Friday, October 24

im getting feD up =(

i have no prob wif mY body except for my thighs.
and im getting fed up!
im no longer prOud wif d'"asset" given to me as every1 said.
im working soo hard to make my thighs smaller.
im longing for slender legs.
i know when i do lots of exercises n control food taken,
i can see a bit different on my thighs but still.. juz a lil bit of diff
and im not satisfied at all.

im gonna do liposuction. i dun care d'side effect or whutt.
i juz wanna do dat. i've found d'best place to do it .
Ko specialist and i already ask about d'price
12K is minimum budget and 18K is d'max
(it depends on amount of fats removed).
im gonna do, im tired of thinking on how to burn fats
n im getting fed up with dieting program and exercises.
i feel damne pressure and only myself know how pressure im, facing this
problem and thinking of d'best way to get rid of those fats!!!!!
im not going to deal wif this s**t anymore.
juz get it done and be happy. dats all.


Saturday, October 18

Bau dan Warkah.....

Takkan lagi aku menunggu
Kau hadir di dalam mimpi-mimpiku
Puasku mengharapkan dirimu
Seperti mereka yang punya cinta

Diriku tanpa dirimu
Kau tempuhi penuh bahagia
Diriku mahu kau tahu
Pedih ini kau tak terasa

Warkahku mengharapkan dirimu
Seperti yang aku kenali dulu
Setiaku menantikan dirimu
Seperti setianya terhadap diriku

Tapiku melepaskan mu
Melangkah namun tak berdaya
Terusku terus menunggu
Cinta yang takkan pernah ada

got tyme when i feel deeply upset but i cant even say a word bout it..
sacrifice, decision n fate...all are burdens for me now.
and i keep asking myself...will i regrate later on?
or my sacrifice will worth those happiness dat i wish to happen in my life everyday?
GOD knows. and im praying...okie, i drop it now.

keyboard off...

a lil bit update...

i cant be like dis forever.
i hafto make my own decision n stick to it.
nobody can influence me on making decision.
and i think after few considerations,
i already know the answer.
may GOD bless me. amen.

okie, today i was bergumbira sakan outing wif parents and siblings. apelagi, beraye to my aunts' and uncles' =) .
eventho a bit upset wif few things, but nvm laaa...
juz swallow d'bitter part and forget about it.

OMG, tomorrow i hafto go to d'offce. workloads.
haihh...i think ppl started to notice my improvement n im so glad bout it.
i know im not expert in doing processing,
i have to learn lot of things lagi,
but at least i tried. eventho sumtyme i juz hentam kromo saje.

k la, pics lagi.. when me + dad + d'sisters hiked up gunung lambak yg tak berape tinggi tu around 4 months loveeeees to go hiking, climbing, marathon and things related to it. sangatla adventurous n loves challenging.
and very healthy conscious. adeke naik gunung 3 tymes a week juz to get fresh water from dat gunung. aduh! sabar jerkla....

ok, enjoy d'pics...

see d'sign? i step on it.dun care.ngeee

dad left us bhind..sigh


freak!! dad likes to drink water form dis mountain,he bottled it and bring it back home..

halfway to peak..

ok, i need to reduce fats inside my body.need to go swimiming. gtg.later.taaaa...

Friday, October 17

am piffling tonite, so no topic -tq

Bbq raya at sabby's make me damn full n sleepy rite now.
i was eating joyOusly & without control (of coz i got that behavior from cik hamidah).hehe. credit to cik hamidah.kaka. anyway, thanks to miss sabby.
need to prepare my tummy for tomorrow's open hse.
seems like i have lots of "open house" invitations for tomorrow n sunday.
great! consider me as a free loader. ngaaaa...

to whom u should turn to when u feel like everything mixed up in ur mind, and of coz it determine ur performance everyday ? yess i know, to GOD. uwaaa, everything juz make me out of sorts lately. and my mood vary from tyme to tyme ni.iskh!!! me feel better...

he's the perisher =P (see his retarded face???)

