Wednesday, July 30

i showed mine, now show a piece of urs!

effort? where is it? show it to me!
at least... a piece of it...

miserable. meet it by mistake.
diffuseness. abviously dominating part of it now.

what else? is it fade already?

damne. dis mind suddenly stuck sumwhere in johore.
almost 8years ago punye cerite.mcm doinks!!

eiiii, cik hamidah yg mereng telah memakaikan bear saye dgn kimono n skirt.
she's having PMS rite now. dats y sumtyme she acted like she was out of her mind.haha
lets take a look of d'pic. ull laugh half dead! hehhhhehehehee..

+johnny (name given by cik hamidah) wif skirt n kimono =P+

Tuesday, July 29

on cooking and mY little effort worth..........him =)

hahahaha....last weekend, i skipped my "weekend routine" which is going to d'office and i drove all d'way to kajang (sounds like i drove about4-5hrs to be there-haha)
juz to ensure my "sambal ikan bilis tempe taste great (for first timer), d'ingredients are mixed well to produce 1 yummy "sambal ikan bilis tempe" in d'enD.

errmm, what's sooo special bout dat "sambal ikan bilis tempe" anyway?
bcoz mr boyfren love it to death (exxagerate-haha)and drooling most of d'tyme he sees dat so-called-traditional-dish.

haaa..soo,dats d'reason y i care to make it perfect enough to make sure mr bf wont give any complaint regarding to its taste and he wont hesitate to keep eating it until d'last pieces of those ikan bilis n tempe.thanks u . i know dat sambal is really easy to make but who knows better than a mother bout what his son likes to eat rite? d'son loves dat sambal to be a bit sweet or less salty or whatever-those-faddy-things-on-food. so ,i need to double confirm wif d'mom =)

so, last weekend i went to his sister's (kak lyn). she assisted me on chopping2 part, helped on preparing things which need to be cooked but d'major thing she did was judging me doing things.haha. hey2, i din try to bodek any1 here okie, if nak bodek bnyk care laen kot other than go there n offer myself to cook bcoz if u dun really know how to cook n pretending like u know, u might screw up everything and ull juz humiliate urself eventually rite? so, for cooking session wif his family is not call "bodek part" ok. i can do much better than dat than pushed myself into a hard tyme by cooking dishes for d'whole family n waiting for their judgement.all i do is juz bcoz of mR boyfren. i dun say dat i really know how to cook, im not pro in dis, im still "amatur" lagi so i need to learn n keep on trying to make good dishes n to be as a career women who has WII and remote control car at home, but she knows how to cook-hahaha (so,mr louqe, i wont be as d'second SS-wekk ...see,u judge ppl bfore u know em' haha) but deep inside my heart i wanted to turn pro in cooking one day in order to balance my ability in career and doing house chores.yess i need money to live and i need family to keep me happy. n ill feel blessed!

And Alhamdulillah, my luck dat day (maybe bcoz of my asisstant also gave full commitment while cooking wif me-so credit to kak lyn =)) ,full mark given to my sambal tempe.haha..cant wait to serve him sambal ikan bilis tempe. 15 more days to go =)


ikan bilis and tempe

Oil for frying

2 tbsp tamarind pulp combined with 100ml water (squeeze, then strain the tamarind juice)

Spice ingredients –

dried chillies, soaked and seeded and blended

shallots (big one)


4-4½ tbsp sugar or to taste

¾-1 tsp salt or to taste

Heat a little oil in a wok and fry ikan bilis and tempes (seperately) and then dish it out.

Then, Heat a little oil and fry blended dried chillies. Add shallots.
Reduce the heat to low and add blended spice ingredients. Fry until fragrant( got scent of shallots tau n its nice)

Add and continue to fry for a while. Mix in tamarind juice and fry over a low heat until mixture is almost dry. (Keep stirring while frying to prevent it from sticking to the base of the wok). Add all tempe and ikan bilis. Adjust seasoning to taste. Dish out and leave to cool completely.

then, tadaa.. 1 easy dish completed. then i cooked tomyam and ayam masak merah. for dessert, i made puding wif d'source a nite bfore going to kak lyn's. here come d'pictures =)

::home made-by-me =P::tomyam,ayam masak merah, sambal ikan bilis tempe and kak lyn's sayur goreng

::dessert-pudding wif source::

::and hey, tadaaa-chef for dat day-haha::

Tuesday, July 22

Y bother?

