Tuesday, December 26

~me in a variable mode at times~

i got few minutes bfore i move mylzybutt off to bed,so i spend sum tyme doing dis survey--d'title is "D'guy dat will b s mycrush sumday in d'future" or "D'guy dat i dreamt of" , or D'guy's characteristic dat cud win myheart sumday"...hohoho...i pray dat i cud meet mysoulmate 1day--amin..XOXO...yet,im still looking for d'greatest companion of myself =)

1. My guy/girl's hair style should be
[ ]long
[ ]curly
[ ]clean cut
[x]spike----(all depends on the person)

2.The color of his/her hair should be
[ ]pink
[ ]red
[ ]multi-colored

3.He/She should be a
[ ]gamer
[x]not quite, can't do anything aboutit---every guy got d'talent in him.
[ ]leader
[ ]athlete
[ ]honor student
[ ]prince/princess

4.He/She should be
[ ]6 footer
[ ]small
[x]just not shorter than me

5. He/she should be
[ ]bad boy/girl
[x]simple---simple but fascinating!
[ ]nerd
[ ]shy

6. His/her skin should be
[ ]dark as an african
[ ]mestizo/mestiza
[ ]moreno[ ]anak araw
[x]fair----its a compulsary!but not too fair ya *wink*
[ ]i dun fcuking care bout his/her colour.

7. He/she should be good in
[x]sports----haih,i dun care actually s long s he got sumthing special to b attractive+im not demanding btw =)
[ ]math
[ ]science
[ ]art
[ ]cooking
[ ]fortune telling

8.My ideal guy/girl's eyes should be
[ x]big as an owl---eiii beshnye but sepet eyes also concider ok--either 1---*teehee*
[x ]chinito/chinita
[ ]round eyes
[ ]none of the above

9. the color of his/her eyes should be
[ ]red
[ ]pink
[ ]gray

10. He/she should be
[ ]an atenista
[ ]a lasalita
[ ]a UP student
[ ]Ust
[ ]Povedan
[ ]letranista
[ ]Bedan
[ ]a student in FEU
[ ]CEU .
[ ]an augustinian
[x]human---*flummoxface wif dis Q*

11. our age gap should be

[x]just a few months
[x]1 year ------in short,i dun care s long s he's not older or juz a bit younger from my dady--ouchhh!!!pathetic.dude!
[] 2-5 years
[]more than 5 years
[ ]nothing younger or over 5 years

12. our date should be in
[]a restaurant
[x]sea shore
[ x]an island
[x]every single place---actually i wish for scuba diving or travelling---gosh!im really into it!

Monday, December 25

~GOLLY--im a typical me =(~

ouh~~ im spending dis xmas day peacefully in d'office without any1 here...i need to settle down myjob over here,n dats y i need to come eventho today is a public holiday..naah,dis is my so-calld job--but im happy nway. plus i dun noe whutt shud i do in d'house without ASTRO (me also not a TV fan either), without daya (she's in her hometown rite now)&k.etty (wif her bf s usual), without any other entertainment such as internet (we r juz move in to dis hse,so everything is still unfixd&incompleted), without mypartner to play squash(but i like to play it at fitness centre nowadays), without myputih (mymushi2 cat) which is may concern to accompany me during myboring day, without d'intention to go for swimming &without d'feeling to b lonely without doing anything today---so its better for me to go to d'office and Q'c few things,study d'SRME + TauP LNA job(im sorry,u guys might having no idea bout whutt im doing,peeps).

i think i need to find time to write novels,numerous songs, poems, and plays, and ran magazines 1 day kot..*daydreaminghead*----ouh,itd better if i dream of being s a bussinesswomen and having myown empire so dat i would b known s a tycoon sumday in d'future =) *teehee*---amin!

can sum1 please help me on how to make d' celebrities-look-alike in myherritage webbie--i was trying to do it for few times but still..i faild to upload d'pic and seeing d'final result...i think nadya noe how to fix it...dewh~~

ergghh!!! i need to continue studying myjob so dat i wont b in a disaster ctuation in d'meeting room tomorrow
~im off peeps~

Thursday, December 21


~D'new resolutions for years ahead~

OMG,i need to list up mynew resolutions bfore d'new season reach.OUH,*rise eyebrows* i did it last few years in a high school.okie2,im going to b s a manageble+organizeable person sumday. i need to organize things unless ill stuck in "delay-it-to-tomorrow spirit" forever. Delaying myjob to d'nextday, next week or nextmonth is dthing dat i do frequently...unavoidable~~.yerp *nodding*, its not a good idea&it was make me stuckd in amid of d'mountain of jobs dat need to b finishd at d same tyme and i was struggling to make it happen so dat i cud prove to everybody tdat i cud handle many things and i noe how to didvide myself wisely.
so, here i listed all d'things dat i need to catch up:

1) I need to change myself to b more punctual from now on--no more half and hour late(im dealing wif human,dude,so i need to b on tyme so that i wont make any1 wait for me for a vey long tyme.)

