Monday, March 17

::political issues::

i wish i cud stay out of dis issue as most of people know which party dat i always stand for.
and i think its better for me to talk face to face wif other ppl if i want to discuss bout dis sensitive issue instead of blaming or talking bout other ppl in dis blog.full, dats my answer 4 those who r asking me to write down bout what had happend,what's happening and what will happen in malaysia after election season yg mcm musim tsunami tu last week..but im proud of myself bcoz::

*i woke up early in d'morning (not dat earlyla,10 o'clock-haha)
*drove down to johor
*5mins max i spent tyme at d'voting place
*then, drove back to malacca.

semangat kan saye?

DEB??? "other ppl askd me bout dis after DAP raising up dis issue"
"so far,i think,its d'tyme for malay and other races to wake up.stop being as a free loader or hoping and depending on government."

but as i said,dun want to talk bout it much! ppl might get me wrongly if i juz answer in short sentence like above,dats y we need eye on eye conversation when we come bout issues dat a bit political.

btw, got d' copy of SURAT MUKHRIZ MAHATHIR to PAK LAH.
no comment on dat. zip D'mouth*

juz d'thing i want to say here as a conclusion

"take a brave stance when u check urself"-learn from your failure"
okie-done! *ppl,please gimme medicine for suffering nihhhhh......


Sunday, March 16

+a little cushion around ur waist gives u no harm at all.....+ i rite?go do ur search peeps =D
got it after quit a while i skipd my 'gym routine" and dance class.
dewh. depress2.

btw, have u ever told sum1 dat u love him/her sooo much but he/she distort wif a joke ?
y huh?bcoz its better than he/she says "thanks", or its juz d'way out for em to maintain their macho/sexy look than fit in panic?practically i dunno d'real answer dewh,but realistically,i think he/she doesnt love u at i rite?
never been in dat ctuation....juz curious btw =) .. and i think,if i were in dat ctuation,ill lough wif his jokes and continue making jokes even bout d"ilove u "words dat i said to him bfore until he feel confuse if i really mean wif whutt i said to him juz now.lallalalalalala~~

ok nowim buzysearching for hotels dat im gonna stay during my kinabalu trip.for those ygpernah meletakkan kedua2 belah kakinye di atas sane and got infos,buzz me k.

*distance...distance...distance..n i hate it*-actually i'll feel like dis when i didnt hear anything bout him 4 d'whole day,its not easy dewh to survive in a long distance relationship-got tyme when u feel damne lonely,or u need sum1 to talk to after got fight wif other ppl,or got sumthing stuck in urmind dat u need to blab it out to d'only person on earth dat could understand u better than others,or when u r browsing around d'shopping mall alone without companion,then u'll understand how much u need ur partner at dat mo,n ull missing 'em badly,n then u realize how miserable urlife without em,but i know i could n i will never ever give up. other than dat,im enjoying myself wif him throughly.i mean when he's in mesia,after he calld me from vessel,after i chat wif him.i feel undeniably happy.u know la kan,org pompuan,tak boley if tak dengar news pasal org tersyg die sehari.woaaaa-imsooooo typical-wuwuuw....btw, a lil update from me n keyboard off.daa~~~