2 pics above were taken during our buka puasa at wong solo, ampang. recommended to every1. deliciOus tahap dewa.heee..

and pics below captured during our buka puasa session at saloma bistro - they performed traditional dancing that nite and i got few pics of d'crew during their performance.

us are valetudinarian, but got day when we juz skip our rules in eating and we juz eat n eat out of control and go for the wrong food.haha...

D' food? tasty, yummy and variety..

my entry lately filled wif pics saje. =) . nikmatilah warna warninya.....=) =) =)


Thursday, October 16

+ When goOD things came in a bundle!!!>>...+

IT SPoILT ME TO d'MAX!!!!!! ergghhhh..


it took me almost an hour to be home everyday due to gridlock + flood + raining season (ouh-get used-get used!!!*sigh*)

im in grief! haihss...

ouh dun be grouchery, rite. neither a grumbler. but uwaaa....

haishh..shut up! stop grouching n grumbling. but uwaaa again...

" Di mana dia mr patrick saya " (out of sudden)

i refuse to be happy lately. y?

bcoz im in confusion..haihss...again

errmm, sudalaa..better upload raya pics in dis entry..dpt juga tengok muke kanak2 comel (not me obviously)..hehehe...i compiled raya pics from 1st raya (me n my sibling n cousin in orange at grandma's), me wearing red kebaya ( 4th day raya-mustang convoy), me in white kebaya (2nd day raya open house at parent's )and me in decent kurung biru (last saturday convoy wif offcemate from rawang to pj to keramat n sum of em to s.alam)...gile mesra rakyat kami ni..hehehhee..enjoy d'pics =)

aksi cute from zharif..cute sgt si kecik ni...

soo lazy to help out during open house at parents -we camwhored -wuuuuuuuuu+

going or not going ni??? adeh2.... tata..nite2..

Friday, October 10

im home!alone!....

survey herein, bcoz im bored!dewh...

I'm tired of:
:: doing mistakes...regretting...thnking..but still dont make any millions!*sigh*

I am listening to:
:: dangerOus -kardinall offishall feat akon

Maybe I should:
:: going out from my comfort zone? canada?

I wish:
:: i could do sumthing better than what im doing rite now...but i feel grateful. (still)

Chocolate is:
:: an irresistible de-stressing method =)

I have lost my respect for:
:: sumbody wif their egos!

I last ate:
:: lime cake -home-made- *thanks mOm*

The meaning of my display name is:
:: d' meaning is i have name n dats my name..dewh!

:: i wish i'll know who gonna be wif me tru thick n thin in this life..

I will always remember:
:: to do good deeds to every1 on earth! what i gonna get in return is priceless!

Love is:
:: Attention and it is the most basic form of love; through it we bless and are blessed but somehow Love is like quicksilver in the hand. Leave the fingers open and it stays. Clutch it, and it darts away.

:: im going to kak lyn's and movie-ing (maybe)

:: convoy hari raya from rawang to s.alam =)

:: soon? shhHHhhhhh...

Is your cell phone beside you?
:: nope.chargin' it. few meter radius away from me.

Are you wearing chap stick?
:: its in d'blood ooOoooo

Are you tired?
:: not really...juz jumped out from my bed..segar bugar!

Are you wearing pajamas?
:: nope..i prefer nightdress.

Are you mad?
:: already hush away irritable nature. im more patient now.thank u.

Are you upset?
:: yerp, wif lastnite fon call and it ended halfway bfore saying goodbye.*sigh*

Last beverage?
:: air suam.boley?

Last phone call received?
:: from gulf of mexico but it ended less in 5 mins.

Last time you cried?
:: ermm..on dat 1 sweet day...

List 2 favorite colors:
:: red, pink, black (i listed 3-ngeee)

Made a new friend?
:: errmm.. i think so...

Laughed until you almost cried?
:: yeah!!! aswad punye lawak..half an hour i gelak ok...

Met someone who changed your life?
:: ouh,dat 1 already met few months ago =)but this month i received news dat maybe gonna change my life in d'future...

Have you found out who your true friends?
:: yeah.a lot.beside myself.

What's the most interesting thing that happened to you today?
:: it still early in d'morning..nothing interesting happen yet...

