Monday, April 23

+5daYs left....+

for stef to stay here in 5mesia....
ermmm...i will lose sum1 dat really close to me recentlY..
stef...thanks for everything...

what had happened for d'last few days ek???

+paintballi-ing session on saturday-21st april wif schlumbergerian's n having hi tea at d'palace of D'golden horses hotel...

+went to d' gangstars show last nite-22nd april wif few kiddos--hahhaha+

ouh..ill list down my schedule for next month.
ill overjoy spend mytyme out of d'country probably =)

+5th-9th maY--vietnam trip wif mama&sist
mYdad doesnt allowed to go outside of dis country due to his commitment wif dat stupid United Nation..ouh,sangatla damne!

+13-19th maY--sea survival course at JB--preparing myself wid d'techniques of escaping myself from d'chopper if it hits d'water or if its overshot landing site n other things(i dunno d'exact xtivities but it takes 1 week to finish d'course---ergghhhh....a bit nerves to work on vessel----but its sound tempting tho *wee*

+25th-25th maY--scuba diving trip at phuket--yeay...but definitely will miss slB's family day for dis year(dis year will b s myfirst year celebrating it actually)--sigh*

+30eth maY----will b s myfirst day working on vessel---wuwuuwuw..insya-ALLAH..GOD,safe me please..hehhee....nervous..nervous..but i loike =)
so,ill b in a vey long hiatus since d'date...haihhh...

actuallY----im seeking for a solace rite now...emotionally unstable---huh...sgt damne! take care peeps...~daa

ouh yeah,sabby i went to d;las carritas on saturday nite n d'foods there were really yummy dudette...thanks for d'recommendation.....really appreciate it babe!

Sunday, April 15

+what's troublIng me??+

no more.i love myself.i love mylife.
wish dat i was a virtuoso so dat i would write a sweet n valuable song bout mylife.*wee*
im singing a "joget lambak" song rite now.-..-
im is soo meaningfull nowadays.
without any doubt i admit dis.juz only few little thigs dat keep bothering me.
life is not perfect btw,juz live d'fullest.s i always say.(*grin*)
in life,got certain circumstances dat inevitabled.(*sigh*)
so,y bother?live wif it (again).
But sometimes probs n hard times dat botherd us actually enliven our life from being too juz be thankfull.treasure this life while u can.
ermm...i better appreciate things dat are now happening,had happend and will happen in mylife =)i better do.*smirk*
erghh...haha,actually im calming myself down rite now.
dah2,sangat teruja lately.wif everything.wif =)
better,mushy2 post.hehehee

Thursday, April 12

+healinG d'souL....+

first n foremeost...whutt a bloodY-shit week,wishing for perspicacious weeks ahead so dat i wont drag ppl near me n not even bother to put mybesties in d'condition where they hav to scratch their head n find out d'solution on how to give d'best words to me so dat they could take me out of dis grief.

But sumtyme i feel grievance.wif myself.wif em.wif every1.i need support.i need tyme.i need sighing.sumtyme i juz cant bear wif d'situation which is bothersome me day byday.but im tough sumhow...hahaha..(helping myself to cheer up btw)..ermm but nvm...i dont bother nmore.y bother?. i have mylife. i hav GOD. ouh,i love mylife for now.juz i hate d'bad side of me.ouh,nobody's perfect, Y bother?.iezawani.y bother?.no,im not (haahhaa--sicko)--hey little gurl,cheer up laa....yeah,im!

ok,cut off those craps,let see d'partY ppl--yeah,party ppl in d'house =) (xcepted for anas doinksss--jgn mara =))

off peeps!

Wednesday, April 4

+S.N.O.R.K.E.L.I.N.G trip =)~~ +

d'fabulOus pics are coming over here =) =) (stefan cant wait :P)

+hey ya..i'm back!!with daRker face&bodY(myshoulder part is d'worst)n i shoulD bear wif "hey,u look darker than bfore!".."ermm.i dont want to b dat dark,afraid dewh".
"u didnt applY any sunscreen all over ur body,ya?"---all dis Quotes--but i noe they questioned it quizzicallY,but needs time to b make myself look fair like bfore(i not dat "white"..i noe..but im not dis dark ok.ergghh...tense!+

+i was omitting myjobs in d'office last weekend to breath in difference ambience instead of facing 2desktops&1 laptop in d'office all dis while(life is monotonous latelY),so doing snorkeling in a salt water of perhentian island could b s d'best choice eventho felt ambivalent at first bcoz of d'weather n afraid of d'possibiltY of high tide would happen anYtyme,but hey--i made it!+

+and ouh yeah,mYsonY ericson didnt function at all,probably been screwed up by a drop of water--err salt water i mean when myself trying to get d'beachpics using myfon's camera and ergghh...i noe whutt a stupid action dewh.i should put it into a drybag or sumwhat that can protect it from being exposed to salt water direclty--damne!but nvm..ignorance is a bliss sumtyme =)..bliss?hahahha..i need to spend such a big amount of money to fix it ok.doubledamne!!+

+ok dudettes n dude,pics worth,lets enjoy watching d'beautiful of creatures underwater+ ahaa...wif me in myswimskirt n shorts =)

=) =) =)~~~off