Thursday, April 12

+healinG d'souL....+

first n foremeost...whutt a bloodY-shit week,wishing for perspicacious weeks ahead so dat i wont drag ppl near me n not even bother to put mybesties in d'condition where they hav to scratch their head n find out d'solution on how to give d'best words to me so dat they could take me out of dis grief.

But sumtyme i feel grievance.wif myself.wif em.wif every1.i need support.i need tyme.i need sighing.sumtyme i juz cant bear wif d'situation which is bothersome me day byday.but im tough sumhow...hahaha..(helping myself to cheer up btw)..ermm but nvm...i dont bother nmore.y bother?. i have mylife. i hav GOD. ouh,i love mylife for now.juz i hate d'bad side of me.ouh,nobody's perfect, Y bother?.iezawani.y bother?.no,im not (haahhaa--sicko)--hey little gurl,cheer up laa....yeah,im!

ok,cut off those craps,let see d'partY ppl--yeah,party ppl in d'house =) (xcepted for anas doinksss--jgn mara =))

off peeps!

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