2) Hiding&reducing d'in-blood-resentment and b more secretive please!

3) Stop d'intention to win d'so called game which is playing in myheart rite now

4) Being more prolix&prominant in many things in any ways

5) Upgrading d'virtues inside me (i noe im not dat good,but stil....l i think i also did few good things for these years)

6) Every1 has dis--either a bit or conspicous--but d'priggishness is sumthing dat really not good (but ppl,is it ok being proud upon d'success dat we get after a very hard effort--its not dat im proud of myself juz might b 1 to open sumbody's eyes dat really _memandang rendah_ for those who r graduated from local universities)--trust me,i do hav dis kind of lame fren!

7) Achieve a higher grade than where r u now,iezawani =)

8) I need to appreciate ppl who r being here wif me thru thick&thin,yeah sorry if i was neglecting anybody for these years


and to accomplish my newyear resolutions,i wish d'blessings from GOD,i wish to b'more loyal to HIM (u can count it in many ways),i wish for myvieltyme&wishing d'splendour for d'years ahead n frens i need ursupport,dude~~
~~so,end off d'promissory to myslef =)

Wednesday, December 20

~on d'forbidden&intention~

on d'forbidden & an intention

can i allocate 1 "jiwangness" song in here,dude?im still in demoralize mode today n ermm--who cares ya if i wanna put more than 1 jiwangness songs in here pon =p,dis blog is still....n forever will b under myobligation..hohoho =)

~CINTA ini kadang2 tak ada logika,
ILUSI semua hasrat dalam hati,
dan hanya ingin dapat memiliki,

below is d'fullpic of mytanktop&skirt for dat year end dinner wif mycolleagues(s i promised ya sabby)

ouh,i need to say dis...i felt very happy last weekend when i attended sort of small SAMURIAN gathering at sg wang plaza froom noon up to d'nite wif daya,dido,sabby,munira and kak yati(myofficemate). we did sum flashback scenes back in SAMURA,we were browsing&lingering around d'mall and i dyed myhair(d'inner part only) so dat my mom wont catch me did dat forbidden thingy =p (naughty daught,i am?)and 1 more thing--i was adding 1 more piercing on myears and got an improvement when finally i cud make it two which are on upper&lower part of myears (again, i did dat thing dat will make mymom screaming in a very high pitch tone to me,dude...ouh,n now i juz build up her resentment on me and im really scared if she cud find out dat i did d'thing dat she dun really like sumday (*praying dat this dark brown clr on myhair will b gone bfore mydad is coming back to mesia*)...y i do all dis thing????is it bcoz im growing up? wanna get more variable styles nowadays? ouh, bcoz im in a morale down mode since dat year end dinner probably kot...doinksssssssssss.....y i did all dis things???....bcoz im bend!-------pissed off--------im done!

Sunday, December 17

+i dunno..im bend!+

+i dunno..im bend!+

~~i dunno--in emotionally unstable mode rite now...so,lets browse d'pics of my year end dinner wif mycolleagues at Villa Danieli Sheraton Imperial last Friday..for myastonishment,i dun really feel dat i was there at dat tyme,feel like i was bend!lets enjoy d'pics of mycolleagues and buzz me if like to order sum1 from d'pics--ill give u d'form to b filled in---kuakuakua~~

+me n kak dayang+


+go refreshing dudes+

+peep,dis is illegal,i was eating dude!+

+d'gurl wif cheekbones *wee*+

+mycolleagues pics--kak aida&roslan--another1 i dunno..hehe+

+d'cute mikey is myboss--hahaha+

+from left(michelle,naseer,aiyee,suhaimi)+

+suhaimi,affendi,anuar ole skol =)+

k peeps,im off---morale down,huh!

