,tp namenye nak order air berais eg :nescafe ice, milo ice bagai memang saye bukan orgnye. my fav drink after meal is limau suam, water melon juice ,fresh orange juice all without ice. bab makanan2 lain like kurma, oat,kismis, lobak putih yg i kene mkn everyday, i anggap itu sebagai makanan yg harm at ape salahnye kurangkan pedas dan makan,makanan berkhasiat? minum susu ,fruits,vege everyday. take it from a positive side la. bende tak bg harm pade badan,kenapa kene merungut nak makan? or give up breastfeeding because of that? but again, terpulang kepada setiap individu, yg nak makannye korang, perut n tekak yg nak telan. for me mmg takde problem, for others maybe its a huuugeee problem. so its all up to you how to handle it k darlings ?=)

Cracked/bleeding/sore nipple

bersyukurlah if anda tidak pernah mengalaminya. memang ade few moms yg dont have to face tis problem at all when they are fatihfully using lanolin ointment on their nipples. memang ade.for me, i memang have this problem masa dlm pantang then ok je, sampai la azriff dh bnyk tumbuh gigi. masa ok tu, tak terfikir pulak nak apply the ointment everyday, so bila azriff ada gigi, memang ya Allah sakit ok. siap bleeding kadang, nak pump pon serba salah., pump pon suction, so sakit, bg baby pon sakit. baby i tak gigit, tp sebab gigi dia dh banyak,so memang berlaga with nips,so sakit ya ampun. i tak pernah kene mastitis tu smpai la ade one day, recently jugak psl i xpump n tak bg baby sbab mmg sakit. cracked dia sampai i jumpa gynae i pon dia ckp "nipple u ni mcm trauma je ni"...haaaa, tak trauma plak i dengar bile dia ckp camtu. tp mastitis i tak teruk pon, i pump manually then ok jugak dkt azriff and apply ointment. so as for the result, my soreness was minimal, and the ointment soothed my skin when it was chafed. sape kate breastfeeding is not challenging? i never complain and it doesnt mean that im going through only good things while breastfeeding? seriously, i bnyk kali kene sore nips ni. lesson learned: always use lanolin ointment on nipples even mase tak sakit,insyaAllah takkan jd horror mcm i.Alhamdulillah skrgni, everytime after pump and malam i apply lanolin before tido.

bab pump manually sila belajar ye kawan2, sebab time sakit mcmni, memang horor gak if nak pump pakai medela tu, sbab nanti u can see ur blood mix with milk. lagi horror! if bagi baby pulak,nanti poo dia jd black colour,yes jgn panic if poo baby black colour if u ade sore nips ke ape,sbab mmg pasal dia hisap darah u ms bfeed. so memang i bnyk berkorban bab sore, cracked n bleeding nips ni laaaaa....sakit ok.jgn ingat xde cabaran langsung. sebab ade je org ckp "ko bolehla bfeed anak ko,semua ko senang ade medela freestyle, ade mase bla bla blaaaa"....hello yes, i admit all those things membantu TAPI if ade semua tu xrase tak tahan sakit pon tak boleh kan?if takde semangat yg kental pon almost impossible kan? ouh 1 more thing, blajar pump manually bagus during time yg krg lupe bwk pump n no baby with you,so takla jd breast engorgement bagai. nak breastfeed baby kene ade ilmu. kene educate yourself , sila google, or bace kt mane2la. i pulak tak suka attend class la,apela. for me, senang,bace je n call my gynae mintka advices. i memang fully utilized my gynae. sikit2 call je dia.hahahahaa. 

mase gi check caracked&bleeding nips kt clinic, Dr kt clinic tu (not my gynae) asked:

"we got injection to reduce milk if you want?"

me: "nope.i dont want "

Dr: "then you have to bear with the pain"

me: "xpelah Doc, i deliver my baby manually, without epidural, i feel the pain. setakat sakit ni berape percent sgtla Doc"

seriously, nak suruh kurangkan susu? xpela.tq. ill' find other solution. =)
ok i stop here for this entry.....will continue in "breastfeeding story part two" if sumbat semua dekat sini, ade org pening bace panjang2 sgt...hehehe. taa peeps =)

kita bg tgk pic budak ni cket=P

Monday, November 21


not gonna piffling again this time.he.he.he. lets see...what i had beforeeeee....... going to sleeppppppp.


mariiiii menggemokkssss!

