Monday, July 11

the collection of Hard rock T

holla peeps,

these are my HRC T collection =)
whenever im going abroad,its a must for me to stop by at HRC and buy the Tshirt.
adding up the tshirt collection and try to not miss it everytime we r traveling.heheehe.
unless if the country has no HRC. special case.

d'lucky 7. yerp got HRC membership card skali. cna get discount worlwide woo

HRC singapore

HRC London

HRC Surfers paradise - gold coast

HRC Amsterdam

HRC Paris

HRC Oslo- Norway

HRC Bali

HRC gotteberg -Sweeden

taa peeps. got class and mid term exam.wish me luck! =)

p/s:HRC didnt pay me a single cent pon,awat aku pi iklan tshirt drg?hahaha

Sunday, July 10

the P.A.C.I.F.I.E.R


when it comes to this topic,many of u will say no to the P.
because maybe some of u takot ur kids gonna have protruding teeth or double teeth ke ape kan.
but for us, we dont mind,no la dont mind bout the "jongang" part.
but our parents told us, "korang dulu hisap puting smpai besar,tak jongang pon".weeeee.
so,Alhamdulillah we have beautiful straight teeth.ngeeeeee.hahahaa*terpuji diri sendiri*
both of us memang takyah pakai braces ke, what we think is,if keturunan xjongang,
insyaAllah tak "J".wahhh,,dat simple maaa?hehe.
actually malas nak lyn,as i said,ms dlm pantang hafto amek exam bagai,so mmg nak senang nangis,bg puting.but mase baby tido,tarik balik puting tu.dats d'secret of takmo bg baby "J" kot (thats what my MIL told me la,scientific proven?dunno.haha).
plus, when Azriff drinks his milk (using bottle).sumtime he falls asleep while drinking, dah bgn,tepuk2 dia,then dia nak lg susu.about 1oz then tido blk,takmo kejut dia.o just msk puting,make sure he sucks the pacifier so that i know yg dia tak simpan air dlm mulut.(p/s:this situation depends ok,if baby already drink bout 3-5oz,silela talking bout when he drinks very little amount je,yg sumbat puting.malas kejut dia.hehe).
another 1 thing psl i xsuke sgt die melekap kat big BB.serious xsuke.nanti susah nk buat kerja, and another 1 thing bcoz i paaaaliiingggggg TAK sukaaaaaa if baby nangis lame2.if only me.hubby n Azriff at home xpe,but if when the times yg we going out or travelling,memang i tka boleh dgr baby nangis dpn org ramai.annoying giler.bcoz, i memang tak suke dgr baby nangis .rase mcm naks ound mak dia je. (jahat x?dulu xde anak xtau,skrg dh ade anak baru tau,wuwu.) but Alhamdulillah Azriff xde suka sgt nangis.
ouh got 1 time when we were traveling in HK, azriff felt uncomfy while we were queuing and waiting for train to go to The got lots of people in front of us,behind,left,right.ouh panas hati i. hubby plak slowje dia nak keluarkan pacifier n bottle susu.i ngamok ok.hubby mmg tak kisah if baby nangis, but i saaaaaangattttt kisah.wwuwuwuuw.smpai hubby sound "biasela tu syg if baby nangis,semua org phm". ouh and mase naik flight pon,ill make sure Azriff dok diam and tido.if menangis dlm flight memang horror la.whenever im travelling,bende paling i tak suke,baby nangis dlm ill make sure my baby tak nangis dlm flight.hehe.but Ahamdulillah,Azriff is a good boy and if nangis pon,sumbat the P or bIg BB.ngeeee.thats 1 of the benefit of breastfeed baby kan?besh!ape2 pon,sumbatttt aje!
Azriff pulak d'type yg memang when he's asleep,automatically dia luihkan pacifier dia.
so a bit easy for us to monitor him. dont la 24/7 sumbatkan baby pacifier kan.not good la.
actually our Dr pon advice no need pacifier,memang got potential bley "J" and double teeth.
so,thats y monitor jugak.hehe.memang scientifically proven as Dr,dgr jela ckp doc.
tetibe terpk if la i tak pakai pacifier dulu,confirm gigi lg cun dari ni...haha. eh terperasan lagi.grrrrrr! =P
today,Azriff already 4months,he doesnt need pacifier anymore.terus dia takmo dah if bagi.easy right?sangat sukeeeeee.sekejap je die pakai the P =) .but everytime jalan2 bawak jugak,takot tetibe die melalak.pergghhh!jatuh reputasi.hahaahaha.

nitey nite peeps =)