What's your favorite number?
:: 7 come with double 1 after. (711) =)

What is your current mood?
:: deeply upset n confuse

Last people you hung out with?
:: wif few beemers at BMW open house yesterday

What color shirt are you wearing?
:: pink

Who's car were you in last?
:: my ultimate driving machine-hOhO

What color is your hair?
:: black n brownish highlite.

If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
:: stabil relationship n dat yummy 6 series!

When is your birthday?
:: sagi-10.

How do you feel about your hair right now?
:: bit messy..but i like it.especially d'wavy part.

When is the last time you held hands with someone?
:: next Q please! ouh daa abes..

im off....

Thursday, October 9


caving at gunung senyum n snorkeling at cheratin'...
we've planned to go for camping at Taman Negara, but few frens bailed out n pak organizer told us few xtvties have to be canceled due to raining season yg menimpa malaysia dat tyme. So,over the nite, we discussed n listed out few interesting places that we can go (considered journey time, xtvties , foods (penting tu) canceled out places which are inconvenient for us). tempat perbincangan tergempar kami adalah di yong taufu ampang smbil makan cupcakes =), we chose to go to gunung senyum (aswad doinks punye idea) but funny things happend , smpai sane beria2 pasang khemah ,then lipat blk n on d'nite beramai2 ke cherating ....giler unplanned!!! kami redah aje....wuuwuwuw...kla, nanti louqe cakap blog i ni bnyk membebel, so, enjoy d'photos.... gaiety faces of kanak2 ribena =)

DORK are us =) hurrah!!!

keyboard off ~taaa....

Tuesday, October 7

+ R.A.Y.A mode

hurray!!!! im back... after few days being as a "tukun" at home. finally i come back to d'office n yeah, "bermulalah episod sedey seorang pekerja swasta kembali" haihhhss...

ouh, bfore i put dis blog lenghty i should thank my most doinks-ness friend in d'world, mr louqe for d'new layout. to louqe : "walaupon hidungmu tak berape mancung, tetapi ketidak"handsome" man mu itu yg menyebabkan ke13-13 aweks2 rabun itu terpikat padamu, terima kasih daun keladi di atas layout ini"

mY hari raya was sO-sO... both happy n sad. without daddy on 1stday of hari raya. n hari raya dis year wasnt really happening like last yr. few cousins dun even care to celeb raya at grandma's, they prefer to stay in kl n few of em practicing to celeb raya wif in laws (eventho they arent married yet)-haihss.. we've grown up dude!!! time moving faster than i expected.

few years ago, when i was in primary and secondary school, i remember those moments (everytyme we celebrated hari raya). it was like "WOW", happening sungguh, convoy from 1 hse to another hse, i prefer to follow my cousins berasak2 naik van than follow d'parents, so many pantang larang kene ikut. cannot bring any food inside d'car, cannot eat, cannot do dis n dat,so many DO n DONT thingy. so, better run away from d'rules by avoiding myself from 'em during convoy session (ampun mom n dad, selamat hari raya-hehe, and if d'parents felt tired to go jalan2 raye, me n d'cousins jalan2 satu kampung beraye, d'best part was kami2 ini only care to go to d' house yg ade potential to give us big money. haha...sungguh mate duitan kami ini....huh, but memories left.... we are big gurls n boys now. in fact, few of us already have our own commitments, so,its very hard n rare for us to gather ourselves together like bfore and do many xtvties together. uishh.sedey pulak....wuwuuwuuw...i suppose to post my hari raya pic but most of d'pics were taken using my c's fon, so wait until she email me the pics la yerk.hehehehe. ouh, but i got pic of mR boyfren. he's wearing decent baju melayu biru..siap dgn samping lagi...sooo dashing...ouch!!!! (dun puke!! : kasila chance, sape lg nak puji bf if not d'gf ,btol tak?heheheh

+ D.A.S.H.I.N.G : in his decent baju melayu n samping (but err, dat yellow slippers spoil t ur appearance laa baby =P) - hehe, dats mY guY - onboard on hari raya- gulf of mexico dan sedang bersedih..hehhehe