Thursday, March 7

here mommy...there mommy

isnt this cute? kids meal at sakae sushi. drooling yo!:) guess wasnt azriff who finished the meal.yes yes yes. it was mommy:)

so going to shopping malls nowadays,mommy needs to prepare like a bag of coins.the small cute clutch will do,not necesserily a biggg bag.guess for what? yes for the son who is capable to scream like kene pukul whenever mommy says no if dia tarik mommy dia nak men kete yg kete bayar syiling tu. haaa dapat x? those cars which u have to insert rm1(if at the mines) rm 2-3( if at klcc). and it depends on the cars or marry-go-round as well. d bigger d car the more expesive u olls!

  ok... kita naik yg ni dulu mommyyy

                                           mommyyyy..this one also cooolllll!!!

                                                    ok mommy, this one pulak... haaa nampak???

seriously harge mmg depends dimanakah anda berada.if kt mines mura je.if kt klcc haaa time tula nak kene terkial2 fish out all the coins i have inside my wallet, pockets and segala celah yg ade tu xmsk terselit celah pelbagai cards dannnn sepahan receipts lagi.cisss...bayangkannn.... if dapat anak penyabar n faham bahase ckp 'wait,mommy's looking for coins' n beliau (anak itu pon duduk menanti pr berdiri menanti or meniarap menanti pon xkesah asalkan xmelalak) ...dapat si azriff...whatever u say he'll keep screaming like mcm kene pukul.nanti org semua pandang2 like...... mcm la i xreti jage anak adeh2 anakku. so haruslah prepare bag comel utk coins2 ituuuuuu. haha..

so sediakan payung sebelum hujan ya kawan-kawan =P

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