Monday, June 11

Gaya saya!


normally before going to bed (around 11pm, ouh im old!), me&azriff will watch his education program (kononnye,name nak gempak,padahal download sendiri). yes, most of it i download from you tube. sort of education system la kan got ABC, 123, Alif Ba Ta, colours, shapes etc etc....heheehe

im not a Tv fan, so we go upstairs around 8pm and i will spend time with my baby like playing with him, teaches him this and that (normally,im the one yg jakun main toys dia, pasal dulu kecik2 mak ayah manela belikan toys sgt). *insert juraian air mata* and let him watch his edu prog so that i can solat, on the fon with his daddy ,read novel or normally ill sing those ABC,123 songs as well. (mesti ariff xsuka bila mommy dia sebok2 nak nyanyi same, bingit telinga dia suara mommy xsedap.nasib ko la nak!hehe) . *this xtvt only happen when Azriff's daddy is working offshore. when he's home, the xtvt will be different, ill spend more time with hubby at night, we'll put azriff to bed early like 9pm. hehehe.kasi chancela mommy&daddy kan =) *

im as a working mom, always trying my best to find ways to spend quality time witf my baby. the best thing is doing something that both of us enjoy (golek2 atas katil together2). yes i assume Azriff loves to do this since i discovered that he enjoy lying next to me, when i talk to him, he listens and we laugh together. when i say something, he'll reply (in baby's language but normally in double-triple-syllable, ntah bahase german ke ape,mcm ayam ngn itik bercakap) and yes after that he gonna tarik my baju and.........(please fill in the blank=P).

he sleeps in his own crib since d'day he was born, but when his daddy's not around, i soo manjekan dia, im gonna sleep with him and put him on my bed. (poor mommy hafto sleep alone, and my baby's sleeping in his crib) so i've decided to sleep with him when hubby's not around. last2, azriff feel comfy sleeping with us pulak.haiyerrrr,so hafto move his crib closer to our bed, hubby remove one of the sides (crib's door-the gateside with safety locks) and tadaaaa... here he is,sleeping next to us!so no need to wake up at night, and take him from his crib, feed him and put him back, now i just have to tarik my baju and he pandai2 cari ape yg dia nak.hehehehe... easy-peasy right? and im still sleeping next to hubby, yes, i wont let azriff sleeps in between.HuuuuuUGE NO! daddy's away for 5weeks and when he's home, anak tidur tengah2??? apekah? sorry.i dont practice that!heheheehe.... but azriff will b sleeping in his own room when he's 2 y/o (hopefully)

ok, now lets get back to my point, actually i want to show azriff's various styles of (watching his edu prog). duduk, baring, meniarap,menonggeng, duduk senget semua ada! =D

                                                                          sit straight



                                                           lepak sat, excercise kaki sikit!

                                                                duduk senget sikit!

                                                                 meniarap la pulak

                                                                ok,sucking my fingers!nyums

mcm besh makan tgn sebelah pulak! adoi!

spot Ariff's crib? comel je next to our bed right? hehehe.

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aliea_rockerz566 said...

Maksu yang gaya meniarap tu kita buat dlu pastu dyer tiru...