Tuesday, November 15

on things yg "dah lapuk dek hujan, dah lekang dek panas".

ok, flipping back memories bout before my married life. been quite active yo.yes, my work required me to stay in the office untill late night BUT i never consider it as something which stopped me from doing something else eg:socializing with me frens, gym-ing, playing squash, jamming session and many other things.seriously if stay kt office,pergi balik, pergi balik boleh membuncitkan perut kot.better do sumthing which could ease a bit rase-rase tension tu kan? kan?
so below were my activities semase masih anak dareeeee.yeeehaw!haha.


actually memang selalu gi gym since mula2 kerja.well u know to tone up the body n mengecilkan part-part mane yg harus dikecilkan or errrr...membersarkan part mane yg harus dibesarkan. eh ade ke? =P
normally,i'll be going early in the morning.somewhere nearby office.took celebrity fitness can go everywhere.if pergi pagi2 (yes, pakse diri bagai nak rak bukak mate kol 6,ouh saye kagum dgn diri sendiri).then terus drive ke kl gi gym, then mandi n pi office. if petang,will be going to midvalley.memang menarikkk.selain dr tujuan2 kesihatan, pergi ke gym juga ialah kerana mahu mencuci mate.if x cuci mate,cemane mate nak bersihkan? =P so sile cuci mate anda melihat abang-abang body, ouh my.... sixpacks occcayyy!handsome2 belaka.pheeewitttt (ok,ini xtvt bfore kawen,setelah kawen gi gym tutup mate).eh?haha.

pole dance class:

ini memang tabiat luar biase saye kerana at 1st pergi dance class,then mcm nak lg mencabar gi pole dance was hard in d'beginning but lame2 ok.memang niat di hati nak ade pole kt rumah, siap nk buat show kat hubby.buuutttttt xkesampaian, pasal pas kawen terus stop.hish rugi2.if not,still bley maen2 dgn mane tiang2 yg ade.boleh pnajat2 kesane sini.mesti Azriff kagum.muahahahaha.

my ouh my,i memang teruja giler nak ade pole sendiri at home.


gile guitar since zaman sekolah.bnyk kali kene beli pasal jahanam,tali putus bagai.then ade la gi jamming pas kerja n lepak2 ngn member2.sukeeeee sangat tengok mamat2 men since laki i xreti maen,make guitar saye terletak di dlm store.sungguh kasihaaaannnnn.

sila perhatikan guitar mcm nak dibalut tikar.ini keadaan dalma store.sekian.

foreign language:

dulu2 ms kt secondary school, ade srg mamat ni (tgk kt tv) dia polis,tp dia belajar bnyk mcm jadi idola kejap. ingat nak jd terror in many languages jugak,tapi apekan daye selalu xsempat after work nk gi class2 bahase (eh melepak ngn kengkawan sempat pulak kan?).mase dulu kt sekolah belajar arabic, jgn tanye dah ape maksud,semua lupa.arabic pon selalu skip class.haha. then uni belajar german language, perggghhh....susah giler ok,budget nak dok german,tp ntah ttahun bile.skrg sudah lupe ape yg dipelajari adelah. then mase kerja belajar mandarin.mcm poyo jap gi class, jap x gi,so ntah ape2 jadinye.langsung lupe skrg.wo ai ni. taulaaa.hahahaha.

ho-ho ini belajar bahase arab mase kecik2.muahaha. mandarin cert tak dapat ditemuai,di bawah katil dekat kampung maybe.sigh.


ini kira daily xtvt mase dok kt rumah (dulu stay kt kondo kt keramat) maka sangattlaaa suka swimming.nyum nyum nyummmmmm.


ni lagila berhabuk, even slb pon ade buat.join sekali je kot.sbab manjang time kene nak gi ade je bende2 hal menyibuk,deadline la,client meetingla, deting time pernah few times gi diving dgn member2.start kerja mmg slow.adoi!
but snorkeling memang quite often la,asal gi holiday kt pulau confirm akan pergi snorkeling.heheehe.

adventurous xtvties,

like hiking (panjat gunung kinabalu), camping, travelling with friens (ouh saye memang sukaaa iniiiiii), white water rafting, free fall xtvties adn u name it la.memang sangatttt mcm nak gi selalu if ade mase.memang release tension habis.

this was 1 of company's activity, mase tu Quay2 still my boyfie.auwww=P

muka ganas:memang nampak sgt exaggerate,pose for d'camera!

naik bot,but i wasnt d'coxwain, encik hubby tau la nk bwk bot,saye tatau!

parasailing... yes we did it!in bali ya'alll.*berlagak mcm bagus=P*

yezza.bali with d'gurls!


hello u,meet my frennnnnnnn...=P

maka itulah ye kawan2, if ade mase lapang sementare muda ni,rajin2kanla berxtvt selain kerja anda.besh ke gi kerja,balik kerja je?u should have hobbies and passions to do things which out of ur ordinary once u dah pop like me, u'll fell ouh ini i dh try,ini pon dh.heeee.but 1 thing i still xbuat2 lagi is sky diving.serious nak buat but manjang xsempat.hopefully wiLl find time to do it someday!

taaa peeps!