Thursday, February 15

+ d' E.N.V.Yness inside me+

i not ok...yeah2,...i need to solve d'diffuseness in me,me myself is absolutelY in a big trouble by having a streak of jealousy n envy wif sumbody else who i should say here are almost perfect!
but i noe the fire of envy consumes the body,and excessive jealousy is like a ragging fire. but i juz coudnt help to change this nature and b more thankfull to GOD for giving me living in a life of tranqualitY,security and now im wishing for contentment....and how bout d'person who gave me lots of pains and headache???
might b i shud juz withdraw peacefully from places where idle arguements are going on
for d'tyme being n i think i should retain d'anger which is dominating me day by day....n then,i should stop babbling bfore it might b getting worse.....opsss..people..nway,happY chinese new year,enjoy ur holidays..done!

Monday, February 12

+ stress wrapping me around wif dis....+

evaluating ppl by their behavior is d'best way i think instead of their attire or performance in front of others..whutt i mean here is,when she/he is being or staying wif u n u both r getting closer day by day,then u'll noe what his/her attitude and straightlY u cud noe n remember it bY heart..i dunno ppl,when it comes to humanitY thingy no one cud teach u on how to communicate wif others without making each word sounds annoYing, or how u need to survive wif ursurrounding without hurting each other and no 1 cud tell u which is d'best way to make others being satisfY wif u n how could u do every single thing now suffering myself to bear n face dis small2 things apprehensivelY bcoz im afraid if 1daY ill burst out things loudlY...*big applause to mYfortitude*--im in a very hard tyme okie =( all dis things cause me to feel stunned or bewildered---erghhhhhhh*daze state*----sumbodY pls help me on handling sum1 dat really "sempoi" until dunno dat she might hurt mYheart wif her "kesempoian" tu...damne!im not dat type who can sound other ppl strictlY---i may sound her while im laughing and she mighy think dat im juz it bcoz i look like a clown?whatever dudette---damne!

okie,stop complaining iezawani,it'll makes u feel hurt n u'll get heart attack easilY n ull die young...oh..nauzubilaah...perhaps no..i juz want to feel more comfortable n breating d'fresh air again bY writing bout dat.okie,then i shud stop bfore thing is getting worst...

ehmmm...whutt else?ouh,tomorrow is a V-day n i juz not give a damn wif it bcoz i never celebrate it plus i dun hav anY1 to share d'meaning of dat V-day together wif me *ouh,ok so now it sounds pathetic aite???*so,for me i juz spend mytime in d'office untill late at night or might b going for movie "d'holidaYs" alone without any companion..ouh,whatt a sooo called antisosial me =P---darn!

uhhhhhhhh...relief..thank to go...=) continue working iezawani..u said dat u meet urlife here,sooo????go on n keep up d'good work..hahahaa...-----erghhhhhhhhhh
+opps i did it again =P+

im pretty happy wif dis new obession--paintball-ing dat i could resist nowadays..*woot*woot*
again we made it (dis tyme wif mycolleagues..schlumbergerian) and dat was a revenge tyme when it was d'only tyme dat i can shoot myprojectleader (mr.seng hor)--hohoho but i didnt manage to make it real when obviouslY i was dealing wif almost-a-sharp-shooterist--hahahha..and for dis tyme i felt more advanture bcoz we didnt juz shoot behind the obstacles to get the flag but we could run tru d'forest and hide in d'building--whoaa-really like d'games dat guys used to play in d'comp(dun ask me to name it k,im not into gaming thingy)...i wish for another paintball in muDtrekker again sumdaY n actuallY me&mygfs are looking forward to it..yeayyy!

erghh..guess whutt,im updating myblog from home *grin* bcoz finallY myfren helped me to find out d'wireless dat we could steal from myhouse..yeayyyy...stealing d'network coverage is consider as a criminal ke???*stop nodding k*---

dis stupid *free wireless*, suddenly turn on n off unpredictably and uploading all dphotos in here sluggishly..eiyoo sluggard,i need to do other stuffs k..please b quicker...darn!ok,picture worth...without captions..huhuhu..i need more tyme to peeps!

Friday, February 2

+changging d'addiction =)+

lastnite i watch kyle XY n guess whutt???he's sooo "yummy"===dat john doe really make me sick thinking of his smile but still..rYuzaki is d'best...hehehe n d'same goes for heroes..i like d'story dat i ignored it bfore dis...urgh...

+kyle XY hero-yeah+

i think his smile draw d'attention more than he shud get from any ladies out there bcoz when we look back at his face,he juz has d'average type of handsome face,rite??hehehehe..

ouh,i juz booked d'flight tickets for myvacations and seems like im afraid if mymanager wont approve my leave application *ergghhh* bcoz ill take soooo many leaves on may but juz 6days i think (in early n end of may)but seems weirdo when i take different date of vacations *ergghh again*
i plan to go hanoi (vietnam on 5th-9th may) n then having d'scuba diving trip to phuket on 25th-29th may)...i really can smell d'sea will b' s d'1st trip wif myfrens (bfore dis i used to go wif mydadDy)and wow..its tempting,dude!

okie,i need to off for swimming now,im getting fatter day by day,uwaaa.....depress2=(