Monday, February 2

+ SO whutt? ++

im sooo tired! lots of damne "dramas" in my life
it's juz like episode by episode
n it happened continuously...
like - errgghhh!!!!

N those "drama queens" dat i mingled around pretty much talented as well,
dewh... which always end up wif provocation (of coz from their side) n fulll wif emotions..
like wth? i dun give a damne pon!

and i think "saya sudah penat" untuk menjage hati org.
jauh ke dekat ke....
1Q? who'll take care of my heart, prevent it from hurt
and treat it wiff full attentions?

eventually :: ME!

i know. so i want to meet life. in whatever form pon!
im now bcome as a so-called-problematic-person
like life is full wif problems, no it isnt really "problem"
but about satisfaction, passion n desire!
and about d'way sum1 treat me leately.
sigh. i need help!
a psychiatrist maybe

nway, ive changed the link to the
i changed my name as well to sweetie_Evy *dunno y on earth i stuck wif dat name*
reasons: 1) to avoid stalkers (who might find my blog by googling my name)
2) to free my blog my colleagues! (ini sangat penting!)-woooo

i need rest, i need rest, i need rest...