Tuesday, May 19

Happy Teacher's Day

is it too late to wish all the teachers :

"Happy Teacher's Day" ?

i guess not =)

gambar sekadar perhiasan =P

and last saturday was d'first time in my life i SMS'd my lecturers (countin': ouh, only 2 lecturers actually)-hehe... and wish 'em happy teacher's day -and of coz followed by ayat sayu mendayu-dayu penyeri ucapan =) *but i meant it ok*

then, out of my concern, (i mean 4-5 hours i sms'd them-without knowing and hoping for em to reply,) i realized both of em replied my Sms with their "DOA" as well..

i felt touched...thanks to u prof hamzah and dr zaiton.

yerp, i think only 2 of em still remember my existance in UKM and who can still remember my name....because...

back in primary school, i was an active pupil, a prefect (wooOOooo-haha), quite active participated in few competitions like "health quiz, membaca sajak, pertandingan membuat karangan, kuiz umum, and many more laaa eventho only won few of it only...hahahhaa...

never skip classes, never took MC and never lied bout having headache or created any excuses to make me stay at home and sleep d'whole day -wuwuwuww..very innocent rite? i guess, many of us were like that bfore =) so, i think my primary school techers still remember me, plus few of em were my mom's frens, and some of em, live just few minutes away from my house.so, no wonderlaaa they still and can remember my name kan? takla glamour sangat pon...wuwuwuwu

secondary school- honestly, i've changed...either the school changed me, or bcoz of my maturity (ocechhh) level bcame higher than my age or my hormone changed me? ouh, i dunno...

errmm..but i became a lil bit (notice: a lil bit only) wild =)

i formed a group (not only me really formed d'group, all of us are pioneers )kekekeke...

then, we became (once again: a lil bit wild), skip classes, created lots and lots of excuses to not going for our preparation class, not finished tons of excercises given moreover during nak dekat2 PMR (OMG, homework and excercises sometimes are excessivekan?- )sekola rendah always pleased aje, dekat sekolah menengah? felt excessive plak..kekekeke...dah besarkan? then, "fly" lagi, and many more laaa... and dat time we considered prefect as "bulldog sekolah" - sebab menyebok nak kejar2 ktrg time tk dtg prep, time skip classes and time ktrg tgh syok2 tido... haaaa,part Qiamullail-sure almost 100% ponteng! time nak dekat2 PMR,jadi insan paling alim, everyday muke tercongok awal kat surau..heheheh...

s, i think none of my secondary school teachers can recall my name if u ask em about me, maybe 1 or 2 of em can remember, but i doubt it...maybe they can remember my group's name, but not me...whoa,pathetic!

then, changed school-what? boarding school u call? perghhh...

same thing happened..even worse....

band from going to school for a week as a punishment for entering restricted zone for "us"

huh? boys hostel je pon! then, what ek?

oooo, bilik bahase melayu- ceh! itu pon kene mara jugak!

ooo, then kantoi "fly" then? ouh , i cant remember all bad things ive done back in school.

so, i think none of my science muar teachers will remember me...undoubtedly!

read my lips "undoubtedly" occay..plus not a scorer at alll..plus got 400+ students at dat time,plus i wasnt "d'chosen 1" to further my studies abroad!plus....

ouh, so many hurtful things laaa happened to me dat time.

then, matriculation college and university?..still, skip classes even i think i have few frens who were very helpful to tick off my name in attandence lists..

ouh, sangat2 tak paham y diri ini sangat sukat untuk ke lecture hall.kan2?

then,i think no lecturer even know me or notice im one of their student that tyme,

until my final year, i've made dis one mistake, (no need to mention la kan- soo memorable actually), then dis 1 lecturer called me and give me mountain of advices... we called her dr zaiton-(she is strong in opinion but gentle in approach.)

then she became as my fav lecturer and i will refer to her, ask for her advices bfore i do anything (which is linked to study2 part la kan, takkan pasal boyfren pon i tanye die plak).

and another 1 is my dissertation's supervisor prof hamzah(i claim him as a knowledgeable, very charismatic, competent, organized, professional person)

until now im very close to both of em and now i know what is d;feeling of having a favorite person other than my family,frens and my boyfren...hhehehhee...bat d;age of 24 baru rase kan? pathetic!!!!!hohoho...

but anyway, i feel glad, i love em and ill appreciate em forever and ever.....

happy teacher's day all =)

*tak jumpe pic laaa...aiyoooo,my red laptop's charger disfunction plak-sigh*

Saturday, May 9



i keep struggling to update my blog wif brisbane and gold coast photos..but stupid, stupid, stupid blogspot.
when i have too many pics to upload, then it failed at certain pics and screwed up!
give up nak update dah..for those who want to see my brisbane and gold coast photos, go to www.facebook.com -search for iezawani zanuri and do d'same thing in www.friendster.com webbie occay.for now laaa...if i have desire and guts to upload again those pics in here...huh, very frustrating...

