Monday, April 23

+5daYs left....+

for stef to stay here in 5mesia....
ermmm...i will lose sum1 dat really close to me recentlY..
stef...thanks for everything...

what had happened for d'last few days ek???

+paintballi-ing session on saturday-21st april wif schlumbergerian's n having hi tea at d'palace of D'golden horses hotel...

+went to d' gangstars show last nite-22nd april wif few kiddos--hahhaha+

ouh..ill list down my schedule for next month.
ill overjoy spend mytyme out of d'country probably =)

+5th-9th maY--vietnam trip wif mama&sist
mYdad doesnt allowed to go outside of dis country due to his commitment wif dat stupid United Nation..ouh,sangatla damne!

+13-19th maY--sea survival course at JB--preparing myself wid d'techniques of escaping myself from d'chopper if it hits d'water or if its overshot landing site n other things(i dunno d'exact xtivities but it takes 1 week to finish d'course---ergghhhh....a bit nerves to work on vessel----but its sound tempting tho *wee*

+25th-25th maY--scuba diving trip at phuket--yeay...but definitely will miss slB's family day for dis year(dis year will b s myfirst year celebrating it actually)--sigh*

+30eth maY----will b s myfirst day working on vessel---wuwuuwuw..insya-ALLAH..GOD,safe me please..hehhee....nervous..nervous..but i loike =)
so,ill b in a vey long hiatus since d'date...haihhh...

actuallY----im seeking for a solace rite now...emotionally unstable---huh...sgt damne! take care peeps...~daa

ouh yeah,sabby i went to d;las carritas on saturday nite n d'foods there were really yummy dudette...thanks for d'recommendation.....really appreciate it babe!

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