Thursday, September 27

+bloG marathOn+ hOhO

addicted...the exact word to describe once these fingers are typing,forever it cant be stopD!wuwuwuw... meet another day ahead..i have to be prepared wif everything dat will happen in d'future.its not a big deal if we can predict everything as in plan.but d;thing is life is always unpredictable..erghhhh a bit grumpy..whatever!

+ouh,its better to list down,everything dat shud be accomplished untill d'end of dis week,so dat i wont feel like my life is miserable,unmanageable and shittyable(hahah)later on =(

+go for car service tomorrow!d'"service is due" indicator is already blink*ing for few times which is bothering me every single time im driving my car.

+i have to email stefan tomorrow..i didnt reply his last mails i think...d'great companion of mine so far...ouh a good advisor tooo..evento he's far awayyyyyyy from me =(

+to balik kampung or not..erghh...have to decide tonite.y in dis life we have to go tru d'days dat we should make our own decision quickly plus accurately?damne!

+post my graduation pics..NOW!stef,dont be surprise to seeme in viel...its me!yerp,ME!..not dayang..hehhehe


+exclusive photos of me in viel =P +

=saYangness =)+
+pl+s & M-nUs+

Dont be surprised!dis world isnt flat to make me fell at d'edge after crossing d'equator =P

it's been a while i've been in unannounced hiatus.and after i'm =)for d;last 3months i should say,my life filled wif sorrows and happiness, s usual, UPs and DOWNs in life,keep happening.which is a normal thing that will happen in ourlife somehow. but what i've been tru all dis while,eventho in a short term it made me realize&know myself better than before.
so,besides of keep thinking bout things dat keep bothering me,i've planned 4 myown future. D'idea of having MBA masters (see,im a bit ambitious,am i?heheh.. and d'idea of having myown bussiness suddenly came up at d'same time coincidently(dat idea already came up for about almost 1yr in mymind actually,but only now i feel like really into it), so tadaaaaa...i make it =)errr..lastweek...hehee...but yeah,still...i have
my own bussiness rite?hehhhe..for those who are interested to know more bout mybiz,do buzz me anytime dude!

and what else? me&frens planned to start bussiness after hari a piece of paper,we compiled d'idea and then u can see how -_-...pray for our success

ouh.....D'masters?ermm...5semesters to complete and i think its just wasting my time.but still,i will take IELTS soon as for mypreparation if i change mymind in a 1 brightday.weeeeeee..

ok,time for pics..i've compiled my pics when i was in d'chopper(took off from vessel to timor leste) wif pics when i was in d'vessel wif crews.a bit jakun as a first timer in d'chopper...hehehee..

*keYboard off*