bored stiff in d'house!
thinking bout water rafting dis saturday..
going or not going???

today,in d'office, i have no guts to do myjobs.
dunno y, but actually i did finish doing final report,
so i have nothing much to do.haha..

and what d;heck am i doing rite now?
i start typing drivel into mylappie,
and my mind whirring round n round....dewh!

thinking of going to post office tomorrow to renew mylisence
(OMG, due is today)-swear i forget bout it!
and r;mc even worse, her lisence was due on 16th july haritu.hahhhaa.choy!
and d'main purpose is to claim d'rebate -weeee!

im being judgemental nowadays even to every ppl on earth dat i meet.
dun ask me y,im also keep asking myself y.
even got judgement which over d'limit dat i suppose to think about.
if it was an error of judgement,ill deeply regrate in d'end of d'day.
and i shoud be penalized bout dat genuine mistake dat i've made.

eiii, feel glad after having conversation wif mr bf =).missed him alot!
hey ppl,u can see my mood mixed up-gradually up n down!aggressive sungguh mood inikan?

anyway,im detox-ing for these few days. please tell cik hamidah to makan sorok2 dr i.
sangatla depress tengok die makan dgn bahagia.!!!huahuahuahua...

keyboard off!

Friday, July 18

am bored!

while aswad,mun and r'mc concerntrating on "d' parfume" movie in HBO channel, im doing sumthing better to crack d' boredemness inside me (i've watched dis movie bfore)- memang besh!

ouh yeah, a lil update bout bowling tournament dis morning (my team sure kalahla kan bcoz of me-haha)- d'highest score i got was 112.yeayy!gelakkan saye!whatever-but personally, ive made a record for myself for scoring above 100 (for d;1st tyme ever in mylife)_kuakuakua.....okie-survey in!

Q1. According to your ex, are you pretty/handsome?
* ex? i dun have any.tq!

Q2. How have you felt today?
* so-so- din felt tense wif discomfiture dis morn, felt great instead bcoz i spent tyme wif dalia, mun n aswad playing pool and fossball at ampang point -actually in my office, we got things like dat but i never gave a damn bfore *sigh* n now i feel like those things really enjoyable! .

Q3. When was the last time you had butterflies?
* i cant remember dewh! i think it was d'moment bfore we depart to lOndon, (at dat mo i can smell d'air of london n i can feel d'excitement of london's summer sales(wakakaka-)

Q4. How can someone win your heart?
* ask mr azman- he knows! *wide smile* and i value honesty n loyalty above all else! be honest n be loyal!

Q5. Have you ever kissed anyone over 21?
* ouh, shoud i kiss anyone below 21??

Q6. When was the last time you talked to your number 2 on top friends?
* who's in my no 2 list? hamidah? she's here wif me d'whole week kerana dia lari dari rumah. tq! hehe.

Q7. Do you have any plans for friday?
* ouh, long wayy to go babe!but pals, we plan to go for water wrafting on friday!hurrah!

Q8. Do you like your name?
* yeah. i'm. other than udect! tq =)

Q9. Do you like being in pictures?
* ouh, absolutely!eventho im not dat photogenic -haha

Q10. What color is your hair?
* pure black! ouh, a lil bit brownish inside, that part, i dyed!huhu

Q11. Is your bedroom window open?
*never dare to open it.tq n dun ask me y!.

Q12. What were you doing at 10:00am?
* rushed to ampang point for tournament registration,if i reached there 5 mins late, im very sure mr curtis will be mad at me! phew!

Q13. Name someone with the same b-day as you?
* errgghhh, i think got sum1 has same birthda s mine!but cant recall d;name.haihsss..

Q14. Are you a morning person or a night person?
* nite kot =P

Q15. Do you know if anyone likes you?
* hate assuming so, i guess i dunno until dat person tell me.

Q16. What were you doing at 4am this morning?
* in d' la-la- land! zzzZZZZZzzzz

Q17. Do people underestimate you?
* working in dis realm, i think people keep on underestmating ppl!whutt d'heck!

Q18. When you're in a bad mood, what will always put you in a better mood?
* my ability to ignore thing which is screwed up my good mood at dat mo, i guess...but unluckily, it will be juz for a while....

Q19. Do you wish someone would call you?
* ouh yeah..

Q20.Did you have a good day yesterday?
* ouh yeah,eventho i've lost in bowling tournament but i learned how to play pool n fossball and spent tyme wif frens?whut's better than dat? =)

Q21. when was the last time you took a picture with number 3 on your top?
* eiiii...sape ni?

