Tuesday, January 27

i'm in a relationship!

yeah, i know me n him 've been together for more or less
one year till 26th jan (which is yesterday).

but yesterday is d'day our relationship bcome official,
"he booked me" -*org tue2 kate*
and i consider myself -as his now =)*apekah ayat ini?*
and got ppl ask me bout d'ring? errmmm....lets ask d'bf if i can post it here.
*phewww,skrgla dh belajar mintk permission tu, giler practise for future*

anyway,im happpy. im eternally grateful. n i think all d'ppl out there (decicated to frens)
know how much i care n love d' guy named Azman Azis.

Dear GOD,

"Ya ALLAH berkatilah hubungan kami, peliharakanlah hubungan ini
sehingga ke akhir hayat kami, permudahkanlah segala urusan untuk menyatukan kami kelak,
sesungguhnya segala yang akan berlaku adalah di bawah penguasaanMU,
Dengan melafazkan KUN FAYA KUN, maka jadilah ia,
dan begitu juga sebaliknya, kuatkanlah hati kami, satu kanlah hati kami,
di dalam menempuhi segala dugaan dan rintangan di masa akan datang,
jadikanlah kami orang2 yang sentiasa akan sedar kesilapan kami,
kemudian bertaubat padaMU dan sentiasa berada di bawah lindunganMU"


i think i need to blog bout me n d'partner 1 day laa
(see if i can find my spare tyme to blog more frequent after dis)

anyway, dis 1 is very xclusive =)

*spot d'ring =P *

peeps, please pray for us k =)

Monday, January 26

+ S.T.R.E.N.G.T.H! -i ordered it! +

hi... (errrr, do this blog still have readers? - after been in a very long unannouced hiatus? -gulp!)

ok,When the clock strikes twelve on December 31st,
it would be as d'beginnig of a better tomorrow for certain people
and it no more than a change in calender for the rest.

and for me its juz another year my age number will be increase
and i started looking back, what i've achieved for d'year 2008
and WOW! (minus wonderful relationship), i can say i cant see any improvement
and big achievement so far -dewh! gile membazir setahun mase gue!
akan terkuburkah cite2?
and i dig my own "ambition grave?"

1stly- huge gratitude to myself (who else?) for the ever patience and hopes that i managed to hold thightly for the year 2008 and most importantly big thanks to d'ppl who always cares bout me, ppl who always have faith on me. thanks sooo much!

2ndly- welcoming year 2009 wif "my arms wide open" -
look forward to a good year ahead and good luck to all of us
treasuring d'very challenging year of 2009


and today is what?27th january? soory for d'late wish-very impressive blogger-kaka