Monday, June 15

the 7-11 -for him

yerp- as mY favourite no, most beautiful combination in the world! *grin* 7 and 11. =) but the theme- pink and light purple- errr, not really....
ouh,nvm, so i gave 11 hantarans to fiance (light purple), and i get 7 hantarans in return -and of coz in pink! and yes, i chose the sangkar, i really wanna put everything in the sangkar, since 3 years ago, i dreamt of using sangkar instead of box for my hantaran stuffs.

*note for stefan- hantaran is gifts exchange between the bride and groom, it considered as a compulsory for malays.its a tradition anyway. The gifts are normally clothes, some accessories, cakes or 'kuih'( traditional cakes). But for us, we chose to give more sweets and foods for engagment hantaran, no shoes or handbag, ouh n say no to perfume! but for wedding hantaran, i think u will like it a lot stef, bcoz u gonna label us as *gadget freak*- wait, ill list down my wedding hantarans in the next entry...=)

hantaran to fiance and my pelamin =)

purple hantarans =)

mY own design- MU cakes - we r d'fan of MU. so whutt?
cake maker : artisan cake craft
price: RM 380
Taste : tasteless! never go for cake wif thick royal icing
it'll screw up ur appetite! sigh, anyway its a lesson learned
for us as well =(
GODIVA Chocolatier
place i bought: KLCC
price: RM 350

Purple fondant cake
cake maker : Artisan cake craft
price: RM 320
Taste: again! ive made a big mistake! euwwwww

thing dat can represent us!
spongeBob and patrick =)
cute cuppies aite?
i requested and forced agnes to do that for me
and miss agnes feel weird, its not a normal flowery cuppies for hantaran
well,its d' time to be different from others, rite? =P

home made kek lapis
price: free of charge!
special from my beloved aunty
delicious n very d'yummy than other cakes
thanks to my aunt, at least have 1 back up kan? hehe

fresh fruits
grapes and yellow kiwis
we loooveee yellow kiwis anyway

Baju nikah - pure white
bought in bandung, go there and buy anything from clothes to hantaran and door gift,
sure will get cheaper price than here!

old fashioned samping
bought at Jalan TAR

bought at Jalan tar

assorted kurma
kurma with zaiton,apricot, cashew, nuts
bought at KLCC
rm 20 per box

sirih junjung

for the gubahan hantaran,actually my mom sent it to her friends, but i didnt like the way she did the gubahan, so i went to the market, get the birds and butterflies and luckily i have a cousin who knows how to make my hantaran look prettier, nicer and better than what i've got before and (credit to kak ila), no doubt! she is very talented in doing gubahan hantaran and actually she do dis kind of bussiness! wanna try? gimme a ring, ill connect u directly to her =) promo2!

my bz cousin -repairing the gubahan for hantaran -woot**



Mama 3H said...

ada kek lapis ke? napa akak tak dpt pun...ishhh tak aci dorang ni..tak kasi akak uwaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

adelaaaaa ayong nii..tak dapat ke hr tu? sian die...tula, len kali singgah rumah makcik n pakcik lame2..hehhehee

itsy-bitsybites said...

Hi,if u dun mind can we have the pic for the spongebob and Patrick?we wanna put it in our blog=)btw,congratulations to u and ur fiancee for the engagement.