Q22. Do you hate anyone?
* yesss!!!jerks!

Q23. Is there anyone you call baby?
* its refer to my other half =)

Q24. Do you still talk to the person you fell hardest for?
* yerp.i have to. untill all d'debts completely paid to me.

Q25. Is your phone within a meter radius of you?
* half meter maybe =)

Q26. What are you wearing?
* short n homey.

Q27. What color is the thing you are sitting on right now?
* dark brown comfy sofa =)

Q28. I'll bet you miss someone right now?
* definitely.

Q29. Where do you think your best friend is right now?
* anywhere on earth cud be! +

Q30. Are you listening to music right now?
* listening r'mc commenting bout everything while she's watching devil wears prada!

Q31. Who else is in the room with you?
* am alone!

Q32. Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
* yerp! somwehere where i cud kiss all d'things dat bewildering me away!

Q33. How long can you go without your mobile phone?
*me n mobile fon? cant be seperated!haha

Q34. What last made you sad?
* dis feeling..uneaxplainable!

Tuesday, July 15

D' reason y i love to be alone =)

the stories herein =)

*ateh's wedding day*


*playin' D'wii =) +

lately, few frens keep on complaining bout my silence and even few of em think dat my disappearence in few "hang-out" sessions were bcoz i was bz dating, i was avoiding myself from 'em , or even few frens said dat i alread foget em. whoaaaa...
tak aci kot camni. firs tof all, my boyfren not even here wif me, he's away for 5-7weeks and be in mesia for juz 2-3weeks. so , so if 1 year got 52weeks, u calculate urself how many weeks (correction: days) i spend tyme wif him? please take not : if we have 52 weeks per year.ill juz spend 10weeks (more or less) wif him in a year. To be more detail : in a year, i'll be wif him for about 70days out of 365 days we have. so, please dun put d'blames on us if we spend tyme macam nak rak pon anytyme we have chances to be together. QUALITY tyme together is important here. TQ.

But back to d'issue up there, i want to make my point clearly here, bz -dating wasnt d'reason y i keep on saying NO to go hang out, moreover, during nite-out sessions. There r 3 things which keep myself bz in d'hse all d'tyme and thngs dat could make me happy to live with...

1)wii - d'boyfren bought it for me so dat i wont feel bored staying in d'hse
see d'picture? i think got lots of games dat i need to practise everyday so dat i can beat him again n again...hehehhhee....seee, bersusun2 kot games, got guitar hero 111 which is my fav game (it comes wif a very cool white guitar)-wooOOooo...

+lots of games rite?+ guitar hero, GT cars, wii sport, ironman

2) bcoz of DVD player and DIE HARD's collection (mr bf know d'way to make me less merayap and stay at home and remember him all d'tyme bcoz i think lots of things in d'hse remind me towards him, pandang depan, belakang, kiri, kanan-hish)-hehe.

3)izzi net which make my life easy to surf and more convenient-juz plug in dat "iburst" thing inside ur lappie card and tadaaaa- silela online dgn jayenye!.

+lappie wif iburst =)+

so, u tell me, whats d'thing out there which is more irresistable than all dis?
u tell me, n ill go out wif u-kuakuakuakau...

in short, i think i prefer u guys to come over to my hse once in a while and lets rockin' bebeh!wif d'guitar hero! *grins*


Monday, July 14

+im back!!!! =) +

i reached home safely on 4th july 2008 and still in 1 piece. thank GOD. feel like updating dis blog wif d'story mory of my london trip but... r'mc is forcing me to go hav our din first n she's like shouting all d'tyme bout her famine. back...we (hazel, r'mc, mun n aswad) went to flamingo ampang n i feel touched when they gave d-so-called-moral-support to me when they accompanied me to play bowling and at d'same tyme they tried to make me feel like "yeah, u can do it ,udect" eventho i know they were just pretending like i know hot to play but in reality, my score was suxxx... hehe. anyway buddy, love u guys so much!

errmm..lack of idea plak. lately ni, emotionally disturbed plak. ntah. its doesnt mean dat im not happy wif mylife. so far i feel gratefull wif mylife, wif everything dat i have. but..., "oh Tuhan, tabahkanlah hatiku, i feel afraid of what's gonna happen next in d'future" ......may dis happiness belongs to me forever...amen.

alamak, punyela cakap2, overlook bout London story plak.kuakua...tomorrowlaaa...=)