Thursday, September 10

mi familia

iftar -felda villa restaurant - family
pink is our theme =)
before dat: shopped at pavillion
i call it "a perfect day wif my family"


Tuesday, September 1

about being lucky and unlucky -

we cant be happy all the time right?

an update:

yesterday me had buke puase session wif future in laws.
It's vital to get to know your fiance's parents, rite?!
so.., im still learning on how to deal and handle my in laws
it will may take some effort - (but seems like everything is fine & in control so far)
2 way communication between me & 'em make my life easier,
yeah, sometime i feel like my schedule is very tight,
but still i can spare the time wif his family
seriously, family harmony is definitely worth the effort!
*bling2...i feel soo lucky in this part*

some time im kinda worry wif my desire.
i think it could make my life miserable,
I do not want to jeopardize my pleasant life,
but....ergghhhh, i should face whatever that might happen in the future right?
* ouh, i hate this part right hereeee-=P*

may GOD bless- amin