Thursday, December 14

+CINTA isnt bad for stripling,dude!its worth 2 b'watchd+

+CINTA isnt bad for stripling,dude!its worth it 2 b'watchd+

CINTA----is really worth it to b watchd-it isnt bad for stripling..i bet u.but i think i was getting wrong wif dat movie bcoz i was juz laughing&keep on laughing d'evil plain lough untill i had d'teary eyes but i was surprized to c r'mc,kak etty and others were sobbing by d tyme we catchd up after movie.they said "udect takde perasaan"---woot*woot*

It wasnt dat i takde perasaan ok mydear,i was juz trying to take myselff off from those agony and torment dat had happened in dat story so,i juz take d'funny part wif me so dat i will feel like nothing dat shud b worry in our life..XOXO

dis story is all about 1 old man who is suffering alzhemer(did i spell it correctly sabby si pharmacist???) who met 1 old lady and he keeps on doing d same thing everyday bcoz of dat alzhemer...+ d'love&loyalty of a husband who hasnt pay off when his wife turn down d'marriage for sum1 else eventho they hav 1 cuttie daught...+ a naive gurl who was chasing for his bf but she felt more appreciated wif another guy who didnt care bout her mistakes and cud accept her for who she is(eventho she used to b s a slut)eventually and he's altruistic btw...+ d'love story of an egoist guy wif outspoken cashier lady(dis part was d'funniest i guess--wee---...+ d'loves between a sist&her bro&sm1 else's hubby(hehheeh)..okie2 sabby i wont teel d'whole story in here so dat u cannot guess waht will happen in d'end..but oppsss,i was giving u d'clue bout dat cutie amani's choice in d end--woot*woot*

so,ppl CINTA has it own msg upon everybody,it shows malaysians' mentallity,bout we shud accept other's virtues&bads and its keep on remind us bout nobody is perfect in dis world..but d'think is how bout those who says "yucksssss" to malay movies??? i hate those ppl who r being sooo judgemental bout malay movies and d'curses are jumped out from malay ppl's mouth also...who r u to put our natures down to d'bottom of our feet??? yeah, i know sum malay movies r not really good n we r juz wasting our tyme on watching it,but still....got sum malay movie dat we shud appreciate it much,more than we proud wif those james bond and other movies....hohohoho..n now im a good malaysian's product anyho---hahahhaa...PROUD TO B MALAYSIAN,dude!sort of patriotisme spirit inside me btw---gosh!!!!!


Tuesday, December 12

by d'tyme i browsed d'lyrixpage,i found sumthing dat really stick to myears for now...lets enjoy listening to d'nickleback's outcome.i do love dis song and nickleback s well....

Look at this photograph
Every time I do it makes me laugh
How did our eyes get so red?
And what the hell is on Joey’s head?

This is where I grew up
I think the present owner fixed it up
I never knew we ever went without
The second floor is hard for sneakin’ out

This is where I went to school
Most of the time had better things to do
Criminal record says I broke in twice
I must’ve done it half a dozen times

I wonder if it’s too late
Should I go back and try to graduate
Life’s better now than it was back then
If I was them, I wouldn’t let me in

Every memory of looking out the back door
I had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor
It’s hard to say
It’s time to say it
Goodbye, Goodbye
Every memory of walking out the front door
I found the photo of the friend that I was looking for

It's hard to say
It’s time to say it
Goodbye, Goodbye

Remember the old arcade
Blew every dollar that we ever made
The cops hated us hangin’ out
They say somebody went and burned it down

We used to listen to the radio
And sing along with every song we’d know
We said someday we’d find out how it feels
To sing to more than just the steering wheel

Kim’s the first girl I kissed
I was so nervous that I nearly missed
She’s had a couple of kids since then
I haven’t seen her since God knows when

I miss that town
I miss their faces
You can’t erase
You can’t replace it
I miss it now
I can’t believe it
So hard to stay
Too hard to leave it
If I could relive those days
I know the one thing that would never change

Look at this photograph
Every time I do it makes me laugh
Every time I do it makes me

wif dat..im off ya peeps!

Monday, December 11

~such a beautiful celebration+a curiosity feeling inside me~

~how do i look ek (lol)??