anyway, boyfren is here =)..

wif his new guitar hero...
dis time it comes wif drum, guitar and microphone in 1 set.
he bought it in US, ouh, damne stubborn,
i already restricted from walk/browse around US,since swine flu virus already attacked people in US, tapi degil kan...
then, he joyously brought d'set of guitar hero wii tu balik mesia.
then, he tried to play it at home, suddenly, on screen shows
" disc undetected" -padah kerane tak mendengar kate beta =P

know why?
beli wii set kat europe, beli guitar hero set kat US,
they got region lock plak means like set of games bought in other region cant work
wif d'wii set which bought from different region.

sedih je muke encik bf..so in order to make it as a region-free, he might needs to get the free loader,otherwise jadi tukun guitar hero set tu.
takpela kan baby, next week u'll go to norway, so drop by kat amsterdam jap n get d' CD for dat guitar hero set, europe kan..surE match punye.
takpon, esok2 we go get free loader kat sg wang ke?
sian die..... =)
pics of guitar hero set?
esok2 k...
stupid blogspot...geram...

Monday, May 4

ouh stalkers

wow! recent update!

got few stalkers- stalk at my blog, pick any entry they want and start evaluate the stories d'way they like and tadaaa! successfully created interesting stories which make my ears like terkejut beruk mendengar.but u know what? say whatever u want, create as many stories as u like,
and condemn me as much as u can. i dun mind...i know what type of persons u r, and ur deprecation honestly make me feel nothing! ur words are most of it laughable and none if it can make me feel upset, depress or whatever bad feelings dat u might think while making up those stories. its just i pray to god,dat ull be happier in d'future and may u realize 1 day dat any words in d'world wont break me into pieces.im still strong and even stronger! insyaALLAH, and segeralah kembali ke pangkal jalan.

err but ur visit here much appreciated. i thought only few close frens know my blog link, tak sangke ade org rajin google my name. means whut?
want to know more bout me? silekan...
and i wont make my blog private... as if im hiding anything from anybody.
i love to share my stories, my life and my probs wif anybody in d'world - frens and enemies are included.opps, i dun have enemies! unless they consider they are! *giggle*

anyway, jangan sampai pixies i yg sexy2 tu terlepas ke pengetahuan daddy i ye.
opps, so now, u know who YOU are..... *wink*

Friday, May 1

1st anniversary =) 01012009

hehehe..lazy blogger..today only update bout occasion that happened like almost 5 months ago
dig out all my old pics in d-considered-as-old-portable-hard-disk as well,
ive found memorable pics of me n mr bf =)
our 1st anniversary early january 2009.
we had a romantic dinner at kl tower. my treat!
*comelkan saye-kekekke*

i requested him to wear exactly d'same attire like during our fist met.
*we met and officially talked to each other during slb's year end party (2007) at ritz carlton hotel*- additional info-hehe.
ok you can go browse this entry D'blast 1, and you'll notice dress i wore dat nite.

so,yerp, after we had cosy & romantic dinner there, we went home
and then he proposed me to be as his wife..whoaa..
dat story will be in another entry =) -giler potong..kekekkeke..

then, he showed me "nice thing" he bought from US, (ouh, we had an issue on dat bag few days before)- i memang spoilt d'surprise.yess it should be a surprise thing for me, but i ruin it.
ampun sayang - tk buat lagi dah.. apelagi, dat lil browny coach tu laa..supe nice!
ade taste jugak bf saye rupenye -hehhhe..
*for me la kan, if u guys think d'other way around,whut to do* hehehhe..

ouh,anyway just finished my pole dance class...super duper fantastic!
i think im gonna like it more!!!wuuwuwuwu...
it just i need a lil bit more time to catch up few difficult steps, ill try harder next time..
and seems like i need dat tiang!it gonna be as my best buddy when mr bf isnt around.
*baby, i want dat pole-pleaseeeee* -wink-
i cant post any video of my pole dancing in here
mr bf doesnt allow me to do so, keep it for himself he said..
yess, baby u gonna watch me play around wif dat tiang..sooon... on december.kekekeke..
another few months je kan? =P

okie, okie pics of ours-1st anniversay...

table no. je =P

My treat baby-eat as much as u can -hehehe

happily being together for a year and 4 months now =)

tetibe nampak winter park..laan jerk...was for xmas kot

our theme: whiteyyy

mY second coach for last year =)

thanks to baby

biasela tu, a couple yg suke berposing depan cam =P
ok peeps, niteyyy....