Wednesday, May 2

++D'value of a frienDship...++

finallY....he left me...n his next stop is a land field crew in algeria...
s u wish stef,sumthing different dat cud gain lots of xperiences for urlife..
from vessel to d'office n now u want to join d'land crew...
long way to go for me...really hope dat we could success together in schlumberger..
Do pray for me...yeah,may we progress...(u r already done much of progressions by joining dis company almost 12years of coz, n now do pray fo me =))
erghh...too bad..cant spend longer tyme wif stef..i'll miss u stef.
now he already took off to singapore for his vacation n he went to redang bforehand.
at least i still had tyme to sit down n talk to him bfore he leave me..thank GOD...
juz ill always remember our valuable tyme together n hope dat dis friendship will last forever.....thanks for everything stef,especially urtyme n gifts.....

"s we go On,we;ll remember all d'tyme we had together"


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