Thursday, May 3

+i'll PASS..+

okie,today i think we have to think&learn bout metaphysic s well.
LIFE.D'tranquillity dat we wished and prayed in dis life.LIFE.could b plain n boring.could b monotonous sumtymes.could b hard as GOD give the tests upon us,or we could live rejoicely when we think we have everything dat we want.but LIFE will never be dat easy even u own d'whole i dont have tyme to seek out other people's defects and mistakes,i juz write this post to make me realize bout mymistakes and what i've done so far.i will never blame any1 as every1 has their own opinion n as i've learned since i was young,nobody's,for me FORGIVE&FORGET will b'd'best solution for now eventho it'll leave a small piece of scar in myheart.eventho i think i dont deserve to b treated like dis n dat.but i'll pass.ill juz face this is LIFE.this is D'real WORLD.takde sape2 pon yg boley puaskan hati sape2 kat dunia ni.NOBODY.PEOPLE make mistakes.Y keep on blaming each other?..dats Y i think 4 myself..its better b QUITE.never broadcast it to every1 tru anY medium.not n never thinking dat im wrong,u r correct or u r wrong n im correct i juz think of let assume dat everything had happened in dis life as a "process of learning" for us and it will always b few mistakes done s an imperfect person.what we shud do to improve ourselves here is to minimize d'number of mistakes dat might happen and learn from d'mistakes dat we've made in d'past.LIFE IS LEARN.Plus i juz want to withdraw peacefully from places where idle agruments are going on.dats Y i want to back off. Back off didnt mean ill throw d'friendship down to D'drain,back off didnt mean dat im lose.NO.lets our MIND&HEART decide for ourselves.Never let d'anger or enviness destroy everything. Bcoz i think the fire of envy consumes the body and excessive jealousy is like a ranging,better b satisfied by what we've got and we've earn today....better we b thankfull for where we r today.So,for me i think,i juz want to leave people to their Creator,leave the envier to death and definitely ill forget bout enemies. i have GOD,if GOD is wif me,then whom do i have t fear?if GOD is againts me,then what hope do i have?so,i dont n never think dat i lose d'world if i wasnt winning a friendship bcoz even all d'people in d'world show their back to me,i still have GOD.i still have faith wif dis life.i do believe on what we give,we'll get it back. in dis life,ive made lots of mistakes.i im very thankfull bcoz usually ill know and being close to sum1 dat cud change me,cud make me realize bout mymistakes.but sumtymes i juz doesnt being thankfull for their effort to change me.i neglected them.SORRY..dats all i can say.but im regrate when d'2years relationship down to d'drain when i really dont want it to happen.i was trYing to HOLD but i was faild.but HE deserve to hate me.myfault.mymistakes.juz i HATE d'way i lost him.but this 1 also ill pass.juz i hope dis GUY "will extinguish the flames of hatred by forgiving who has ever hurt u."n now i have sum1 wif me who always trying to change myself to b s a better person and accepted me for who im.he consults&guide me in everything.thank to u =)
and s for myfriends like sity,we still can hold dis friendship for almost 10years.MUSTANG s well.We've been into fight sumtimes and there was a time when we gave up trying,but still......we tried to hold dis friendship thightly n dont want to lose every single piece of memories dat we shared together since our secondary school.bcoz we know,budak2 saja yg mau gado2 ni,n we know kite tak boley nak puaskan hati masing2,so juz dissolve every1 weaknessess is d'best way.and for R'mc,ive neglected u for many times but still....u care n forgive me n we forgive each other bcoz we noe,this life,takde sape boley ni if kite senang,org cari kite,and suatu mase akan tiba,bile kite susah kite pulak akan cari is juz like a wheel.not always will b'up there.1 day,we'lll go down n better b prepared.ermm....all i hope now is a belssing from GOD and i hope dat soon the flowers will bloom,grief will depart and happiness will prevail.dats all. For people ou there,for frens,pardon me of myignorance,negligence and mistakes dat ive done,and thank GOD for such xperience dat we've been tru learning to minimize mymistakes and for me now, i think ill juz keep dis in mymind "ill show mercy to d'weak and ill b'happy,give to d'needy and ill b well and d'most important thing is do not bear grudges and ill b'healthy.insya ALLAH.may GOD bless ME.U.US.

++++++++++++++end of metaphysic post for today =)++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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