Thursday, April 30

Thanks to God

apabila doa dan tawakkal di satukan =)


done wif a very stressful day
went tru my assessment successfully.
so,here i'm still survive.. and keep on surviving...*for money's sake*

and my depression level was very high last nite..
ergghh, but yess, sometimes i juz worry over a very little thing.
sigh. errmm, but stress is inevitable in our lives, rite?
but...(again).. yalar, very psycho u know...every time i heard of my officemates' experiences
when they went tru assessment process, like whoaaa...
damne complicated and how could i survive?

but whatever it is...Alhamdulillah- I PASS.

berkat ayat seribu dinnar...panjang ceritenye... but in short
" beramallah dengan ayat2 Al Quran, insyaALLAH anda akan dibantu apabila berasa di dalam kesusahan"

*reminding myself especially*

ok, want to know more about swine flu?
go visit this webbie,

talking about healthy issue, gurls, scroll down and get to know bout fruits and their benefit.

ouh, bfore dat, look at "what i want" list, i've got mY tiffany (resized & engraved) , ordered those cute cuppies and still looking for d'rest....

Protects your heart
prevents constipation
Blocks diarrhea
Improves lung capacity
Cushions joints

Combats cancer
Controls blood pressure
Saves your eyesight
Shields against Alzheimer's
Slows aging process

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Lowers cholesterol
Protects your heart
Stabilizes blood sugar
Guards against liver disease

Battles diabetes
Lowers cholesterol
Helps stops strokes
Controls blood pressure
Smoothes skin

Protects your heart
Quiets a cough
Strengthens bones
Controls blood pressure
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Helps hemorrhoids
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Aids weight loss

Combats cancer
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Stabilizes blood sugar
Boosts memory
Prevents constipation

Strengthens bones
Saves eyesight
Combats cancer
Protects your heart
Controls blood pressure

Combats cancer
Prevents constipation
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Protects your heart
Helps hemorrhoids

Saves eyesight
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Wednesday, April 29


i hate tomorrow..
i hate exams, assessments, interviews and all d'stupid systerm in d'world that i need to go tru for several times in my life...sigh..

may GOD help me...

i sense sumthing which is not really good.
ouh, expecting for d'worst!


Monday, April 27

im broke!

a very rare case in my life..
but it happened today.i only have 54rm with me.and today is only 27th.
which means i need to spend that rm54 wisely so that i can survive for d'next 3-4 days. ergghh,, sangatla choy!

where all the money goes?

i think maybe bcoz i spent a lot on wedding, engagement
(wah, giler semangat preparation, so damne early-hehehe)

yess, a lot...which is i dun mind... i really want d'best for my wedding and engagement.


lately,im willingly lending my heartbroken pals (plural occay) a shoulder for em to cry on. maybe its putus cinta musim -=P
sometime i need to ensure i say all the right things at the right time and
really need to make sure dat dis mouth wont say any sensitive things dat might offend them in any ways.

takpela, kite kene tolong menolong bukan?

yerp, risau jugak worst case scenario-instead of making my gurls feel better,ive only succeeded in reinforcing her determination to remain in bed and eat vast quantity of ice cream....whoa...big NooOooo!!!!

anyway frens, you can count on me =)

Saturday, April 25

beautiful vacation wif baby's family

another getaway after bandung and london?*ngee*
baby was soo baek hati brought me along wif his fam for another vacation.
bandung again? nvm, dis time wif his fam and i gave myself a chance to see
whether i can survvie or not but that tyme actually I didnt know at all what I should be careful of, such as affection, conversation,attire (ouh,yes, i shoped for decent clothes beforehand and dressed conservatively- haha, sound like segunung baju2 yg ade tu sume nye tak spoan langsungkah? hehehe) etc. yes, i admit sometimes I feel like they're observing my every movement, plus I've been with my boyfriend for just almost a year, so that tyme was too early to judge about anything, whether they like me or not( eventho all dis while, i think they already accepted me for who im plus they care a a lot about me and our relationship )- i tell you what, im very2 lucky having such a very sporting sister-in-law to be, easy to talk with even sumtyme i'll mengadu domba bout the boyfren-hehe,we sometime having lunch together, discussed about many things,and i feel lucky that his parents and other siblings can accept me for who i'm, to be honest, they never discriminate or comparing me with other people, they just so easy to pleased.-maybe because of my good-behavior as well-ahha,kasi credit cket kat diri sendiri-hehe.but i dont know la if got sumthing they dun like bout me, its not easy to please everybody, but ill try my best, for the person i love d'most in d'world, im willing to learn and change things if i have to, but so far, Alhamdulillah, i have no problem wif his parents and siblings. apparently im very confident wif myself-haha..

but anything pon has it limit rite? dats what i hold and believe, but i never act like im an angel in from of em, i never act like im not myself like others know me, until know i just being for who im, minus the attire part, of coz la kan, ikut occasion la if nak berpakaian tu kan?

i've heard many things bout people who cant get along wif their bf's family, like tak boley berbaik langsung wif d'bf's sister, which is soo damne pity, and like d'bf parents dont like d'gurls. good luck for those who are having that prob, hope u can survive.but itula, bersyukur sangat i havent face dat ctuation so far and i pray that it wont ever happen in my life *praying*

i'll love his family like i love my family- ouh, counting days for us to become as a family sayang =) ... amin.

okie,shhh..stop blabing, pictures =P

angah's family (his 2nd c's)

abg lan's family - his big bro

me & his parents in plane

me, ayong and lil haikal

haikal si peminat spongebob =)

OMG, cute kan?

bandung airport

me & dik min

ayong's fam (his eldest c's)

sigh.... blogspot damne slow.will upload our pic at tangkuban perahu in next entry.daaaa

abg lan's family - his big bro

me & his parents in plane

me, ayong and lil haikal

haikal si peminat spongebob =)

OMG, cute kan?

bandung airport

me & dik min

ayong's fam (his eldest c's)

sigh.... blogspot damne slow.will upload our pic at tangkuban perahu in next entry.daaaa
updated: finally managed to upload all pics...