~he's retarded~

~d'blurry upon us---still...im sorry,i mean it~

2nDROUND--malaysian foOd~


~i was craving for d'view bhind us =)~

~1STROUND--ejoyd d'western fOod&sushi~

~he completed me~


~yess,its been a while we didnt take d'dual photo~

~im happy,am i???~

d'two slices of cakes below were d unexpected gift from sum1 dat i appreciated most..i dunno how to say how glad i was at dat mo--

Saturday, December 9

~on emotionally unstable~

erghh.....im doing things slothfully today...today is weekend but i need to face all d'QC stuff and im going to hate dis obligation but need to bear wif it bcoz of d'money dat ill earn for myself n for shopping summore.feel like im a sluggard who doing things sluggishly and d tyme also moving slowly..its not dat i cannot bear in dis situation but mymind is juz not in here, i mean not in d'office but its going sumwhere else to KLCC kot...*big grins*...i need to buy a nitedress for an invitation of a candle lite dinner tomorrow.*wee* erghh...its not totallly bout dat thing for now,but what d thing is keep going in n out from my mind is bout myfren---a very deep sigh for dis part* im always asking y everything goes like dis and turns bad like dat eventually..yerp, i noe me,myself either also not come s a good fren,i admit dat especially in remembering myfren's birthday bcoz when it comes to memorizing thingy, i fail!!! but im lucky tho i hav chums who understand me and rather to stick wif me whenever my ups&downs..im such a lucky young lady who have omay,honey,r'mc,fara,ainor,mimi,my beloveD mustangs and others...but what can i say here is,all d'frens dat i hav are remain from mysecondary school.yerp,i was mixed 'round wif my uni chums but i juz realized dat even frens com n go,the greatest companion of mine still...... my school chums..

i dun want to evaluate more bout it here,eventho i feel a bit frustrated wif sum frens dat really make me sick n i feel like they cannot b s my best buddies...y im saying like dat?bcoz they cannot perceive my weakness,they didnt xcept myfault and they were not treating me like A friend.... okla...i need to evaluate more now,ive found many frens in UKM dat i always can hang out wif and sharing all d'puppylove story wif em..yerp,i hav 4kind of different troop dat had their different style n perception bout life.

1) mYcoursemates which i love most---aisyah,sham,ida,bai and i love em soooo much.they help me lotz during revisions and all d'schooling stuffs.but we were rarely catching up during exams bcoz i had no intention to move mybutt off to d'library during d'exam ppl (i'd rather studying wif lotz of ppl around me than in a silence condition like in a library)...i cannot bear u ppl.....but as i said,i had a boyfren in Uni,i have 4different kind of chums,so i need to divide mytyme wif each of 'em wisely...and i was really2 fail to make it happen.bcoz most of d'tyme i spent wif my bf especially when d'examination was around (yeah,dat was mYfault)..but my chums in this group were very2 understanding and did support me when my downtyme was catched me up. but now,everything's changing,i dunno y,i keep asking myself y & y ppl must avoid themself from me during my miracle tyme...and i got d'answer....dats bcoz of d'gap between me&em,bcoz of mystatus (which is about job) now....ppl,i keep saying... "s we go on,we remember,all d'tymes we had 2gether,and as our life change,come whatever we'll still b friend forever...."

i do love u guys,i wont achieve any victories without u guys....i beg and plead fall to myknees,please do keep dis friendship remain....i will never change ppl,juz sumtyme im very bz wif myjob and i cannot call n b in touch wif u frequently,but i do remember who u r in myheart.....

2)mYkuin,who was there for me and to her i gave all of mY"lovelife" story.....yeah,we tend to b s a party ppl when we supposed to b..... i love u kuin,juz s i said sumtyme i dunno d'level of ursatisfaction when it comes to friendship thingy.i juz noe dat our irretability and temperamental both are in a same level...and again...time is very limited dude....im sooo sorry...i cannot make every1 satisfy wif me....

3)KERISMAS-----i dunno i dun want to evaluate more bout dis.....i juz...might b u guys dunno me very well....u guys hope dat ill b there for u most of dtyme,calling n visiting u frequently....i wish i could but to b more realistic...i cudnt...i feel left bhind btw....feel isolated...i dun even hav tyme for myself and how cud i come to UKM every weekend to visit u all????stop comparing me wif each of u...i still keep sms-ing,YM and still hav tyme to say HI to u instead of hanging out wif u most of d'tyme...and i dunno whutt's d interpretatn of FRIENDS for u all now,i cannot make every2 satisfy wif me...sumtyme u guys need to start first n not juz waiting for me to buzz every1....what i want is juz ppl dat cud understand myctuation n myother obligations.....dats all.... s i said,we mwy forgive n forget sumtyme,dude!

