Wednesday, May 2

+Longing for a blissfull moment+

yupp...after quite long in unannounceD hiatus mode,im backk!!!!..=)
juz to inform every1 dat ill b in hiatus mode from 5th-8th may bcoz of HANOI
sadly i hav to leave mymom bcoz of her illness,she's not feeling well lately,was vomittng out everything dat she ate since few days ago,she lookd everything was spininning on d'ceiling*sigh*---GOD please help him *praY*
so,will do backpacking wif d'other 2 stooges (mYc's of coz) n it'll b more fun when i can bully d'other stranger (imran of coz) during our vietnam trip..
tak saba2 nak pergi..aiyoo....=)

ouh,task to B'accomplishD::

1)applY visa to go to d'vessel bY d'end of dis month
2)check d'flight ticket to jB on 13th may and make a confirmation for it A.S.A.P
3)prepare myself physically&mentally to face d'hard life onboard(luckily feroz&alex who r now in norway to attend their school already buzz me yesterday n said dat ill b in d'same crewchange wif em..sgt beshh!!!(ouh,but hafto ignore all d'words dat came from sabby last week regarding to no shopping for two months,no this n no that....sabby sgt jahat.wuwuwuwu..(calming myself--*wee*)

~DAA peeps~~

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