Friday, May 1

1st anniversary =) 01012009

hehehe..lazy only update bout occasion that happened like almost 5 months ago
dig out all my old pics in d-considered-as-old-portable-hard-disk as well,
ive found memorable pics of me n mr bf =)
our 1st anniversary early january 2009.
we had a romantic dinner at kl tower. my treat!
*comelkan saye-kekekke*

i requested him to wear exactly d'same attire like during our fist met.
*we met and officially talked to each other during slb's year end party (2007) at ritz carlton hotel*- additional info-hehe.
ok you can go browse this entry D'blast 1, and you'll notice dress i wore dat nite.

so,yerp, after we had cosy & romantic dinner there, we went home
and then he proposed me to be as his wife..whoaa..
dat story will be in another entry =) -giler potong..kekekkeke..

then, he showed me "nice thing" he bought from US, (ouh, we had an issue on dat bag few days before)- i memang spoilt d'surprise.yess it should be a surprise thing for me, but i ruin it.
ampun sayang - tk buat lagi dah.. apelagi, dat lil browny coach tu laa..supe nice!
ade taste jugak bf saye rupenye -hehhhe..
*for me la kan, if u guys think d'other way around,whut to do* hehehhe..

ouh,anyway just finished my pole dance class...super duper fantastic!
i think im gonna like it more!!!wuuwuwuwu...
it just i need a lil bit more time to catch up few difficult steps, ill try harder next time..
and seems like i need dat tiang!it gonna be as my best buddy when mr bf isnt around.
*baby, i want dat pole-pleaseeeee* -wink-
i cant post any video of my pole dancing in here
mr bf doesnt allow me to do so, keep it for himself he said..
yess, baby u gonna watch me play around wif dat tiang..sooon... on december.kekekeke..
another few months je kan? =P

okie, okie pics of ours-1st anniversay...

table no. je =P

My treat baby-eat as much as u can -hehehe

happily being together for a year and 4 months now =)

tetibe nampak winter park..laan jerk...was for xmas kot

our theme: whiteyyy

mY second coach for last year =)

thanks to baby

biasela tu, a couple yg suke berposing depan cam =P
ok peeps, niteyyy....


Mama 3H said...

poyonye muka mamat yg pakai kemeja putih tu hahahaha

iezawani said...

poyo ke? hehehe...tengokla adek sape?hehehhehee....tapi sekali tengok mmg poyo,2 kali tgk, agak comel jugak..hahahaha...