Saturday, February 23

charity project: from giza to gaza

im back!*lol* well...cant type much. i miss blogging seriously... but ouh well.... my24hrs perday always gone without me noticing it.sigh.sometimes i was like 'eh nak update blogla...' then time passed by but habuk pon tarak.hiks. so a quick one here. me and my gurls did an awesome project was actually one of my besties kuin and her TKC friends came up wif the idea to do charity sales and she invited me to join and support the soo excited and straight away said yes! ive been looking for this opportunity for so long..but to plan and do it all by myself its almost like...impossible *eh banyak alasan minah ni kan.keke*. so i joined them and found out the sponsor for choc moist cake.its my girlfriend iena hamzah.very kind of her to sponsor her cakes and all the money goes to this charity tabung. Alhamdulillah. and lotsa people love her cakes.they even asked for her contact no:) super yummy. so Alhamdulillah the charity event at sunway giza on 23rd february went all committees and sponsors..muahx muahx for ur good job.many more charity events to come i hope. insyaAllah:)

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