4)mYza&ume----mY refreshment during weekend...*wee*...we did share many things and i love u both very much eventho sumtyme d'argument was conquering every single scene...but finally we can sit and talk to each other and u guys prefer to live in a forgive n forget ctuation...s i said..ppl do make mistakes..u guys rawks,dude!

juz for here....d'most dat i regrate bout mylife is when i heard a name of "HAMIDAH SYUAIBAH" I DUNNO how to start,how to say SORRY,how to xplain to ppl who feel like i was treating her badly and she felt irrevently.....i hurt her lotz and dat was in my "immature minded" moment and i deserve if she will treating me badly sumhow.....she never left me bhind,she dun want to say sumthing dat will offend me and she did give me d'value of a friendship once..... but i destroyed her thrust n loyal to me...and now we r farther from each other day by day....yerp,ppl grow up but our friendship seems D'other way around...and im d'1 dat shud b blamed....i noe sayang,i hurt u lotz...n dats y u keep neglecting me for years....after samura moment.....if i cud turn back tyme ill keep u s mybest buddY FOREVER....juz r'mc,please forgive me....dis thing keep haunting me for years....i deseve dis i noe..but seems like u still wanna b in touch wif me eventho its seems weird sumtyme and like we dunno each other very well like we used to b bfore...........million of SORRY n THANKS buddy.......

Monday, December 4

dewh....im going to hate dis blog...it's killing d'spirit of "keep on blogging" inside me...actually i already uploaded lotz of pics in here,which are d'photos of my cousin's wedding at dewan sejarah which is located at bandar tun razak, but its failed to show up wif d'unknown reason which is i cant find out d'solution...so,let it b laa kan...btw,dat pink kebaya which is mymom's was making me look fatter&bigger eventho mymom is actually slimmer&curvy than me...dewh,actually d'dresscode of dis event is "songket" but only few of us came in dat itch fabrics bcoz of d'last minute announcement...d'dresscode as announced bfore was more to an office attire..here i allocated sum pics wif mycsns&uncles&aunts...ouh...really disorganized laa dis blog..whutt shud i do ni???huh,since im very bz rite now,whutt--ever--la blogger---i dunno how to adjust and make it nicer...juz hoping dat d'anger inside me will b lessen so dat i still hav d' spirit of blogging inside me (eventho im rarely updating it :P)...so,guyz..im ofF~~~

Sunday, December 3


Dewh,im sorry for not updating myblog much latelY...myfriday was juz accomplished wif juz spending more&more bucks for d' Isetan membership's megasale.it's d'1stdaY of megasale n u noe d'existance of d'word "shopping" itself making me feel s d'richest women in d'world by dat tyme and it'll end up wif i hav nothing left in mybank and dat' will b s d'most terrible moment in mylife...but,as for d'others...ill put myself in a crowded troop of ppl and long-Q'ing almost 100m to d'cashier counter when megasale is on..it's actually cooked in my mind during its idle tyme&its fuelled by d'media advertsmnt which its hav such a magnetic power dat will drag me to d'nearest shopping mall automatically.....*sigh*....when i was still studying and still........ depending on my scholar and myparents,there was a tyme when i tucked into mypocket and fished out d'balance of mybucks after a very "heavy-shopping" and i juz realized i only had 1rm left wif me and few of red coints(1cent)...i was..."arghhh....dis is juz d'beginning of a new semester and i still hav 3months left dewh....how cud i survive wif juz dat amount of money...and again..ended up wif i called my dad,apologized and asked for d'money....*trouble daught ya!!!*..and i need to coax him most of d'tyme by saying dat ill list down "d things dat i need to buy" bfore i move for shopping...but usually after done shopping,d'ambivalent feeling of few things dat i bought will haunting me along d'daY....ouh,mYskirt looks fantastic,mY shoe undeniably dull,mY curduroy pants looks adorable,mY belt is absolutely boring,...dewh,so i stuckD amid of d'like n dont feeling for mYthings and d'so-so feeling towards few of its will end up wif i juz wear it 1ce or twice....uwaaaa............yelaaa....sumtyme,i juz grab&buy without trying it 1st and sumtyme,i like d'pattern but i hate d'clr but,but,but.... i hav to buy it at dat moment bcoz it came in unbelievable price during megasale....huh!!

i need to snap all dthings dat i bought on fri&sat and post it in here as d'sabby gurl askD me to do it ysterday...but seems like..hehhehehee...i dun hav any card reader wif me yetlaa my dear saBrina...but i promise dat ill post it dis week ya'....