Wednesday, April 22

a smile and it's story =)

im staying at rozana' place for now.....since my darling rmc is no longer stay wif me at my place. sunyi rupenye bile cik hamidah takde-wuwuwuuwuw...
haihh...need to find new house next month (my 1 year contract wif d'owner will be finished in may)- but its not easy to find a place where you would stay for 5 or 6 months only. yeah,i will consider service apartment and i think i need to put it in the list but will make it as my last resort. and d'new place should be around keramat or setiawangsa area (im strictly will not consider a place that will take me more than 15 mins to reach office everyday)-thank you. *sigh*

okie, that wont be any problem for me to find a new place *hoping*,if susah sgt consider lanai gurney service apartment sudaaa...OMG, broke laa for another 5-6 months! cittt....

there are reasons for me to keep on smiling and enjoying dis life =)

1. Daily fresh franchisee application-approved!
2. MBA application- approved!
3. Engagement ring -(resize and engrave)-Done!
picture? wait until my engagement day =P
4. preparation for engagement - 90% Done!
(wow! semangat,am i?, a month to go baby =) )
5. my weight now? 50kg- hooray! berjaye! *big grin*
(i think its consider ideal for me, i dont want to have skinny leg and have no 2B's =) )for those who understand)

pending things

1. boutique application - ongoing,am working hard to make sure i can open a boutique 1 day
2. tanah kelapa sawit - hanya org2 yg mengetahuinya saje yg akan paham apekah gunenye *shrug*
3. other things that can be considered as properties for investment when we own it.
4. scholarship for MBA (i already put quite huge amount of money aside to pay for my MBA fees, but if i can get scholarship, it would be better kan)

ouh, 1 important thing apart from above: 4. for boyfren to come home
i didnt hear his voice for 4 days since last week. chitt....sgt choy!
grrRRrrr....... tak boley consider lagi..esok tak call. mogok lapar! hahahahaa

Tuesday, April 14


im questioning myself:
ive lost my dgcam last 2 nites
which i din know who took it?
most probably sum1 took it or other people said "toyol" took it with that 'paris purple bag'- which d'bag i put all my stuffs and clothes inside it?
mum, sisters and dad questioned it to every1 as well.
and "that thing" took our money too?
but no sign of sum1 broke into the house.
then, who took it?
soo now it sound soo damne mysterious.
and im afraid to spend even a single nite at my parent's house anymore..
shite! and i lost my dg cam wif all d'pics still in the memory card.
i havent transfer amri's engagement pics to my portable hard disk yet.
erghhh! tension!
sigh! sigh! sigh!

ouh, suddenly i found below pics when dis finger gatal2 browse my hard disk
those was october last year, both of us semangat meng 'wax' ing ourcars.
=) nice and beautiful moment. but thats d'only tyme we spent our tyme waxing the cars, after dat juz drop the car at any car wash and ask them to wax and polish it..
lebih mudah bukan?
mr bf said wait until end of dis year, when we move in to his house,
he'll do all the "considered-as-a-man-job" thing to d'car by himself.
juz wait and see if he'll do it =)
im not underestimating here, im hoping n praying baby. =)

huh! it took us 1 and half hour waxin' d' jazz

pure2 saje tu, actualy d'gf waxed every inch of dat jazz body =P

yes2, i waxed it alone *poor me*- hehehe

proven! its very obvious dat a lady in d'picture had been bullied by her bf -aiyooo

tadaaaa: inilah hasilnye =)

Thursday, April 9

1st getaway wif babY boo =)

ouhh.... the vacation was in July, last year actually-
the plan was to visit ku'in on her graduation day.
so, alang2 tu i pujuk rayu mr bf *dgn gaye mengade*
to spend few days in london which is quite miles away from aberdeen, scotland
*approximately 2 hrs by flight*

we spent 3days, 2 nights in london (ouh, dont ask! tak puas shopping =()
and 3 days 2 days 1 nite in aberdeen, scotland.
(ku'in said: u came all d'way from mesia to UK, then u juz spend 6 days je kat sini?)

yeah, weird...but what to other obligations woooo..wuuwuw..cant spend longer time there, plus as u bf's schedule is very thight
*org tu nak pergi pon dah nasib baek* *grin*
errmm...but for me, i'll remember d'moment we were in london & keep it in my mind
for forever and ever....1st July & ME...
ouh.... some things best left unsaid...right?
tapi mr boYfren memang...sangat chomell!!...hahhhahah..
ok, no mushy2 worth!

shopping at harrods

finally managed to buy 1 handbag after bz multiplying the price wif 7 :sigh

JOM MAKAN :new malaysian reastaurant

in front of HRC London
waiting for tube

Royal Albert Hall

London bridge

Buckingham palace

we r going underground! poyo

pause: there are to many pics for u to browse isnt it?

the picture tells: madame tussaud london

pause again : keep on viewing

my all time fav comedian: jim carrey

soon to be a successful director =P

sile abai kan d'lady in red ituuuu

k peeps!... daaa